Friday, June 8, 2012

Deandri Illustrations

For those of you who aren't following Deandri on Facebook, love thick and chunky leather (or pleather if you're vegan) boots, spikes and flowers I highly recommend you at least check them out. In addition to keeping up to date with their latest release of products, cute market stalls and their Instagram account there are sweet illustrations of some of my favourite female fashion forward celebrities wearing the gorgeous range of shoes from Deandri in tattoo quality colour and detail. I know I'm too much of a whimp to withstand the pain of the needle, but I adore the sacred heart surrounded by fanned flames and would proudly sport it on my bicep or perhaps one of these pouting beauties adorned in roses as well as slinky skinny legs and bare bosoms.

As well as romping around their Internet store on Big Cartel and section along online shoe store Solestruck I was delighted to see some of my feminine heroes drawn in tribute and with the clunky and stylised shoes from the brand. It seems unfair that one individual harbours so much talent and positive, creative energy but Deanna Richmond doesn't squander her gifts and has already established the brand within 2012 and cracked the online market on other popular stores such as Karmaloop. I should point out that Alexa Chung (to my knowledge) hasn't been snapped wearing shoes from Deandri yet, but it would be a pleasure to see her strut her iconic minimalist outfits and endless skinny legs in a pair of platform heeled boots or cut-through oxford shoes from the brand. It would certainly fit well with her own unique school-girl charm aesthetic but not burden her wallet too much (unlike the rest of us mere mortals).

Twiggy may not have kept her iconic, star-gazed look until the year 2012 and her reign in fashion editorials has sadly ended; something tells me the chunky cut of the Charlie Oxford Cutouts would be right up her angle and contrast nicely against this iconic photograph tweaked ever-so-slightly to suit the needs of Deanna and advertise her lovely footwear. When you can draw like that though, run your own business and launch it within half a year I would suggest that you can damn well get away with as much as you please when you get my own artistic juices flowing. I can't wait to see their further launches on more online stores further into the year, and the blossoming of this American label to peak at the culmination of their creative potential.

It breaks my heart to see the gorgeous Olga Platform boots immortalised in coloured pencil in that turquoise blue and brown combination and being unable to find them unavailable for purchase- I'm at deluding myself at the moment that I'm biding my time to save up for their purchase but the future seems so unsure and I just want to cram them onto my feet with frilly loose socks... preferably of knee high length so I can add some of the studded leather garters around my thighs and wear vintage hot pants all at the same time. As well as a treasure trove of amazing shoes shown in two-dimensions I'm glad I've gotten to see some of the fashion bloggers that the Californian brand has taken inspiration and a shine too as well as other celebrities. Black hat and Victorian blouse with cape bib at the front will also need to be sourced in order to soothe my insatiable appetite for clothing and stylish accessories.

Today Deandri released this picturesque image of schoolgirl swamped in spiralling curls of soft grey hair; if Wednesday Adams had ever aspired to become a beauty queen and stressed as much as I do about studying I think the results would be stellar. I already found her personality bewitchingly charming and her sarcasm and dithering tone perfect complements to such a prim appearance; but I think we were all hanging out for her hair to become long, gnarly and tangled. It's only a matter of time before I fish out my own sharply collared shirts and pair them with my father's over sized jumpers and short puffy skirts in order to weave the illusion and stretch my legs a little further for photographs.

Although the singer Grimes has only really come to my attention today (I tend to happily burrow myself into both rut and under rock when preparing for exams) I already have come to identify with that gorgeously coloured front fringe, rock girl attitude and think she would lend herself perfectly to a pair of chunky Helga boots in black. In the last week I have scoured the Internet for images of Lady Gaga, but there's going to be another search for images to idolise and pour over into the late hours of the night. It's always inspiring to see talented women blending their own unique style with items that can so easily be found in second hand stores open and accessible to young people like me (I can already anticipate my own sense of style changing and becoming impressed upon by another upcoming star).

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