Saturday, June 23, 2012

House of Hackney for Opening Ceremony

As much as I have been in the mindset to enjoy the sophistication of a well-brewed cup of tea, wear jeans in the style of the Ming Dynasty and breathe in air soaked in scented candles, today has marked a bit of a dark change with the painting of nails in black and speculation of purchasing cat eye glasses.The House of Hackery X Opening Ceremony collection combines the best of dapper elements with good old soft grunge: the setting of the shoot seems to be a manor house of reputation but the model pale in comparison to fringed lampshades to the rich sheen of Dr Martens classic combat boots. Opening Ceremony continually delights me and although they're only a babe brand with ten years under their belt, it's been a spectacular ten years filled with grace as well as unique styled clothing.

I've also been in the good mindset to clean my dusty room and redecorate with more mature and lavish taste and while I can never hope to feature such fine filigree wallpaper and matching love seat, the style of porcelain pots as well as lilac hair has been firmly embedded in my brain. The clothing didn't make as strong an impact when positioned in the intricately embellished rooms, but it did open my eyes to the soft floral tones and ombre dyed dresses which do feature prominently in this small collection. White socks worn with Dr Marten boots are nothing new to me, but to have them as part of such a feminine picture does bring out the best in their design and emphasise the dichotomy between the working class and dainty ladies.

I imagine that even the most prominent of socialites eventually crack when such high expectations fall on their shoulders, perhaps they dye their skirts black in comparison to their dresses or attempt to hide from servants as camouflaging themselves with furniture. I delight in story-telling as well as figuring out the back stories for photo shoots and collections, but the truth is more conventional popular culture trends have inspired the collaboration.

"Citing grunge and Gothicism as their references, Frieda and Javvy take their twisted toile de jouy to baby doll dresses, mohair cardigans, and button-front mini skirts. Signature patterns like "Dalston Rose" and red leopard spots darken down ombre skirts like faded wallpaper for creepy-cute Gothic Lolita charm."

Leopard print and animal patterns have been on my radar the last few days, but rather than splurge on a faux fur coat or anything from this collection I am more keen to add fringe tasseled ribbon to umbrellas and stalk around my garden as Morticia Adams. It adds such a small amount of luxury into this photograph, but with the bare floors and stark white walls the playful use of lampshades throughout the two different shoots really does tie them together despite the different energies. All the mystery of dark lips and purple hair has instead been replaced with a popular prom queen in sun-kissed hair. I didn't expect to see lampshades used as make-shift pom poms but I did enjoy that with the midriff top and loosely pleated skirt in a grunge soaked colour- it does my heart well to see the 1990s revived for my generation to live and breath through aesthetic style and attitude.

While this shot is simple in the pose of the model with hair falling in front of her face, as I'm beginning to learn it's not as simple as it looks when your hair has a tendency to rebel against you.I've always been a large fan of floral prints despite the protest of my mother labelling it as 'dowdy', but I think with a few trips to second hand shops and a good mixture of fabric paint in warm water I can maybe make a few DIY pieces of my own. The haircut and taming of unruly locks will have to be done professionally though and is likely to cost my a shift's work of pay- as is the way of pushy hairdressers and extortion.

Crouching with legs spread in a warrior-like stance is pretty unexpected from such a sweet looking girl, but I'm glad those Dr Martens are shown in this photograph otherwise the entire thing would look pretty ridiculous. Blue leopard print is a fun variation on the old school Hollywood printed coat and really does drive home that message of Gothicism and grunge- while I would prefer my rosettes of black to be a little thicker and more bold, I think their fine painterly splotches suit well with cardigan and soft chiffon skirt.

The collection is catered for those in the Northern Hemisphere enjoying Summer's delight, but I think investing in such sweet shorts and loosely pleated dresses would be a smart idea for the next three months or so for the weather to finally turn. I will however be indulging in sleeping in the next few weeks and cuddling next to my most comfortable pillows, but mine can not measure up to the combination of floral motifs and gentle dip dyeing used in the House of Hackery for Opening Ceremony collection. It seems like such a simple idea when pitched and you honestly feel like clobbering yourself over the head for not thinking of it first- but there must be an art to perfecting the shorts, skirts and decor of this shoot and perhaps I'll simply leave it to the professional people who create such vivid designs.

Tragic black lipstick as well as stuck-up and snobbish cat really do sound like a slice of heaven and soothing to me. I've already painted my nails sparkly black tonight and blogged about fashion collections of strange shoes as well as Gothic clothing if it's any indication of my mood. While being a stereotypical teen and living in misery sounds so poetic on paper and creatively fuelling, it's just as problematic and afflicted as I remembered it.

Coachella has come and gone for another year, but festival fashion and freedom is catching such as the liberating midriff top and floaty skirts- there's noticeably less Aztec prints and colour about it but headband and sunglasses will soon liven up the sombre colours. Midriff tops aren't something I've yet experiment in, but I may soon with a lovely leather set I've had my eye on for a while and a longing to liberate my skin with recent weight loss success. Nothing makes a girl feel better than having an excuse to buy new clothing and maybe I will splash out on some Opening Ceremony. Or more to the point, I would if I was able to buy from Opening Ceremony if they enabled payment via Paypal. Yes sir, my only lament about this collection is that I can't buy it new and would have to be pretty lucky to find it for sale on eBay.

I haven't admired cap sleeves or puffed shoulders since my days of adoring princess dressed teddy bears or watching Napoleon Dynamite, but that clash of red lipstick and nail polish against sea green leopard dress. To take the trend one step further I think a suede jacket with some killer tassels as well as hair extensions would bring out the best in this dress and really transform it into something special and eye-catching. It seems almost childish really, but I do relish in complicating outfits and dreaming of ways to make them extravagant. These collection makes a suitable set of building blocks to start with as well as inspiration for those reliving the grunge era of our generation X fore-fathers and counterparts.

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  1. such an amazing look book and collection! I am loving that print so much