Monday, June 25, 2012

Dark Magic

The worst part of my job is the silent curses and spells I feebly try to cast on those unfavourable characters that I come into contact with. I am no witch and I have not cast aside religion, but on some gloomy days I am away with the fairies and deeply imbed myself in the plot of fantasy stories involving space, time travel as well as magic. I hope to follow in their footsteps because their stories of courage are of worth to be written down, while I struggle through day to day life as well as the mind-numbing tasks of living others seem to be on momentous journeys and adventures experiencing life. When does when stop preparing for the future and simply enjoying life? I'm thrown into the challenges life provides continuously, but that doesn't mean I thoroughly enjoy rising to the occasion. On the contrary, when confrontation if on the horizon and a threat I want nothing more than to meekly hide behind a crystal ball and hit that person with a herb while chanting pedantically.

As violent and malevolent as the act of eating can be when performed by hungry teenage boys for breakfast at four in the afternoon, I still find the idea of eating flowers and the fresh of produce enticing. It suggests some sort of greater cleanliness both internally and externally, while I already struggle to command the cleanliness and condition of my own bedroom the coordination of all aspects of life is important and I want to let that principle rule my life as well. I'm sure if Dorian Gray were a real person he would have been the chief leader of such a notion and am surprised it wasn't expressed by Oscar Wilde in his famous novel. Perhaps it's better he didn't though, the plot was difficult enough with fickle Dorian at the helm and his constant desire for beauty and expression in all its fine forms.

I haven't ever dreamed of running away in the middle of the night, nor eloping but I suppose the motivations for such acts is also darkly sinister and slightly magical. Lust, desire and passion surpass all the logic in our beings and instead drive us to satisfy lovers and indulge them in  your company and presence. Running away from problems and troubles is a driven by the dark emotions of fear and hatred- while I don't run away from my own problems, I am no stranger to panic attacks and nervous break downs in which emotions seem to strangle and blind me.

Feline companions are often close associates with magic, and I love that Western culture reference that's crept into clothing- their eyes hauntingly stare in yellow from black backgrounds of graffiti choked walls and the meow incessantly at us from alleys and streets for attention. With their sixteen hours of sleep on a daily basis, I wonder if cats ever see into the future or have premonitions of truth- while in primary school I myself was convinced of the ability of foresight and remembered a fair many places from dreams that I then visited in the waking world. It shocked me to say the least having walked the same place twice and the feeling of déjà vu but there's been little attention to my dreams since I 'lost' my abilities.

The ancient cultures of the world and tribes still used tattoos as a means of collectively grouping people together and creating a rite of passage into adulthood- for some the act in itself is a test of their toughness as well as display of artistic taste and design. If I were to even mention tattoos under the roof of my house it would be sure to stir trouble for at least a good week and any attempt at inking myself would be better hidden, but something as bold and glorious as a Mexican style skill with gorgeously bold floral motifs would be something proud to show off I'm sure. It pains me to think this is one of life's dark pleasures that I myself won't indulge in, but I'm just not surrounded by the type of people to get tattoos, piercings or fun hair dye really.

Perhaps this photograph is just the result of some humble spray painting in gold and the messy splash back of metallic aerosol, but I would like to believe this is the propagation of rituals. Actually it reminds me a lot of Patience Hodgson from one of my favourite bands, The Grates and her metallic suit of gold with webbed arms. They recently released an album by the name of 'Secret Rituals' which I've been meaning to buy for months now, but their new video clips lack the same costumes as 'Aw Yeah' and parade of skeletons, coffins and dancers in similar golden wetsuits to Patience.

It's emotions that are dark as well as raw and powerful that bring about the strangest of happenings and a type of magic to scare the masses. Perhaps a bad little boy dressed as a wolf pushed his mother too far and a wild forest sprang from his bedroom. The more recent motion picture showed the untold story of novel 'The Wild Things', the difficulties ofmaintaining relationships and delegating between the people or monsters in our lives and keeping the peace. When all hell breaks loose and no one's really happy the sad thing is not even magic can save it despite my desperate wish that it would wash us clean of all harsh words and actions.

Some of the worlds best beauties in the natural world such as flowers and seashells are so untainted and pure, it is believed that sprites of fairies inhabit them. Such purity should be sought after, but modern day society will tell us that peer pressure and parties will push young boys and girls together to loose such purity. Imagery in many of the romantic and gothic texts I studied uses flowers as a variety of ways, but my favourite was Keats' epic poem The Eve of St. Agnes in which imagery of the rose bud that opens and can never close again.

I can't help admiring all the wonderful tattoos that spring up on my Tumblr dashboard and then feeling compelled to share them with my readers. While I did admire the delicate whorls and petals that adorned the inked skull, there's something to be said for the bold dark lines and patterned scales on this snake. I am however puzzled by the simple admonishment, 'DON'T'. Is that, 'Don't pet the snake' and a command to beware the person as well as lengthy affinity for tattoos? I suppose that's a question that must be posed to the person themselves, but they're just a loose attachment to such a photograph floating about cyberspace and the Internet.

I know I'm not meant to brag, but the holidays is just about the only time I steadily see my boyfriend and get to hang out with him chilling at home or leaving the house to see movies or traipse about museums and other typical tourist attractions. In the next few days we will also reach our two year anniversary, which isn't much but he has been my only boyfriend and first everything so it does feel special to me. I really should ask that devil what it is he plans to do or spend the day with my though.

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