Monday, June 18, 2012

Deandri Instagram

Despite the fact that my father is now equipped with an iPad and iPhone, I myself haven't been able to indulge in the Apple products and have not been able to use Instagram to quickly deliver images with vignette aesthetic via the Internet. That's not to say I can't enjoy the work of others, and Deanna Richmond the designer of Deandri delivers amazing behind the scenes images from her photo shoots for her shoes and includes her cute little fluffy dog as an added accessory. I find the design of the shoes to be very simply but also with a certain grace and structural appeal about them, the same way an architect may immediately be drawn to the lines and facade of a building. A development of the computer age is the access it gives people to their favourite musician, designers or cultural movements; learning more about the person behind a brand is something that I revel in and you can only imagine how giddy I get when the designer makes contact with me.

I have been tossing up between chunky heels from UNIF, but the wooden heels and choice between Pleather or Leather for these sweet booties is a temptation too great. Unfortunately, not all the wonderful shoes from Deandri are available for sale online at the moment and Solestruck does not accept payment without credit card; it appears I will need to wait  to get my paws on the boots themselves, but the floral clips and attachments can be bought from their Big Cartel store for a nominal fee. At the moment, that seems more within my range and budgeting limitations at the very moment. I'm not very good with managing money once I buy something I continue the dirty habit...

Moving to California or busily busting back there to visit my old host family may be made all the more worthwhile just to see one of Deanna's gorgeous market stall tables decorated with amethyst crystal quartz, statues and a generous bounty of cut-out oxford shoes which I am also itching to get my hands on. The beauty of these babies is that when worn with colourful and printed socks, they show off your quirk as well as schoolgirl chic like my personal hero Miss. Alexa Chung. Mini Market also sell a similar pair of oxfords with the same cut-out design across the middle of the shoe, but don't rejoice yet. They cost some hundreds of dollars and I need to save for a holiday at the end of the year... boo.

While it will be a while before I can afford just one pair of the gorgeous heels from Deandri named Helga, I'm already salivating over the idea of creating monochrome combinations of polar opposites black and white with the gentle flower clips across the laces. I'm missing the black and white tiled Parquet floor, but I'd walk all over town to find the perfect setting and set of stairs to show off my proudly mismatched shoes. There's also two variations between snakeskin pattern of these Helga boots that I'd love to see mismatched with one another. Vintage shoes aren't opened to such blatant pairings and unfortunately only looks cool with wildly stark contrasts of colour and the exact same species of beastly boot.

As wonderful as this shot is I must protest that the model will be extremely uncomfortable, sitting in an open washing machine that is a top loader; but as the old saying goes, no pain no gain and this particular photograph is a great attribute to the Deandri franchise. I first noted the illustration of this very shoot which featured melting face oozing as well as stark fluorescent tones against black. As if I wasn't already hankering for a pair of circular shaped sunglasses with contrasting frames, this image makes it all the more difficult to resist the urge to splash out on Karen Walker. It seems I'll be needing to curb my obsession with thrift shopping and adding beads and sequins to accessories bought... something I thought I put behind me when I entered high school.

As life should be when wearing gorgeous shoes and a sweet printed dress- like an Oriental princess you will be waited upon hand and foot and attendants will adjust your laces and frilly socks. However in reality one can not expect to have people do things for you, I for one enjoy the experience of typing and blogging for myself as well as the slow and laborious process of collecting images and photographs for new brands, designers and their glorious products. I don't quite think this outfit does justice to the wonderful shoes, I personally prefer the grunge touch. That doesn't mean I don't envy their long hair in soft curls or the camo jacket of assistant #2 on the right hand side.

Words can not simply express how much I adore the pairing of slouchy beanie with attached Mickey Mouse ears, softly textured blouses with angelic ruffles and attached flowers in black with Olga Wedges from Deandri. Although the pose of model perched on windowsill looks awfully cramped, there's something to be said for the soft lighting and glow from behind the model as well as the rusted radiator to the right emitting homely charm. It seems that the best outfit posts and styled photographs often take place in the dingiest of places where outfits, textures and long skinny legs can shine as bright as the sun. As much as I do enjoy my own outfit photographs set in the serene hallway, I can't wait to make my room over and make it a safe haven in which to conduct myself in.

DeandriInstagram, the model photo shoots are stunning and have artistic flair to share and the market stall set-ups radiate charm as well as magical vibrations. She's also a freelance stylish, has a few trinkets up her sleeve and fearlessly goes for success in business and creates wonderful creations. She even spoke to Grimes (Claire Boucher) about her products after creating illustration of the singer sporting her wares. Sometimes the best things in life are earned from you initiating the contact and first move yourself, a philosophy I'm going to try to take to blogging too.

Not all small business have such glamorous beginnings I can assure you! While I have been meaning to visit my local market since the tail-end of last year, I find online shopping to be a lot more easy on the eyes and my sloth has no objection to sitting around and having all the work done for me by the hard-working postal service. With results as promising as this, I may indeed be lured out of my cave once more and enticed to see the wonders of expensive and exclusive market stalls that sell glorious silver jewellery and a sweet assortment of boots and oxfords. As complicated, complex and unorganised as I have been lately, I have been feeling a little more inclined to dress dapper in the way of my favourite blouse with embroidered collar and worn out leather Vans.

Knee high socks have been an idea I've been idly playing with as I picture what outfit posts I aim to orchestrate and the different effect this small detail can bring to the atmosphere of a photograph. Above sits a dishevelled girl in black tartan skirt, white knee highs folded over just below the knees and a completely dishevelled look enhanced by her lack of shirt, bramble-stricken hair and floral crown. While I'm not open to posing without clothes for outfit posts, my own school Winter skirt was a tartan dark green and navy affair that I may recycle back into my wardrobe should I have the right opportunity. All that's left to fit into the puzzle is a blazer to tame the look and polish off the schoolgirl look- but I would love to sneak in a few eccentric patterns myself.

It's reassuring proof to see that all grand ideas start out as simple plans and others may write on napkins while chatting away in bars or they are simply content to scribble out vague thoughts and feelings as I often do to one day revisit. The gorgeous Helga Boot with wooden heel and choice of pleather or leather also had humble beginnings as immortalised by this Isntagram picture uploaded by Deanna Richmond, designer of Deandri. It almost makes me wish that I had stuck to being so fascinated with drawing and crafts as a kid and become something more sociable as well as direction in terms of creative design. 

I envy one of my old high school girlfriends studying to become a sculpture as she has a studio space free to herself, large collections of thickly bound art books and works in a candle store. As much as I would love to start afresh, make something all of my own design and feel at home as I busily work away I have enough problems maintaining a tidy room and would be better off to start there and begin to decorate it properly. Bookshelves and shoes may not necessarily combine together in the space I envision, but I do love the notion of porcelain figures of friendly open hands as well as framed illustrations and water colours.

As degrading as it is to admit jealousy over canine brethren, that is a bucket load and treasure trove of shoes that girls such as myself are aching to get their hands on and that puffball is chilling like nobody's business next to a mouth-watering assortment of shoes. Fashion insiders are often cute with a sweet temperament and there may be a genuine lesson to be learnt from this heart-breaking pooch. All I have to do is also cosy up to my favourite designers and give them a nice plug every now and then and I too will be sitting pretty. The bandanna around the neck will be optional; I personally prefer what my mother refers to as 'The Mexican Maid' look when wearing street wear for gangsters.

Today it was announced that a lovely variety of Charlie oxfords from Deandri will finally be sent out to Solestruck to be sold to fashion hungry girls such as myself. The last day or so I have fallen in love with oxfords again and love the contrast between material of leather as well as cut-outs or transparent plastic creating great illustrations and oppositions of texture. While Mini Market are also selling some oxfords of this same design, I crave the variety of colours that Deandri have created, including the snakeskin variations in grey as well as brown speckled with turquoise. It would be easier to buy in black and easily wear them with many outfits, but what good would that be without the challenge of knowing when to clash and coordinate between colours and style niches in an outfit?

Deanna Richmond has not only branched out as a designer of shoes as well as jewellery and a line of accessories fitting in with grunge aesthetic, she's also a talented freelance stylist. Never did I imagine neon green and nude/ sand tones could be brought together with such a satisfying result, but it's soothing to see a dream actualised and a green-haired punk try and shrink back into becoming a wallflower. My skin tone is already described as beige so the colours on their own do nothing for me, but that wicked contrast of fluorescent and neutral has given me a lot to think about. When I invest in a good printer or can be bothered managing the university system, this image is being stuck in my style scrapbook.

It seems that there is a recurring theme of naked ladies within the Deandri photo shoots, but as someone young but also wise once said 'I find the human body beautiful, if you don't think naked bodies are beautiful you kind of suck.' On the right above the thigh high socks is one of the many wonderful garters designed by Richmond in large elongated metal spikes; like a tiny dog collar for your leg. Like true dog collars these babies come with adjustable buckles so you may be lucky enough to even wear them as bracelets and impress your friends. I'll be more keen to get myself leg garters when midi skirts go out of fashion and short is back in- or when I finally pluck up the courage to buy a wicked pair of printed leggings again.

Vintage charm such as old porcelain hands, dress-making mannequin as well as gilded frames in filigree and travelling suitcase are all the minor details that make the market stalls set up in California by Deandri so sublime. No matter what your business or hobbies may be, I'm starting to recognised that the better everything else looks, the better you look in return and fine attention to detail may be the clincher in sealing big deals. In turn, actors are often told to make those around them look good so they shine in comparison. I wish there were more people who can understand this philosophy that's slowly growing on me. Deanna knows exactly what this approach entails and has created a stunning and surreal universe for her label to inhabit and grow. Whether it is her styling of photographs, shoots, market stalls or quirky Instagram pictures, expect big from this girl in the near future.

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  1. I love your outfit with the frilly socks! I would love to be the one adjusting those socks! <3