Saturday, June 2, 2012

Georgie Hobday by Masha Mel

Were I not as lazy and a little more motivated to tidy, I would love to improve on my own self-portrait photographs and show off my outfits a little better, especially as I have a truck load of shoes to show off. It seems that I need to have a little more imagination as far as organising my skirts and bottoms is concerned and coordination between the two will need a little work as well as my application of make up (once again). If I had kept up to date with my photography blog and was more aware of what lights to use and where to stand, the results could be really effective. The best works will always featured a model working with a separate photographer with professionally applied make up and stylist bringing the look together into a greater unity.

A great second hand shop near my bus stop for university has had some of the most decadent bridal dresses in their front window; and when I explored inside there were some new, crisp blouses that had been barely worn. As much as I do admire the basics and white, plain blouses I think the real treasures of slogging through second hand clothes is pearls and velvet. There's something a little more enchanting about a young widowed woman with elegant pearls, the perfect shade of lipstick and flaming red hair. I can never hope to find something as decadent as the above outfit; but perhaps a large sweeping panel of fabric will make for an easier backdrop to work with when showing off outfits. Some of the best ideas I have are modified from images I see; and working in a small studio space with tripod set up, backdrop pinned and markers on the floor for where to look would make for an easier experience. All I need is to raid the local crafts store and find a suitable stool when I finish exams and I'll have really started on this long and arduous journey to capture my outfits and take self-portraits.

From what I can gather, Georgie Hobday works as a model for Storm modelling agency after her 16th birthday party attracted the attention of a whooping four hundred gate crashers. You wouldn't guess such a rambunctious reputation from just looking at her from this image- with glassy green eyes like that and primly painted magenta lips it looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. The photo set has a sweet innocence about it; but the clothes chosen aren't too doll like or subversive. Amongst all the elaborate costumes, headpieces and pearl covered collars she really does look like a sweet doll but not enough to be unsettling. From what I can see; young Hobday makes for an enchanting model in such a photogenic setting but I also wonder how she fares on the catwalk...

There's a wonderful pedantic effect created with the use of head wear and accessories; this particular image makes me dream of a cross between Queen Victoria of England and Star Wars Pad Amidala. It's a little fitting considering there is so much hype bout he royal majesty, and youth around England are all celebrating and holding jubilee parties. Living in Australia (an being in the midst of exams and unsocial) it seems that I won't be involved at all in the festivities; but I would certainly head off to my local second hand store for a frivolously, frilly dress and try and craft my own crown made of paper. Perhaps a Jubilee outfit post is in order once all my studies can finally relax and I can play homage to possibly, the greatest female leader of the last century. Imitating someone elses' style with my own certain zeal and with a chose between my wardrobe could be extra added fun and challenge to creating stylish outfit posts and trying to impress my readers.

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  1. George is too short for the catwalk Masha. But she thrives in the studio!