Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hipster Madness

Wearing: Wowch cat leggings, Miss Shop polka dot jumper, Charlotte Rouse fox dress, Asos duffle coat, Deadly Ponies Mr Mini Fill N' Zip bag.

The first time I've caught up with my gal pals from high school I choose to wear a thin dress underneath comfy jumper as well as coat from Asos my mother bought for me online. The Deadly Ponies handbag didn't get a proper road test though since I wasn't willing to bet on it's safety at the local shopping centre. I did however enjoy attaching my special keychain to it as well as clashing patterns of spots, foxes and that gorgeous magenta coloured leather. The chain of the handbag is lightly flocked in furry matching magenta on one side and is brass all the way through- the outfit is very basic and something I wear on a daily basis really but I did enjoy injecting a bit of luxury in the way of accessories.

I've been itching to buy a duffle coat for ages and now that I finally have one I can keep warm this winter and feel confident when walking the streets of my city without shivering. It's a bit of a hipster staple and since I've slimmed down these last few months I can sneak even more jumpers and sweaters underneath it for even extra padding and warmth. The polka dot jumper in beige is my favourite to wear underneath this navy duffle coat but I'm sure with a little more scoping out of my usual vintage hang outs I can scoop up a bit more variety to wear with this coat.


  1. Oh my! I love those leggings!


  2. the fox print of that dress is to die for!