Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Amongst all the sugary sweet photographs and drawings to pop up on my dashboard for Tumblr, there are still remnants of what may be stereotypically classified as 'bad' such as smoking, sneers and tattoos. While I don't plant to personally be inked at any stage during my life, I have had the strangest affinity for seahorses as of late and their dainty silhouettes. In particular oxidised silver and their pock marked exoskeletons immortalised as jewellery has been a tantalising treat, but I also like this cute idea of tattoo hidden behind the neck. With long hair as that can almost tickle my belly button, I think it's suffice to say I could get away with concealing a small and tasteful tattoo for a few months from my parents.

My latest inspirations have been female role models as well as quirky clips from movies (I'd love it if someone could help me out with this snapshot above), and anyone who wears cat eye glasses with such confidence and uses the word satanists is cool in my books. As much as I'd love to befriend an American girl oozing geek chic out of every pore, it was good to hang out with my old girlfriends from high school. There's a wonderful mixed bag of personalities, but I know each and everyone of them has my back if need be and that's what feminism really aims to promote- well being as well as mateship amongst women.

Delinquents are often characterised as societies cast offs, unable to hold down a job and in their younger years may be sighted by bad or anti-social behaviour such as graffiti or being 'unteachable'. I was a little touchy myself at work after hearing one brute mutter 'women: useless' after which I yelled at him loud enough for everyone to hear and threatened to toss him out of the venue. I was about as angry and verbal as one of the lovable cast from British teen drama Skins. That was something I had always meant to watch and follow from season's start to finish from DVD but at the moment I'm a bit more inclined to buy Daria off eBay. I admire the witty satire and cutting comments that philistines can't understand more than spitting words with poisonous attitude.

Despite sporting tattoos, multiple outfits showing skin, leather and studs- I think the real delinquents here are people that talk trashy about someone's career and don't respect them as a person. I think it's easy to lose sight of what we all have in common and that our differences are only skin deep- but some choose to take out their anger on others for superficial reasons. That to me seems rebellious without cause and callous in action, while being a punk and dresses as such is completely cool and has been adopted in fashion runways I think the core values suck and the adjustment and blending of people's attitudes are much called for. It's good to see though barriers between what's stylish and distasteful slowly blurring and people can shave the side of their heads, dye their hair wild colours and tattoo their skin without as much backlash and resentment as a few years ago.

Desperadoes and trouble-makers can also be socially isolated from the pack like a lone wolf longing to belong, but the two traits don't necessarily travel hand in hand. Sometimes I just act out of turn or rude because I'm disgusted with the general behaviour of society, the pressures and expectations are too great to bear on my shoulders and I throw the general etiquette handbook out the window in an attempt to clobber a hapless civilian... metaphorically speaking. Wolves are an absolutely mesmerising animal and would be something amazing when inked on skin such as a bicep or leg, but I've actually had a raccoon fetish as of late and really want to decorate my room with their masked faces and ringed tails. Tomorrow I'll be clearing room on just about any vertical space for a new collection of collectibles as well as trying my best not to inhale as much dust as humanly possible.

As unlikely as it is that I'll be taking a supervisor position in the next few months of even years, I would love to wear nothing but offensive shirts and jumpers to ward off as many arguing, know-it-all parents and generally abusive players. While I'm generally well-natured and polite to start off with, I sometimes turn into a shitty little she-beast and love nothing more than dishing out everything that I would normally take in good nature and allow to roll off my back. Some days I just wake up being self-loathing as well as misguided and aggressive- everyone concerned is much better off with the friendly warning of war-like clothing such as camouflage printed shirts and jackets, chunky Dr Martens boots made for kicking as well as many chunky silver rings that could easily leave someone's face in need of stitches if I so desired.

Back in the golden years of high school I wasted away many a lunchtime while spouting out lyrics and letting my hands rhythmically strum and mechanically fit to shape and form chords. Music has always been a great motivator in my life since childhood and while it did usually calm me, sometimes I like nothing more than to bask in a bad mood and enhance it with rough screaming lyrics and heavy pumping bass lines. My brother introduced me to such topical bands as Against Me!, Deftones, Alexisonfire and Jimmy Eat World. As much as I do love girl power, I think the male vocalists deliver the best songs soaked in disgruntled words and sharp guitar riffs.

Marlboro jumper with matching cigarette and smoking eyeliner against stone balcony all make for a haunting image when brown eyes turn to a stunning honey colour and hair tousled herself. Many youths pick up smoking during late high school or in their first years of university/ collage should they choose to further their education in order to change their image and the way people perceive them. As much as I do admire the curls and wisp of smoke and aesthetic of the habit, no method used to impress strangers is worth risking your health, having sinister smelling mouth and rotting teeth is no good when you get to the fun of intimacy and kissing. Any bad boy to get a taste of tobacco is almost guaranteed to get the boot whether I get fed up with the habit immediately or gradually.

Tights under shorts and socks over the top is something I've been dabbling in as of late when traipsing back and forth to take care of university matters, but I haven't yet managed to get my hands on a good camouflage jacket or slouchy beanie. I wonder just how one gets legs as skinny as all that- whether it's the puckering of synthetic black nylon slimming her legs by illusion or is she's a true graffiti artist that spends countless nights vandalising public transport and train stations under the cover of night. The rush of adrenaline and smell of sickly sweet paint may not be the best way to avoid the gain of muscle mass and become lean and scrawny- but I am always a hopeless romantic and escapist. Inventing stories was a favourite past time of mine and it seems I'm yet to let that go in full.

In a few days I'll be heading down to a friends holiday house to get away from the tyranny of family rule and may be able to bask outside on picnic blankets when hungover. There are two things wrong with that visual image though- it's Winter and the weather has been the worst I've seen all year. The second is that I'm not large enough a drinker to reach a point where I am hungover or burden my friends with unforetold bad behaviour. Yes, I do wear bandannas when going to the city and did rip my jeans once but there's a lot more to being bad and a delinquent than the pure image as well as mustering greasy looks. It appears I am too well brought up at heart to break loose, but maybe indulging in something like Skins with just a little more sass or witty Daria will help me on this strange path to being anti-social and 'polishing' my appearance.

A trend as of late inspired by Lady Gaga but made most memorable by Cruella De Vil is half black and half peroxide blond hair. Rather than the spiky and wicked touch many modern girls have been applying the look to luscious curls and bangs with spectacular results. I spot a shirt from Lazy Oaf or at least similar to it in design that goes so well with this striking look and while I've never been a large fan of the rockabilly trend but cowboy shirts with their strange darts and curled arrows have been on my hit list of purchases lately. Being bad is no fun or at least it isn't when you get caught, but the hairstyles, grunge music, creepers and torn jeans are here to stay. I say I'm all for it.

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  1. The Snapshot is from Ghost World. The clip where she says that they look like Satanists. It's a good film. I recommend that you watch it. It was based on the comic, which is actually nothing like the film, the film has more of a plot to it. But I'd say read the comic first and then watch the film for a proper comparison, I did it the other way around and I kinda wish I didn't. By the way, I totally love your blog! I was just looking at your posts on Tavi Gevinson, and I was like "Yay! I'm not the only person obsessed with her!" Overall, your blog is briliant.