Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Wearing: Vintage Levi's pink denim shorts, Mother's vintage denim shirt, Chanel ribbon worn as bow tie, Rubi platform gladiators, Ashish X Topshop spiked jumper.

While I only have a small and humble collection of jeans and denim, borrowing fro family members is a good way to broaden one's fashion horizons and echo other era in outfits. I don't own a denim shirt myself, but it seems I don't need to when I can borrow this lovely piece from my mother and return it to her, none the wiser of its recent movements. It's said that you shouldn't wear denim jackets with jeans and all the like, but this two-tone combination of baby blue and pink works a treat for me. I don't normally dress this sweet and my hair can be unruly often in the mornings so I decided to take advantage of my mood and show off my own style. 
As well as the denim, I'm also having fun experimenting with those platform wedges I picked up with staff discount for that small time I worked as a Christmas casual in retail- it seems that they were a rather wise investment and look smashing when paired with knee high socks. Although you can distinctly see where my tan ends just beneath the hem of my shorts, with four new pairs of denim shorts cut from vintage jeans I'm sure those tan lines will slowly creep away by summer’s end. Until then though I'm either going to be very patient when it comes to my latest acquisitions or find where I put those black tights when I cleaned my room for a little more layering magic. The good news is that if I can't find them, I get to buy new ones. The bad news is as soon as I buy new ones, I know I'll find the old ones.

My spiky jumper is usually something I choose to wear at work when I feel vulnerable, like a porcupine when they curl up or a rattle snake making mad maraca noise. I haven’t worn it a lot since last year or to university a lot, but I think I can see where balancing sweet and sugary with punk and grunge comes in and how I can balance between the two very different aspects of style. It's a small stepping stone, but I’m beginning to achieve the goals I set at the start of this year little by little.

With nothing but time of my hands for the holidays and no release of coursework for the upcoming semester, I'm more than happy to simply take a break from the daunting schedule of study and relax- motivated with obligations to my blog. What's really exciting is that I'm becoming a bit more crafty when taking self-portrait photographs and have finally worked out a system to construe them. The poses have come a little easier as I keep these outfit posts going on a daily basis, but some just aren't up to scratch and need to be re-shot or re-styled.