Friday, June 15, 2012

Giles Puffball Bag

My holidays have not yet begun, but I'm eagerly anticipating watching long stretches of Sailor Moon as well as purchasing works by Japanese Studio Ghibli and movies from the creative mind of Hayao Miyazaki. While exploring designer Giles Deacon after searching high and low for cat eye sunglasses, I spotted some amazing accessories in the way of handbags, ranging from monsters to dinosaurs and this furry, over sized creation. Over sized bags are something I laden down while travelling back and forth from university and then to work, so I try and avoid them when possible, but the simple addition of googly eyes to a large bag of luxurious fur is something that has yet to be mass reproduced in a Chinese factory.

While satchels have been the latest hit amongst handbags and accessories in the past few seasons, I haven't always been one to follow popular trends and am more content to set myself apart from the rest of the pack. Comparing yourself to others can only cause grief and breed jealousy, an unhealthy thing to become obsessed with. I'm sure a few swatches of black and white leather as well as sturdy handles and rolls of fur could easily assist in recreating this stunning puffball handbag from Giles Deacon. I have such awe when I look at his designs and runway shows, creating something of my in the design of this cartoon eyed creature would probably yield just a small clutch and powder puff slung across my chest. Out of respect for the designer, I would only resort to DIY projects when purchasing the original piece has become simply impossible.

As well as the cute puffball bags carried by models on runway, the carpet of the Giles Deacon show was also lined with cute clouds sporting all manner or confused and dazed expressions. While there were elements of Japanese Kawaii, quirk, seen on the runway the clothes themselves from the collection didn't feature the same level of playful nature. The Giles Deacon collections are spectacular as they are, and while it is the accessories that send shivers up my spine I'm yet to see the clothes and their accompanying items exhibit a unified theme and element of design.

I'm sorry if I left some of you scratching your heads alluding to my future plans next week, but as soon as I saw a fellow fashion blogger share images of this particular handbag with large googly eyes and puffy texture, I instantly thought of the soot sprites from Japanese anime 'Spirited Away.' There's plenty of handmade items as a homage to the movie available on Etsy, but as of late I have fallen under the allure and spell of expensive brands and runway collections. Even if I have been unearthing a mountain of glorious collection years too late to purchase them in store (or even cast-offs from eBay) I still find the experience electrifying and love seeing what people create.

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