Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kawaii Queen

Wearing: Rodarte X Target Leopard and Lace Dress with Bows at back, Jelly Beans plastic sandals, plastic rosary from Phillip Island and vintage frilly socks.

While trawling through my hero Olympia Le-Tan's Tumblr Page and updating myself with her recent Japan trip I spotted some hardcore Japanese fan girls wearing the most wonderfully Kawaii and quirky outfits. One was a lace dress from the Rodarte X Target collection of December 2009- a piece which I happen to own at this moment and the girl modelling the dress also had pink hair. I do not have the permission or approval of my parents to die my hair pink, so I decided to wear the plastic pink sandals instead with the dress. I don't make a habit out of dressing in such a wild style, but as of late I have been favouring pink in my wardrobe and dressing in the context of cuteness adopted by Japanese girls from the other side of the globe is rather fun.

I love the crinkly texture of this dress; it is actual white lace with leopard print painted over the top and the bows that hide the zipper at the back are so cute. Unfortunately even in the bigger size my shoulders are too wide to accommodate so my bows are hanging sadly over the side; but it gives you a good idea of what to expect from this dress.
I didn't come close to pulling off the outfit with as much style and kooky charm as a Japanese schoolgirl, but the energetic spirit and clashing of colours and textures has given me something to think about and it's a shame Borders bookstores closed down so many months ago now; I could really do with a good peer through some books on fashion and youth/ pop culture.

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