Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girl Power

Everyone knows the old saying: you are what you eat. Fortunately there isn't any physical repercussions about the saying but I must protest, if becoming a delicate flower meant salads of daisies everyday there would be a strange sense of cannibalism on my conscience. Instead I've been chowing down on celery soup this past evening and been given peace of mind that it will help to stave off any weight gain and I have run for two hours tonight. Watching my weight and feeling down about my body image isn't something a brash feminist would even tolerate, but there are lots of great clothes on eBay I see getting sold and I just can't fit into them. If I was a size 6 (or zero if you're American) naturally, I could buy things at the end of a season and fit into them and alter all the other good stuff. Adding fabric just isn't possible to make clothes fit and I'm frustrated because it sucks so much.

American model Lindsey Wixson is a year younger than me and already has a stellar career lined up for her. Her first job at the tender age of fifteen was to star in Vogue Italia- no mean feat for someone who used to get teased at school by a gang of girls.  As much as I wish it wasn't true, girls are equally capable of violence to everyone else and each other although there is a certain stigma that women are often the victims of such terrible acts of terror. Although she was bullied over having a gap in her teeth, it's part of Lindsey's signature look as well as cute little pouting lips that make her unlike anyone else in the fashion game and has been a great strength t her career. It sends out a great message- what was your weakness can be your strength and can prove everyone else who doubted you wrong. She's probably made thousands of dollars working on campaigns, whereas the girls who teased her are nobodies in a small town.

I'm really looking forward to painting my nails or finally applying the manicure stickers I got for my birthday; even though it is a well practiced habit of mine and has been since the final years of high school. As of late I've just been too preoccupied with shaping them in preparation for the Sally Hansen nail kit that I haven't wanted to weaken them with acetone and polish. Despite my best efforts there has been quite a few tears and they looked nice about three weeks ago when they were all long and lovely, but for now I'll be content to have them all the same length. Rolling around in printed or coloured tights will also be something to look forward to- I'm thinking of searching for Topshop inspired knock-offs produced in China on eBay and maybe even ripping a few too. It would be handy to have a few holes and safety pins protruding out of them and under denim shorts for upcoming outfit posts I have floating around as vague ideas.

What could be better than wearing thick sandy boots that were meant for a tradesman or carpenter? Why, pairing them up with chic and feminine floral tights of course. Women such as Elizabeth Smith Miller were credited as pioneers for changing the current fashion (she was first to wear pants) as a visual means to advance women's rights in the 1800s in America. I think there's still a bold fashion statement that can be made when adopting style from the other gender, but I don't recommend trying to wear cloths that don't comfortably for your body type and shape (as much as adopting the style goes). That's not to say that it's impossible, it may even be something fun to experiment and empowering, but my own exploration of men's clothing wasn't all that fun and their jeans are too tight around my hips.

I was a little cut to see some disparaging comments from someone on Facebook regarding the comedy series 'New Girl', since I am a bit of a Zooey Deschanel buff. She was likable even as the complicated girlfriend in 500 Days of Summer, and I couldn't pull together a few girly images without a GIF with appropriate message. Yesterday I was also lucky enough to watch a few episodes of Adventure time and finally saw the small spin-off series of Fiona and Cake. I was left with solace at the end in which Fiona the human comes to the realisation that she doesn't need a boyfriend to feel good about herself and that having many male friends is fine. Sure it's just a cartoon, but there are some profound gems of wisdom that are shared with viewers of all ages.

Knee high socks aren't something I've worn since I left high school and put those days behind me, but with my sweet pink jelly sandals and a few new arrivals that I am eagerly awaiting I could revive the nostalgia of my school days in a few outfit posts next week and in the next month. I love the pairing of the socks and plastic platform sandals and feminine dress adorned in floral motifs-unfortunately most of the best vintage dresses are petite and I can't fit into them (a continuous thorn in my side for a number of years now). 

As much as I am opposed to wearing the same shade over and over, I can't help but melt thinking about the Legally Blond movie franchise in which Elle Wood studies Law at Harvard in order to pursue 'the man of her dreams'. During her studies and dedication to justice she understands that she doesn't need the affections of her cold fish of an ex-boyfriend and instead should focus on speaking up for others- as well as passing on moves to her friends on how to catch the eye of men in the workplace. In some ways, the polished movie and happy ending remind me of the plastic world of Disneyland and bubble wrapping girls from the truth that good people experience failure in the real world. But I'll settle for messages, such as: having book smarts can be just as important as blue eyes and blond hair and brains is the most important asset to a young woman.

Nothing makes me feel happier than to pull on a pair of low denier tights in the mornings and now I am going to show off my legs with skirt or dress in the dead of Winter. Believe you me, I am no major flirt and it took a good two months to finally coheres my current boyfriend into asking me out after being good friends and swinging banter at each other back and forth. But sometimes I just like to do something special for myself; spritz a bit of perfume, spend a little time on my hair or makeup applying liquid eyeliner just to make myself feel special and try and emanate a glow and happiness about myself that I may otherwise be without. Good moods start with you and small gestures can make some one's day just a little bit bearable with little effort.

'All the Single Ladies' was a smash hit for sensational singer Beyonce, and I strangely have fond memories of dancing in the arms of my boyfriend at his debutante ball to this very song. Yes the lyrics themselves are explicit in stating that becoming some one's fiance and wife are both sealed with a ring and that proposing too late can queer the deal- but I suppose I just like this parody and cute cartoon. Some women are feminist and choose not to take the name of their husband and instead use their maiden name all their lives; but I feel that starting a new life with someone and building a home starts with becoming a part of them. While my maiden name is nothing to be ashamed of, it's not exciting either and I certainly don't feel hot-blooded when I say it to strangers, receptionists, when filling out forms... you get the general idea. While I do pride myself on having independence and solo female projects, whether they be blogs or musical careers, I still appreciate the freedom of choice I now have to make my home. That's what feminism is- a choice.

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