Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fluro Yellow

A colour once reserved for only the burliest of men working on construction site, fluorescent shades of yellow in particular have wormed their way into the hearts of many fashion mad ladies. Any shade of yellow can be difficult to style with, but somehow fluro yellow seems a little more accessible than shades of buttercup, canary or mustard. This naturally radiant colour is often toned down when worn with black and grey, such as the gorgeous outfit above including lacy yellow skirt and matching knitted crucifix jumper.I'm going through a large phase at the moment in which I collect knowledge of every crucifix made by Pamela Love, Nick Von K and other designers as well as saving every relic to my watched list on Etsy. It's been a six-month phase so far and I don't show any sign of slowing down as far as fascination with crosses is concerned...

Runway shows and fashion designers haven't been afraid to dabble in the colour either, shading the precious eyes of their models in reflective sunglasses from their own fluorescent creations. While it isn't necessarily possible to dress in a single shade of bright yellow, I love the simplicity of this photograph from the shoulders up; the neat blond hair tied back and the pouting lips dripping gorgeous ruby red. Knitwear has been on my mind as of late, but a sweet trophy cardigan in bright colours and with a wild, punk design could be what I'm really after. Textured, thick and woolly but with the dead smiley face of rock band Nirvana at the back is my perfect and imaginary fluorescent yellow fashion piece.

The world was struck down with Cambridge Satchel Company fever i the last few months, but I still spot the fourteen inch best gracing the university campus and proclaiming the wearer to have better taste in bags than anyone else in all the land. Well-crafted and minimalist in their design, the bags intended for school children struck a chord with fashion bloggers who used their colourful qualities to brighten up the most conservative of outfits, as shown above. While the coffee cup, sunglasses and curled hair make the outfit chic, it's the modern satchel that steals the show. 'The Fluro' was one of their more successful range of bags, and while I may have been late to catch onto the trend and join the band wagon, the recently released a series of bags which can be worn as backpacks. The body size is the same in structure, but I am keen to get on board with the chic leather backpack. They are far more manoeuvrable when exiting public transport and among racks full of clothes in second hand stores, with the same element of luxurious leather in a fun shade.

Although the particular shade of interest is only on the inside lining of the hood of this raincoat, I couldn't exclude it, and there are also very limited images of street style snaps focused on fluorescent yellow. The shape of the raincoat reminds me all too much of my reliable American Apparel fleece cape in red which I often wear when it's cold and miserable. However where my cape fails in keeping my dry, this yellow monstrosity succeeds. I use the term monstrosity as a term of endearment; I suppose it's years since I've seen such a bombastic raincoat and didn't think they made them in adult sizes, I'm too used to children wrapped in cotton wool by their anxious parents. Black, studded and buckled boots have been added to evoke a certain tough and stylish element, but they too can be durable and reliable in bad weather.

Above is the image that sparked such a fascination in bright yellow and even made me aspire towards owning my own fluorescent shirt in chiffon. There's also the small matter of plotting eBay purchases like some sort of financially unstable evil scientist and buying matching fishtail skirts to go with printed shirts from Opening Ceremony. I have been busy clearing my closets and was shocked by the amount of clothes I don't wear anymore; as much as I do want to be a bright beacon and stand-out in a crowd I really must consider my fashion choices more economically and carefully.

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