Friday, March 2, 2012

Charlotte Olympia 2012

Colours and imaginative designs are nothing new to Charlotte Olympia, and I was pleasantly surprised to see reinvented popular designs among the 2012 range and exciting new motifs. There's the occasional naturalistic approach from imitation hessian to the elaborate decoration of leaves in many different suede shades. As much as I do adore the new collection from Charlotte Olympia, I must point out the major and most obvious grievance that the photographs showing off their pieces are far too small and taken using camera applications for a phone device. For a brand that charges some hundreds of dollars for their pieces, I think they could have at least had some professional and traditional styled photographs to show off their pieces. 

While I do have a small inclination towards arachnophobia I loved reading Charlotte's Web and Charlotte Olympia have taken a similar inspiration from the book with these gold earrings. Last season they also had a simple black beret with spiderweb motif stitched on gold in the back- something easily done for the DIY avid. These aren't something you can simply make yourself and I like the thickened lines in parts and overall asymmetrical shape to them. They're sweet but at the same time a little dark and very unique- needless to say, they tick all the boxes for me.

Stripes seem so extravagant when handled by Charlotte Olympia, but if I were to splash out on a pair of heels from this British label I would be keen to buy something from their feline collection or perhaps the ivory and ebony inspired piano heels. I've never been a large fan of wearing stripes (not since the age of twelve) but I bet when worn with a sweet pair of riding pants or chic Capri pants with patterns the clashing would be a sensational sight. Being a poor uni student has opened a gateway to various discounts for transport as well as some fashion sites but it really does hinder a girl's efforts into affording the best clothing. I'll simply have to learn to deal with thrifting and scouring second hand shops for the best in vintage clothes. Shoes is a greater challenge when you're normal size 9/10 and all that seems available is in 6/7. Is that a good enough reason to give into the shoe urge and buy some second hand Charlotte Olympia heels?

There certainly won't be anything to be found of these wonderful leafy and natural motifs from the latest 2012 collection of Charlotte Olympia, but I have an inkling that my sense of fashion and lust for camouflage will only dishonour this brand. Dressing weird is something that I'm really beginning to dabble in and showing off my outfits but wearing vintage and label clothing does have a certain challenge about it.

I've been bag crazy as of late and have poured my wallet into attaining a Deadly Ponies handbag from their recent Hurrichain collection, but to sling a stylised leaf around my shoulder and hit the town would only be possible if I made me own DIY homage to the Don't Leaf Me collection from Charlotte Olympia. Above is what has been described by the site as "...this season's highly covetable bag in tropical green two-tone". I myself prefer this cheery shade of green caught somewhere between a forest green and jade. 

The iconic motif of embroidered cat faces on the toes of shoes has once again wormed its way into the newest collection from Charlotte Olympia- nothing can compare to the elegance of the original slick heels in suede but I do admire the Capri Cats with laid back style and chic design. The brilliant thing about such an ingenious but simple design is that you're always left wanting more and while some critics may argue that the design is stale and it being recycled is humdrum and commonplace, with the limited release of such designs I welcome any opportunity to score a pair of the shoes on eBay. It's hard enough to find the right sized shoes on the official Charlotte Olympia website and I won't rest until I finally own a pair of gorgeous cat faced heels or flats.

Never before have I had such an affinity for the red shade of the cat shoes but the combination of pink stitching as well as soft red velvet named raspberry has got me hooked. As much as I would love to own a gorgeous pair of cat shoes from the Charlotte Olympia collection, it's not worth paying the hundreds of dollars for something I would be too afraid to wear outside. Velvet is a wonderfully luxurious material but living in the unpredictable city of Melbourne the weather has a nasty habit of changing unpredictably and weathering gorgeous shoes in a matter of seconds. To really bring out the quirky nature of these shoes, there should be a majestic fireplace and large winged chair as well as kimono robe worn for dramatic effect. A glass of brandy is optional but encouraged.

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