Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goth Crush

Alex Wall from Brisbane band Bleeding Knees Club has a keen eye for photography as well as the inner beauty or femme fatale of dangerously dressed goth girls in chill garden parties set in Australia. He described his attraction due to the lure of danger and possibility of harming coming from liaisons with such darkly dressed girls which kind of surprised me. His vocals for his band are scratchy and rough, they have a song called 'Beach Slut' and they recently did a cover of Grimes song, 'Oblivion' for Triple J radio.
I don't know what the world is coming to, but I love grunge- if I was at the beach I would right my name in a heart with the word 'grunge' and watch the tide wash it away. I wonder if Alex Wall ever does the same thing on nights when his girl crushes refuse to meet with him for paparazzi photographs.

My eighteenth birthday was a small affair in a family restaurant- but I wish I could have set up endless tents and fortress of bed sheets on a warm summer night with flowing alcohol in plastic cups. I'm not much of a socialite myself, but can you imagine girls like these striking conversations with strangers on morning commute trips to the city on trains or bus? If they can get dolled up in their best lacy Lolita dresses, spiked headbands and small neon accessories to sit next to smoky fire pit then surely I can too and throw myself out their into the real world where people meet under moon light for casual conversations and enjoy the poisonous drink.

I'm not a goth myself and those who dabbled in the trend while I was in high school were people I steered well clear of- it's not often you find a girl who is beautiful as well as interesting and dressed in such a peculiar way. Floral wreaths have been all the range as of late and lace can be worn in such a variety of ways I wouldn't mind owning a few pieces of my own to experiment with when boredom strikes and I am no longer interested in the admiration of other people's work. Dressing in all black is a fascinating sub-culture for some that pushes the boundaries and buttons of authorities and the elderly; I however dress in all black when I can't be bothered with colours and want to meekly deflect other people's attention.

Part bride of Dracula, part statue of liberty I love the addition of spiked headband and the leather choker necklace to corset dress in lace with long sleeves. The flash of the camera appears to have been too bright to completely white wash the face of this girl, but even underneath the stark colours I can see shocking perky eyeliner as well as firmly drawn eyebrows and pouting lips. While I am crazy at the fashion of goths as well as those gorgeous lace textures rescued from second hand shops across the nation, I draw the line at strange make up. It seems this fascination is merely an admiration of their clothing, but it's still wonderful to see such a keen portrayal of intriguing and beguiling young women dressed in black.

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