Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today I am suffering through the Winter solstice and coldest, shortest day to ever number and freeze me feet in the last few weeks. Yesterday was a sunny day, but also dismally cold which I found to be a cruel and horrible trick. If I had any sunglasses, I would have been wearing them while walking around carefree but sadly I sold them and haven't bought a replacement pair. On the opposite side of the globe others are enjoying the longest possible period of sunshine and happiness of the year. I hope that for my international readers being treated to Summer that you are all wearing sunscreen and protecting your skin, as well as being cool cats sporting seriously cool sunglasses. I almost forgot about the Illesteva range amongst my sudden fascination for pop star Lady Gaga, but their designs are rather simple and cool purple lens have won over my heart.

I've been clearing away many of the crunchy and now dusty shells I spent collecting while as a child from the top of my drawers and these sunglasses seem like a swish and nostalgic design for those beach lovers such as myself. The rims and frames of this particular pair are really something special- as much as I do love the marbled effect of tortoiseshell and mixed tones of caramel and deep dark brown I think the lighter side and mash up of cream, grey and black is something new and exciting. They'd look excellent when worn with a slick blazer, I'm thinking black velvet but they would also be perfectly at home when worn with cropped gingham top and denim shorts a la Daisy Duke. Despite their seldom appearance in many of my own outfit posts, sunglasses can suit a range of different looks and moods all year round.

I'm still feeling excited and fire charged from the Tavi Gevinson X Petra Collins shoot for the Oyster All Woman magazine issue and a few other fashion blogs I've recently followed have hoarded cute pairs of pastel plastic sunglasses for decoration. Some have commented that they couldn't leave their vintage treasure behind at the store but they don't readily suit their face either and are merely an object for decoration. I think it's of note that as much as you enjoy a piece of clothing or accessory as an object in itself or on another person, the fashion item in question may not work to the same effect for you. Tragic as it is, some things in this world are not to be and I know in my heart of hearts that yellow and me don't go together but that doesn't mean I can't admire sweetly tinged sunglasses frames.

If you've known me for longer than six months then you are bound to notice that my favourite colour is purple as well as my mild obsession with lilac and other pastel shades. With that in mind, I really wanted to write this post purely because these sunglasses of purple lens and matching frames are awesome and I'd love to get my hands on a pair, but even as much as I do enjoy my favourite colour immortalised as sporty sunglasses I'm really hanging out for the iconic Mickey Mouse sunglasses Lady Gaga wore in her Paparazzi video clip. It seems I'm back on the music band wagon and aren't keen to show off this brand but I thought it was worthy to share with readers who are more into their sunglasses and eye wear than I am.

While holidaying in sunny California early last year my skin was tanned even during their Winter, given the chance to dye my locks a sultry Ombre combination I would be more keen to try shades such as tropical orange and maybe even brush my teeth a few more times a day to create a tan illusion. As much as I do love the purple variation of these Illesteva sunglasses, I have a funny feeling that these would suit me more and brighten up my personality. Too bad I actually enjoy wearing snugly knitted jumpers at the moment and am trying to buy leggings with printed skeletal legs on them.

Circular shaped sunglasses are a wonderful vintage throwback to a wonderful design and I can't believe I considered Ray Ban shaped frames to be my favourite design. When out and about at the beach, they seem to mimic portholes and windows of boats and otherwise they are a stylish addition to any snappy ensemble and naturally put fashion bloggers into good moods and capable of smiling for the camera. I can only imagine the perfect geometry and shape of a circle being complemented with gorgeous sharp bangs that are razor thing and perfect. I've grown mine out since childhood and now let hair loosely hand either side of my face, but just because I lost the asset of my fringe doesn't mean I'm not itching to try these babies on.

As cool as the tall, dark and handsome stranger sitting at the corner of the bar, this rectangular framed sunglasses are reserved for the coolest of cats and most dapper of us all. I don't recommend wearing sunglasses in bars of beer gardens though, those places are dim for a reason and wearing sunglasses indoors often makes you look either like a pompous rock star or someone with a deep and dark secret. I'm more accustomed to the chunkier cut of the Smooth Jazz sunglasses from New Zealand designer Karen Walker, but if you're not accustomed to such thickly framed glasses or can't get your hands on the coveted brand this may be a good alternative for you.

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