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Marc By Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs has long been the fun and kooky branch of the Marc Jacobs empire and it seems that with the addition of hair extensions, fake tan and the star power of Australian model Bambi Northwood Blythe this campaign is far-out, spectacular, strange and full of patterned prints. In terms of the rich variety of colours, the number of pieces that cater for a specific print and material and the lack of theme other than fun and wild bold colours, this collection is a fashion bloggers dream. To style these pieces seems like a real challenge; perhaps that's why hair extensions were added to clash with the pieces too. It's wild and free and I love the concept for this shoot of mild steam punk and shambolic dressing. Keep your eye out for all the different shoes in each photograph; they're just a small detail amongst a sea of colour and interest but really are cute all on their own.

If that is what I think it is and the model on the left is indeed wearing a leather skirt in the most sumptuous shade of chocolate bar brown, I may be forced to sell more than I ever have and jump on every single opportunity to work extra shifts as I can gain a glimmer of hope of owning this gorgeous beast. While it sees like a small abuse of animals, I picture myself wearing this skirt with pastel cowboy shirt embroidered in flowers and silver bolo tie of a steer skull. I have a weird sense of style as well as a dark sense of humour which seems to bring out the best in the most strange of outfits as well as the blending of many colours. Textures I have yet to get a hold of but with a little luxury leather in my wardrobe I'll be a little more tempted to bring out the Jeffrey Campbell boots for a play date.

As of late I have busily scoured the Internet in order to find the perfect camouflage printed vintage shirt, but upon seeing this gorgeous collection I'm left to reconsider whether I need a new cape in my wardrobe, especially that of German print and tough speckles of sand on forest green. These two outfits are so tough and made all the more outlandish by the addition of bright neon green extensions to the model. I haven't had a great interest in Marc Jacobs as of late, but I'm so glad I've been shown tis eccentric side of the brand- I think Bambi may even be wearing head phones (how punk). The tough warrior-like nature of these clothes is offset by the long leggy models and high heels with Minnie Mouse extensions at the toe to complete the look.

At the age of twelve my mother tried to mould me into a little copy of her and bought me a tonne of striped shirts; also ironically her favourite colour and t-shirt was a plain block colour of this deep magenta colour seen above. Being the rebellious back-sassing know-it-all that I am I want to break free from the tyranny of stripes as well as this raspberry magenta colour; but I do quite like the snazzy jazz shoes in patent leather and metallic silver when worn with statement socks. My school days aren't as far behind me as I like to believe; I still have a crush on wearing close toe shoes with neat little laces as well as mid-calf socks or wrinkled knee highs fallen down halfway. 

One print: two very different styles and hemlines for two very different levels of confidence or another way to look at it is different body focuses. The left is leggy and bares skin with minimal focus on this psychedelic throw-back vintage print but the red high-waisted shorts in red show off the best of those velvet brogues mimicking the style of classic bowling shoes with socks more suited to days spent golfing. On the right is Bambi in long mid length skirt and dress but exposed arms, a modest little piece suited for trips to the beach. Once again the accessories play an important role in completing the look; the shoes are something I'm keen to get my hands on and that bright fuchsai coloured hand bag is a real treasure and jewel.

Blitzing one print against another is usually left to the imagination of teen bloggers finding their feet in the world and grabbing the attention of all strangers, but I quite like this controlled cyber-punk expression by designer Marc Jacobs for the label Marc. Grunge has been making a big come back as of late particularly those trends set in the 1990s such as webbed and netted tops as well as black lipstick. I already have a loose crochet jumper in black, but I am quite tempted by the two-tone combination of purple and black for this long, stretched out jumper. It reminds me so much of the danger of the Evil Queen in Disney films as well as the general dress of a black widow spider in human-form. However those cute cut-out shoes on the left are probably my pick for this particular snap shot- they look so vintage and chic when worn with loosely wrinkled socks in grey.

The Tin Man was simply a fictional character in the Wizard of Oz and had aspirations to have a heart to love with rather than becoming a stick thin model but perhaps this punk suite of clothes is a small snippet of what could have been. I get all that from the metallic loafer heels and ball bearings in silver when worn with skinny little socks in soft grey. The coat is cute taking a soft grunge take on the typical nautical coat with strangely angular shoulders but the marle grey stripes takes it to a whole other dimension of cult video game 'Limbo', or perhaps that's just the strange influence of hair extensions and ear phones leaking in. Another pop cult hero I'm reminded of is Ramona Flowers of the Scott Pilgrim comic series with her frequent hair colour changes, steam punk aesthetic and bewitching beauty.

If I had to pick just one piece to take home with me from this collection it would be the humble white sweatshirt with printed dishevelled figure in black. I can't help it, it's such a strong reminder of Johnny Depp's role as Edward Scissorhands and is in itself hauntingly artistic. I've had my eyes on plenty of punk and printed skinny jeans this season and even bought a few as well so styling it to either clash or mash this simple monochrome print would be no problem at all for me. It seems such a strong image and would star well in many outfit posts easily when shot from afar or up close and bestows a lot of tragic charm and character to the wearer as well. More than that, I do so enjoy my comfy jumpers that scare everyone else away from me, call it a safety mechanism if you like.

Designer brand jeans from a label is prominent enough to have their own perfume aren't usually my cup of tea, but I can make an exception in this case for torn at the knee, bleached and polka dotted skinny leg jeans. I really do love the figure hugging feel of denim pulling all my muscles in uncomfortably, but more tan that, the look is flattering and athletic. The long denim jacket shown here with epaulettes almost seems navel in its shape and design but that gentle wash of bleach to lighten the colour does seem to have down wonders. It's another quality piece in punk aesthetic that I would have never though to come from Marc by Marc Jacobs but it seems that every visual image I envisioned about the brand was totally wrong and they are in fact, young, exciting, current and very much hip.

Avant Garde and intermingling shades of red, brown and burnt orange to create a flaring Autumn sunset never looked so good- or maybe I'm just enticed by all the sweet little accessories added to these outfits. For starters the rounded sunglasses in plastic with contrasting lenses have appeared throughout the collection and photographs but it really hit home how similar they are in design to the Karen Walker Bunny sunglasses when shown in tangerine orange. The open toed clogs have these sweet bulbous metallic ball bearings attached near the open toe which reminds me a lot of strange piercings puncture through things that shouldn't be pierced such as arms and necks and that slouchy jumper in dark maroon is to die for.

The use of icy blue extensions as well as slimmed jaw line and pout seems so Icelandic when worn with a simple striped jacket in blue and white. Worn or styled any other way and I wouldn't be drawn to it's simple design but my mind is already racing with possible combinations of this striped beauty with my own wardrobe, I foresee floral and leopard clashing nicely with such a versatile jacket. The eclectic mish mash of clothing together for each shot is so strong and colourful amongst that bare backdrop of hardwood floors and white-washed walls but it really works to show off the brand. Whether you're a Goth wannabe or lover like me, simply adore colour or fashion I think Mr. Marc Jacobs has taught us all a valuable lesson in the simple use of hair extensions as well as clashing patterns within the same spectrum of the rainbow.

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