Saturday, June 23, 2012

McQueen Alien Heels

I've been wrapped up in a whirlwind fantasy of my own these last few days fuelled by the wonderful designs of such ground-breaking designers, including the late Alexander McQueen and his 2010 range of runway cult classics: the Alien heel. What caught my eye about these platform heels in particular were the metallic tones and spinal cords embedded in the entire design. I was struck and moved with the originality of the design, as well as the cool colours of lavender and shades of blues chosen to bring out the best in their naturally creepy nature. In death McQueen will be remembered for his last designs and creations such as the Alien collection which were worn by quirky celebrities such as Lady Gaga but he one can't help but wonder what else he was dreaming and scheming of. One thing is for sure, he will be missed dearly by the fashion industry.

Those intent on social climbing as well as the glamor of the art deco age, I think this bewitching and jeweled pair of lustrous Alien heels in gold and beads will tickle their fancy quite suitably. The shiny gold surface of the base of the heels reminds me so much of the natural growth of gold when unearthed in mines, but the array of beads at the ankle of the shoes are in the same spirit of devilish flapper girls from the 1920s. Just a shame I couldn't score any pictures of these gorgeous heels to grace the runway, but I'll take potluck when left to scavenge from the Internet for rich images from the fashion world.

While bright green is reminiscent of circuit boards as well as stereotypical poison, I think this electrifying shade of blue with that stunning architectural shape.  Some people are content to study the humdrum of building facades and designs of blueprints, others live out their dreams vicariously through sketch books and in the studio spaces of busy cities. I can't even begin to imagine all the thought and preliminary work that lead to the creation of these wonderful beasts but I am very thankful the results were as unique and sleek as they are. Clean perspex straps around the ankles minimise impact of how these shoes function and instead maintain the image and focus of the artistic shape of these shoes.

There were many shots of these shoes in side profile in order to show off the dark filigree sculpted as part of the shoe platform, but I rather like this new perspective of sheer tights with a glimmer of sparkle to them. It's moments like this as models float down the runway that onlookers hold their breaths with anticipation and wonder whether there will be a single fall along the catwalk. I myself would be petrified to dirty such artistically enriched heels, but I can only imagine the frenzy of fashion editorials and demand for such picturesque platforms of fancy. A picture is said to tell a thousand words, but as long as you can hold steady and get the necessary shot, all is well.

While I have been busy trying to scout jewellery online as well as noteworthy collections and fashion pieces to share, I've noticed a certain affinity for pearl polished effects as well as opal sheen. Although the black Alien heels aren't my favourite of the inter-stellar collection. there's a certain galactic appeal about the deep black shoes covered in iridescent sheen. My motto is that black goes with everything, but the dramatic and dark colour with distinct and iconic shape of the shoe does make the look quite severe.

This modest little photograph spotted from Tumblr of all sites was the one to spark my fascination for the shoes and Alien collection- in bone white I think the rough and invertebrate-like bumps are magical when worn the snakeskin printed leggings. Classic Parquet floor makes for a great contrast of these exciting, enthralling and modern variation on the humble pair of high heels. Long live the Queen, Alexander McQueen. Let his designs be a reflection of his wonderful mind and free, creative spirit.

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