Thursday, June 21, 2012

Charity Case

Wearing: Vintage pink Levis' shorts, Wowch cat leggings, 40 Hour Famine black t-shirt.

It's been a long while since I last posed in outfit posts so it took a little while to get back into the swing of things and I came up with a lot of embarrassingly awkward and strange facial expressions. Black is by far one of my favourite colours and appears a multitude of times within my wardrobe but I think I'll be selling this cute charity shirt I won from World Vision during the 40 Hour Famine a few years back for raising two hundred dollars in the name of feeding hungry children in foreign countries. I've actually managed to slim down a since I last wore it as it fits comfortably now, but I'm slowly weaning myself off of basic cotton t-shirts in favour of blouses and printed dresses with a bit more quirk and character about them.

I wore this shirt while working in a music store over work experience and it always unsettled the fellow sales people when I turned around as an African child was pointing at them and making them feel a wave of guilt for their nice food, workplace and working microwave.It never bothered me as I could never see the printed kid on the back and when you're running around trying to collect donations from strangers I think that a guilty conscience can often bust one's generosity. These holidays I'm going to try and clean up my room, make space and move on from the days of old and high school. I can't possibly hold on to everything I held dear so many years ago and it will leave room for more curiosities, things to decorate with and and things to wear.

When I was still a young teenager and developing a little further I loved my witty slogan t-shirts and basic designs dearly but now hold a great fascination with knitwear as well as torn jeans and expensive sunglasses. I must say it's come as a slight shock but it's always nice to find the nostalgia of my past hanging around in my room and be brought back to my past. Since last wearing this shirt I estimate that some gross honey coloured streaks have disappeared and swish eyeliner has been added. It's a good trade off really.

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