Tuesday, June 26, 2012


If watching Snow White and the Huntsman taught me anything, it's that obsession with one's beauty can be your undoing and a woman's image is often her power. It's a bit of a shame really; I would have liked to decorate with a mirror in my room surrounded by filigree frame but I've been off put by the idea since seeing the motion picture. While self-centred nature is often put in a bad light and fascination with one's image can be devastating, I guess that's what the entire blogging community I follow is about really, but none of them have turned evil or try to ear people's hearts clean from their chest.

Among the wonderful curiosities that have caught my eye while browsing through Etsy, unicorn porcelain figurines as well as book ends have been the most spectacular and some of my favourites lately- my regression back to childhood is probably onset from stress and release of study routine with nothing really to do. That suits me just fine though- I would much rather study images of horses vandalised with ice cream cones then plate tectonics or the molecular orbital theory of atoms... It's about time the creative side of my brain got a workout after being dangerously dormant for so many long weeks. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be buying books with horses in them unless they're under ten dollars and found prominently in a closing down sale (but I doubt that). No, Tumblr will continue to be my main source of images along with Oyster showing the way of new release collections to commentate on.

In an ideal world of fantasy and wonder ice cream would never melt and would instead remain as perfect sculptures frozen in time but still be good to eat at any time. Also my room wouldn't be plagued with grime and dust which will most likely need my attention at some point today, but that's another story. I've been attracted by a lot of different sub-cultures recently including Kawaii, Goth and soft grunge. They haven't yet had a great influence on my own outfits but with a stretch of my imagination and a good staring contest with my wardrobe maybe some ideas will spark some time soon.

While I know I really should embrace the wonderful world of outdoors which inspired tales of the strange and super natural, I'm much too keen on the artificial world constructed by man and interior design. Fashion blogs spread and infect not only the wardrobe but also the entire aesthetic taste and d├ęcor of the individual. Shelves become piled high with curiosities and home made crafts of pipe cleaners and thrifted badges and buttons. Nature is ideal, but I'm reminded too much of the dirt as well as rotting leaf material every time I step outside my door. It's never as clean out as you tend to think it is or remember.

Having pink hair seems like a far away fantasy and dream for me which I fancy upon seeing such gorgeous photographs and I admire those girls who make such dreams reality. I'm too lazy when it comes to hair maintenance and felt proud to once again sport a head full of undyed and untainted hair- I spoke to soon though and the fascination with pastel hair and trends in the style of My Little Pony took over. Now I'm just waiting for the next big trend to catch on so I can follow it and feel accomplished as a fashion blogger. For someone who invests so much time and effort into constructing outfit posts as well as scoring sweet images to impress their readers I really don't take enough pride in my own appearance to attract new readers.

A small insight into the lives of French musicians Daft Punk, or at least those following in their footsteps and intent on becoming fully fledged robots that don't sleep and simply power through the wildest of parties. If I was a robot though I would probably attach wheels to my ankles and zip around easily; or fix the horrible public transport service of the sleep suburbs which is really testing my patience this morning. On the chilliest day of the recent cold snap I have walked back and forth from train station to home four times without actually having caught any service and my fingers freezing from the wind. Metro trains I curse thee with my bitter breath. Robots wouldn't be discouraged by such bad service, but they also can't perform magic and curses so I wouldn't like to be an android this very moment.

Last year I was happily embedded in the fantasy world of photography; the bold colour flashes and cellophane filters as well as the dreamy soft focus representing whole other worlds. I don't dabble in camera work anymore and am more focused on blogging for this current project, but that doesn't mean I still don't find it beautiful in the same way I did last year. I just don't have the same giddiness to develop film and capture scenes of the ordinary through my lens and wind the film diligently. I've even widdled down part of my plastic camera collection but I'll never get rid of all my memorabilia altogether. Who knows, maybe next year I'll have another change of heart and revert back to my senior high school snapping ways.

The closest foreign place that tickles my fancy is Japan; ticking away with quirky style and rich history the land of the rising sun holds a lot of promise and potential in the ways of the old and modern popular culture the youth there stir up. I want to see the drama and splendour of outrageous outfits, feel the synthetic and mass produced fox tail lure charms and imitation fur as well as sip from the chalice of delight and let warm tea trickle down my throat. Origami and sushi fail to delight me but I am fascinated with Japan and long to walk the mysterious lands of snow as well as cartoon culture.  

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