Monday, June 4, 2012

Dreaming of Deadly Ponies

By some twist of fate, my second order with online retailers Spanish Moss has gone array and not only did I now get my order, they sold out of both the products I bought. I was looking to get a Mr Lure key chain of sheepskin mohair for $22 and a Mr Fill N' Zip in black for $359 when the original cost would have been just under $750 all together! Due to some 'database error' the sold the item twice which I had laid stake to and they broke my heart- however, they are good people that try to make amends where possible and let me instead choose one of the new Deadly Ponies bags from their recently released Hurrichain collection for the sum total I had already payed. That means a gorgeous Mr Mini Fill N Zip in Magenta has been sent out to me and I have saved $200 on a brand new handbag in the season's hottest colour! I am still really miffed about the whole business of screwing up my order since this is the second time I have had to chase them up on mailing out an item. I was also looking forward to have a voluptuous and wonderful handbag to use for standard outings and something versatile in gorgeous black. 

As much as I will miss the room and also buying my second Mr Lure key chain (like a fox tail bag charm but without the death of a cute European mammal), I am fairly excited at the arrival of my new handbag. The above photographs have been pinched from the Alice Euphemia website, one of my favourite boutiques in Melbourne and only a short walk away from Flinders Street Station. After travelling home from the exam venue of today there was a spectacularly dressed girl in: circular sunglasses, the hugest platform creepers in amazing colours, red eyeliner streaker through her eyebrows and a huge shaggy jacket of purple and green. It reminded me a lot of what I want to aspire towards and the manner in which I want to dress. Clashing heaps of colours and patterns will be made all the easier with a swish little bag in a vibrant colour to intensify my mood. I don't think I'll be keen to match nail polish to bag colour, as much as I want to wear Meadham Kirchhoff nail foils from Topshop or Sally Hansen nail stickers. Clashing is such a fun experiment.

As much as I did have my heart set on buying a sensible black handbag and wanted to cheerfully refer to something I owned as 'Old Reliable', I feel in love with the magenta coloured deer leather as soon as I clapped eyes on the release of the collection from Deadly Ponies' Facebook. There are frequent laments from girls my age complaining that they can't afford bags from the Deadly Ponies range or that they would need to sell half their vital organs to cover the cost. I've gotten away with paying close to half of the retail price and my new baby will be brand-spanking new. I also have the option to chuck it on eBay should the margin of profit be large enough to feed me evil desires and up size to a bigger bag from the label or perhaps even an older release I fear will be sold out quicker than all the magenta variations. I really doubt that I will though, I'm too much in love with their current range and they've already sold out of a limited edition release. This will be as good as it gets as far as I'm concerned.

My minds is already a flurry of activity thinking what to wear with my bag when it finally arrives in the mail; as well as all the other clothes I am itching to get my hands on and wear with it as part as a wonderfully coloured ensemble. An all black outfit looks acceptable on a fair-skinned and peroxide blond model, but there isn't such a striking contrast when your skin tone is ordinary and hair is dark brown- bordering on shades of black. There isn't really a competition amongst the other shades of Deadly Ponies bags described as Silt and Ghana (varying shades of brown). I was also lucky enough so snag the LAST magenta Mini Fill N Zip from Spanish Moss. It's only fair that I have such a triumphant victory when my trophy of a full-sized New Zealand leather label bag was snatched from me so cruelly.
Goodbye boring, old, black and hello majestic, gorgeous magenta! A cute new feature of this newer bath of bags is the option to sling them around over a shoulder or with the normal straps. I usually prefer to sling them casually over a shoulder and protectively hug my bags close to my body. I didn't realise that the chains were also covered in the fine furry moss that gave inspiration to their jewellery range for Hurrichain as well- that is until I saw the photographs from Spanish Moss. It turns out that I'm not that mad at them for messing up my first order and rather look forward to the arrival of my upgrade. I am nervous to see what the true colour of the leather will actually be though- under the lights for the Spanish Moss shoot there's a radiant bubble gum pink quality about the bag whereas for the Alice Euphemia street style snaps the purple is very intense. Either way I love both shades; it's mainly a concern of my curiosity holding out long enough till that parcel arrives in my hot little hands.


  1. Im still obsessed with the mowhawk bag hopefully I can find it somewhere on the world wide web for half price... fingers crossed anyway!!