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Karen Walker SS1213 Sea Monsters

For the last few years I have looked up to Karen Walker for inspiration- I adored the jewellery collection and could not resist peaking at the enchanting display of necklaces and rings in the Myer department store windows on every visit to the city. My mother recently treated me to a pair of thin, cotton navy shorts from the Karen Walker 'Hi There' collection. The dresses and printed pants from the last collection were a whimsical treat featuring pink and green tones are something I've been waiting to see in my size on eBay, with no luck as of late. The latest collection however may not be able to wait as there's some really stunning pieces in gold and lace also paired with a bouffant fringe that makes me think so much of Greaser hairstyles, but this time it's the girls piling on the styling gel. All my jackets are black, excluding two duffel coats in red that aren't exactly chic indoor wear. Karen Walker has such a knack for filigree designs as of late, the blazer shown above would look marvellous when worn with ruffled blouses and pastel tones. My imagination has already run away with me I'm afraid.

Combination of sweet Summer tea dresses, bold sunglasses with contrasting lens and frames as well as rolled bouffant fringe? Yes please. It's a little cold to be bearing so much skin in my neck of the woods, but the hairstyle is something new and exciting to try with so much free time on my hands. As well as that, I have leftover hairspray and curling hairbrushes from working for Chanel and as a professional cake face to still dabble in. While there aren't any cool contrasting tights that can be worn with heels in my wardrobe, you can believe the frilly socks will be making many an appearance next week in a cashe of outfit posts and outburst of creativity. At the moment I am about to go supernova with posts and have been slowing gaining energy just waiting to explode.

While there are only two pairs of shoes shown for this photo shoot of the Resort collection, there are also a great range of gumboots being released and on Pre-Order. I missed out on my preferred size and am now kicking myself for it, but I did nab a pair of Cloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony buckle wedges so now my life is complete and I can die happy. The feature of the heels photographed above is the quirky coloured snake print toes that remind me so much of the Proenza Schouler PS11 bag range. For those of you that can't afford Karen Walker right away, a pair of heels rescued from the thrift store can be easily spray painted with tape for a clean line and painted to your liking. I may be keen to try the idea myself, since I'm not as big a shoe-scuffer as I was back in my high school days.

This particular collection features some cleaner lines and simpler patterns then the last, but there are still the familiar structural shapes for skirts and dresses everyone loves that is elegant as well as modest. I find it so refreshing to see such wonderful clothes made by a great designer that doesn't subliminally brainwash girls into raising their hemlines and become 'loose'. In fact the latest trends in skirt lengths seem to be maxi, quite old and middle-aged in terms of fad-life and now the midi skirt or mid length skirt that hangs about the knees. The collar of this sweet pink pastel blouse is frilly and mildly Victorian, but fresh and modern with natural looking make up and the most wonderful skirt girl in the trademark Karen Walker filigree motif which has been claimed across clothing line as well as jewellery collection.

The Little Black Dress can simply never receive enough praise and will never go out of style when there are still so many styles and cuts to experiment with. Given the Karen Walker touch, the LBD has been blessed with angelic caplet shoulders, high waisted skirt featuring generous pleats as well as ruffled black lace falling in flows to the hemline. At any time when I bought an expensive dress and had to have the approval of my mother of it's shape and style before purchase, they usually ended up with this structure and in dark colours despite the fact I wanted to dress as a pretty princess in pink. That's not to discredit dresses of this shape and size, and their modest cut is good but they're not as fun as many other sparkly dresses worn on the dance floor for a girl in high school. It's more something you would wear to a gala event as a person aged in their early twenties.

All the best things in life are sealed with a bow, including this cute dress designed for the younger set by New Zealand designer and heavy weight of the fashion world Karen Walker. I've fallen in and out of love with frills and dainty dresses all my life- kindergarten featured many a printed dress including stars and pink gingham. Primary school marked the age of wearing nothing but practical denim pants and jeans, and in high school and this first year of university I have dabbled in feminine skirts on occasion. You can only expect to see me imitating this style more and more as the year progressed and with a range of platform heels and wedges by my side, in a vain attempt to show off my legs as well as outfit posts to impress all of you.

As well as becoming a little more exploratory of feminine style, I also have been getting more fascinated with dressing Kawaii The gold gilt effect is made all the more powerful with a scalloped edge of the gold pattern against a straight black hem and the crinkled texture of the pleats that sit just above the hips. I can't wait to check this baby out in store, a trip to the city has been long overdue and I may just get my wish sometime soon.

While I haven't been on any job interviews lately, maybe it would be better for my general health and well being to go somewhere else a little more focused and akin to my own sense style and values. My usual attire consists of black heels, black pants and prim white shirt which seems to be a winning combination but how I wish I could wear matching suit with navy shorts and printed socks with chains. While the detail might seem minute and unimportant, for a while I was obsessed with adding things such as badges and buttons to socks and the dual layer gold chain draped around fancy socks with black heels seems ground-breaking. I was even tempted to add multiple pairs of socks from Happy Socks on eBay to my watched list; buying black platforms in suede along with bright and colourful socks is step one of my diabolical plan to add a splash of vintage quirk and colour to each of my upcoming outfit posts.

It's a wonder more people don't wear pink with patterned blue in their outfits when the results look as good as they do for the Karen Walker 2013 Resort collection. Sadly however it appears the fringe of the model didn't survive as many costume changes- a cautionary warning of those who want to imitate the style of the model. A bouffant fringe may look glamorous if you did love the 1950s, but when attempting it don;t wear it all day long without packing extra hair spray for backup. I myself will probably by attempting the style at some stage next week for a string of outfit posts I feel I have left long overdue, but it appears it will only be for certain pieces in which I can wriggle out of zips and not lift shirts above my head. I like the way it gets stretched out and messy though, but perhaps it doesn't suit the unrealistic world of fashion shoots but belongs out there in fields of grass where teenage bloggers show off their outfits.

Collar tips have long been in vogue and aren't anything new or indeed, special, but I do like the chain that connects the two edges of this Peter Pan collar. The structure is very basic; shift dress shape and inspired by the 1960s. I would have personally liked to have seen Karen Walker take on the paisley pattern and add splashes of colours to it, but this dress is sweet as it is and suitable for having high tea with the queen. For those of you who simply aren't content to lead ordinary and boring lives, wonderfully patterned tights or leggings from Black Milk could easily dress this up and maybe a patterned jacket... I'm dreaming and drooling over tapestry at the moment.

Something I try to look out for when possible and searching for vintage pieces online is slick pair pf pants that taper slightly at the ankles but are also covered in a sweet and imaginative print.That's a tall order and big ask for some of my local second hand shops which are delightfully dingy and rather bare, but there's a higher success rate to be had when searching online, unfortunately, price usually gets driven up as is the way of business. Despite the swirling patterns and polka dots finely speckled against a navy background, the Karen Walker shoots are always well done and balance between eccentric and classic basic pieces. I think that's what drives Karen Walker's success and makes the collections always versatile across a range of various age groups. The pieces can be worn quite differently but at the heart of them is quality materials as well as something that can quite easily be anyone's cup of metamorphic tea.

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  1. love, love, love those paisley print trousers and the matching shirt :) x