Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chanel Resort 2013

It's only been released for a few days, possibly a week or two know and there are already one million individual results for the Chanel Resort collection of 2013. Everyone, welcome to Chanel. This is the future of fashion but it takes its inspiration from the past but with sweet pastel colours and gorgeously structured dresses. I have never been more proud to have represented a brand, even though it was only their perfume department for a short while in Summer two years ago. I can't wait till I own a vintage Chanel bag and show off the label once more, they've just made me so proud and Karl Lagerfeld is proving you can never be too old to do anything you love. This is the collection of my dreams, I blog for the reason to share this with my readers and to applaud the hard workers of the fashion industry.

Oyster Magazine featured the make up of the runway shows and released the news that Chanel will be releasing temporary tattoos covered in velvet. Those in combination with the chopped locks of pink wigs and small hints of feminine bows along the neckline was enough to send me into a small, fashion-related fit. It's something a misguided four year old draws; girls with pink hair and maybe a bit too much blush wearing doll's dresses but I would be more than happy to sport their wares- as would any other young woman my age. Seeing the entire atmosphere of the collection, the shoes, dresses and look of the models on the runway filled me with such joy. It's my favourite collection released... ever really. There's nothing like it but there will also be no room for imitation with such intricately made dresses and motifs. The brand will remain prestigious and exclusive but perhaps that is for the best.

Everything about this collection is perfect- although I normally make a habit of not watching runway shows live and distancing myself from the musical tastes of creative directors. I have been born and raised on indie/alternative rock and am far too old to change my habits. The show itself was hosted with models posing in front furiously spouting fountains for which Versailles is famous and brought to culmination Lagerfeld's grand vision for the collection and a year's worth of work: his succinct summation—"Versailles in a Socialist France". The dresses are to die for, above the creation you see is adorned in small hydrangea flowers with matching pastel blue material and neatly trimmed tulle frills. To graduate in a dress this magnificent would be to die for; and although the colours are similar to that of worn denim King Karl has better taste and knows that for Chanel only the finer things in life will do.

It seems that with big inspiration from eighteenth century France and Marie Antoinette, ruffles and soft tones are in and strong bold lines are out. I've been trying to adopt a feminine wile in everything around me; including my own style and room but without cleaning the mess it will take a while to reflect. One of my favourite touches to this particular runway show is the atmosphere of the outdoors as well as elegant and otherworldly women who match their hair colour with their outfit of the day. I won't be able to afford the gorgeous perspex high heels or chunky metallic brogues of the season; but I will be busily scouring second hand shops for vintage blouses and floral pieces to chop and modify. A certain shop on Asos Marketplace is selling vintage pieces for huge prices; and some of the ideas are simple and uncomplicated in execution. Personally, I think it will take a more primly and neat woman to wear such extravagant pleats and ruffles; but a chic necktie made of ribbon could easily be added to a blouse for even more suave, school girl appeal but in fun colours and shades that play across the entire spectrum.

The Chanel Resort collection of 2013 seems to blend some of the strangest binary elements within design but beautifully reconciles them: the old and traditionally dowdy has been made youthful with dramatic blush and mint green wigs. Never did I think I'd see blue creeper brogues also worn with trailing tweed skirts with ragged hemlines, pink fingerless gloves or a clear Chanel bag; but it all fits so well with Karl Lagerfeld's creative vision and seems somewhat natural within this collection. Fashion runway shows have a way of enchanting me by creating their own, small, enclosed universes full of beautiful costumes, iconic characters and quirky personalities. The above model represents a girl who was born old, with stiff manners and a squeaky clean reputation. What other woman would carry a see-through plastic purse in which everyone can see all their carryall items?

As a young girl growing up I always thought tweed was reserved for the daggiest of folk; those described as being elderly and needed priority seats on public transport. My thoughts have been renewed and invigorated with celebrations of her Majesty the Queen's diamond jubilee as well as Karl Lagerfeld's mastery of fashion and clothing design. The combination of rainbow tweed, ruffles and purple wig has shown me a whole different side to such a rough material and given me ideas as to how to style outfits with my own flair. There's also my mild obsession with vintage t-shirts featuring super heroes and villains from Marvel comics against stark black backgrounds- they look a treat with ankle length skirts in starchy and thick textures. I think I would induce a few mild heart attacks if I were to dye my hair a shades of soft lavender; as much as I have been star struck with this collection and the singer Grimes my looks have to remain boring and conservative.

diamontes to each of the Marie Antoinette envisioned clothes. I admire the decades of work Karl Lagerfeld has invested into jewellery design and as head designer of Chanel, but you don't hedge a name as the best designer in fashion and across Haute Couture without demanding perfection from your team. While I wouldn't be able to create something of this calibre even if I had committed myself to studying fashion for three or four years now, I would be better off trying to afford the lovely runway pieces in a high-paying job of Science. I never did imagine I would be such a sell-out at the age of eighteen...

Petticoats, large straw hats and tweed jackets are all gorgeous feminine; but not fitting in with my own personal style and taste. As a child I never wanted to become a ballerina, or a a beauty queen but in high school I did enjoy reading romantic/ Gothic novels such as Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and can appreciate the beauty of these outfits as well as the textures of the skirts in soft lace and tulle. I think updating some sunhats and buying some felt bowler hats with dip dying at the edges and brims will be as close as I get to imitating this particular outfit and runway look.

Runway shows can often border that fine line between artistic creation and the strange and other worldly; the glazed fixation of the model on the camera as well as the heavily embellished, lace ensemble is a little off putting. Maybe I just favour and prefer the clashing of outfits and pastel wig colour; so many of my fashion blogger role models dress to clash patterns and prints rather than acting as chameleons and disguising themselves in all the one colour. I can't help but feel that long pants with wide legs would have done better to the jacket; but I do like the frills and essence of feminine skirts from bygone era that could only be modernised by a slick pair of culottes.There's already a few wonderfully wide legged pants that feature in this runway collection and there's nothing wrong with the individual pieces of jacket and shorts; they've been made with impeccable taste and craft. I suppose I just don't admire this single look as much as the others and would like to try for myself a way to show them off and bring out the best in their soft, feminine nature.

As soon as I was exposed to high school and all the competition for attention within gender, I have had a distinct evasion towards single one suits in terms of swimwear. There was always an expectation to show midriff and no fashionable alternative than to embrace the bikini- but King Karl has once again lent his creative expertise to a wonderful but feminine line of fashion wear for water that strictly adheres to the motifs of the collection. One would not expect to see frilly lace gloves when worn at the beach or local swimming pool, but I feel glad they have been included in this particular outfit and that the model has such a strong stance. Although her eyes are shielded from the flash of many light bulbs she really does shine and bask in the glow that the natural sun has given her. The lace across her stomach is feminine and alluring and in no way dowdy and I think that is one of the many challenges posed to a creative director or a designer; being able to challenge the traditional ideas and associations society has regarding a material and turn it on its head. I personally don't think highly of big brimmed, floppy hats and large sunglasses; but here the two work together and fit towards the same glorious theme that I adore.

Lace has always been a stunning and feminine temptation for me: be it in craft stores, attached to clothing or around the edges of my favourite pair of socks. That said, I feel helpless in the wake of this dress in the most amazing shade of mint green and the blue-haired model who showcases it. If ever there was proof that mermaids exist in society, here it is ladies and gentleman because humans would never look so classically beautiful but in such strangely ocean-like shades. I think the combination of simple pastel colours as well as the high heels, jeweled necklace and belt are all fitting family jewels for a princess mermaid to inherit from her long line of ancestry. Jewels this precious could only be found at the bottom of the ocean or within a collection and runway show run by highly prestigious French label Chanel.

While I haven't spotted jackets worn out on the streets in a long time, setting trends of your own is a trademark and  pinnacle of a good designer. They strive to revive what is old and make it cool again; raising the bar and having everyone follow in their example and bask in the wake of their success. I love the jewels that surround the neckline and their unusual shape- it tie at the bust reminds me so much of a Bolo tie worn to channel the Western look but this seems its complete antithesis. The structure and shoulders aren't too overbearing but there's still the tough of luxury material that borders the hem of the jacket and cuffs. Worn with perhaps, one can speculate, another once piece in lace and dusty rose creepers with white contrast soles, I love the central attention focused on the jacket and the crisp cut of the wig. The tan skin and long, skinny legs of the model don't hurt the appeal of this outfit either, but it does make me feel sad that I have a long way to go and sore from working last night.

As well as sweet pastel tones in all shades, it seems Lagerfeld was also inspired by the artistic endeavours of Versailles and France with some outfits featuring glamorous gold embellishments. I am a modest girl that doesn't thrive being under the spotlight, but that doesn't mean I'm at all deterred from buying a luxurious and decadent jacket from Chanel. It reminds me so much of the gold gilded frames and mirrors I scour second hand shops for and although the neckline of the jacket is very sharp, the subtle addition of jewels overlying nude skin has brought even more status about the outfit. As much as I do enjoy the gold tones added to the collection, I'm more intrigued by the use of pastel and how it featured more heavily in the collection. All that glitters is not gold and without featuring it prominently in the collection the few outfits that do feature it remain more exclusive than their pastel counter parts. It seems that in this instance, less really is more.

My love of Chanel as well as other boutique labels has all stemmed from searching for glorious vintage pieces through the miracle of eBay; and I can easily foresee that any of these pieces will become the classic pieces that young teenagers once again appreciate and lust after. It seems unluckily that minor brands will try and imitate this particular outfit, but one can always hope that the metallic sheen of clothes will draw some one's attention. Give it another ten, maybe twenty years and I'll be able to both save and afford the real deal without paying thousands of dollars, or perhaps a few short months before some cheap knock-offs are rolled out. Although I would love to take a wide stance and feel empowered by dazzling gold threads and authentic Chanel pants; I must admit the jacket is growing on me with it's multi-layered texture and frilly pockets and sleeves. It's only a matter of time before I hurry off to the nearest Op Shop and modify several cardigans with quirky buttons including daisies and love hearts.

Nautical knots and roping has never looked as eloquent on a simple blazer; but I expect nothing less than perfection from Chanel and the unique ability to transform what isn't current and popular into something trendy. I'm sure if I raided enough craft stores I would find suitable trimmings and threads to weave through the eyelets of punk creepers or leather sneakers- but an embellished jacket of my own with thick thread would be equally sweet in victory. The contrast of blanket stitches in blue against cream reminds me a lot of early and exploratory baseballs- but the addition of some more chic jewels and golden brogues with the French design twist makes it all so glamorous and expensive.

For those with money to splash around, they may be tempted to wear floral and tiered dresses adorned in bows and diamonds for occasions such as horse races in which they can spend money on champagnes as well as wagers. That exemplary life is as far removed from the culture I have come to know and love as you can possibly get; but the dress and trail lends itself well to tea parties, ice cream cakes and the consumption of fancy macaroons. I would be happy enough just to get my hands on the floral choker necklace worn as well- in contrast to a floral crown or headband which have become so popular amongst teenage fashion bloggers. That's more in touch with the 1990s grunge style I've been channelling as of late, but my wardrobe is eclectic and I'm sure there would be many easy ways to blend one piece in one way or another.

The infamous Chanel jacket has been reinvented as it always has been; but with the chic addition of black sequins paired with the smallest purse and thick chunky brogues I can already feel my mouth watering at the appeal of this outfit and will busily be scouring the Chanel boutique on my next trip to Chadestone shopping centre. I never do pluck up the courage to actually enter the store, but I think given the calibre of this seasons release I will summon the strength and face my demons (otherwise known as the unfriendly looking sales assistants). It's always nice to play pretend and for a moment delude myself into thinking I can afford the toast of the season new from the store. I could really be persuaded into doing anything though if I thought I could own this entire collection and style it amongst my own ordinary denim shorts; worn out t-shirts and loose hanging jumpers. It seems that the only companion to Chanel is really having more Chanel and showing that you can afford a brand synonymous with style and class.

There have been a few unusual pieces to feature funnel-neck collars in this collection, but of this selection I think the monochrome dress pairing simple black on white looks like a slice of heaven when worn with those contrasting pair of creepers. The wide rim of ruffled black and lace from the neck and down the bust of the dress seems like the most elegant and wonderful bib imagine- Japanese school girls inspired to dress Lolita could only imagine something Karl Lagerfeld can conjure in their wildest dreams. The outfit as a whole is so stark in the contrast of black and white but amidst this naturally serene setting of Versailles and fountain, it fits well and the pleated full skirt is exceptionally well shaped and crafted. Although I do refer to the simple black on white contrasting rubber platforms adorned by the models of this collection and they have been a hit amongst young people, lucky still to have exuberant teenage youth, I wonder whether Chanel would ever associate themselves with the classically punk shoes.

I know it's silly as well as absurd, but I do feel proud that the Chinese model is wearing perhaps the most extravagantly ruffled of the pieces and looks like a perfectly kept doll. I have already felt in dire need of frills and lace this week, and the need for sheer so this dress is driving me utterly mad with lust and need for fine threads. It's so simple in basic shape and silhouette, the skirt is loosely pleated with matching sleeves but from the waist up the dress is entirely pomp and circumstance. Were I to get married this week, I would wear this dress and walk down the aisle of perhaps a small church in the country or a plastic chapel in amongst the hustle and bustle of a casino. I absolutely adore this dress, I cannot stress of emphasise the point enough and I know I'll be stuck rummaging in thrift stores for half my life until I find something that soothes the rage and metaphorical beast in my belly. Volunteering at a second hand shop will probably guarantee me the best possible option of finding the best clothes for the smallest prices, but even they are beginning to cotton on to the fact they can inflate their prices as young people find them cool now.

Persephone, bride to Hades king of the underworld was also the goddess of Spring, and I'm sure if she were a modern, fashion-loving individual she too would dress in dresses embellished in flowers with lime green hair. I've already expressed the idea that models can look too far removed from humanity and that they do look strange and other-worldly, but I condone strange, unique, quirky and kooky. I derive such joy from dreaming of becoming 'discovered' as a fashion blogger and getting treated to my pick of boutique labels as well as renovating my room for a growing wardrobe. The dresses from this collection are still utterly chic and would look dazzling when worn for an occasion where appearance matters entirely. In particular I favour this one with it's elegant sleeves also decorated in floral motifs, modest neckline and hem and the perfectly proportioned skirt and being born in Spring my fleeting thoughts are of perfumes and sensational bouquets.

For all school formals, proms and debutante balls girls dream of undergoing spell-binding transformations and wearing only the prettiest of gowns and feeling like a princess. This dress seems to embody all of the hopes and dreams I ever held on to when searching for formal dresses; the cap sleeves are perfect and I love them adorned in feathers and encrusted with thread and jewels. The skirt of the dress is full-fitting, generously proportioned and compliments the complexion of the model perfectly. I'm so glad that the high heels were chosen to complement this dress; in contrast to the broad geometric silhouette of the dress as a whole the perspex covered high heels make the long legs of the model comparatively skinny. I can't possibly chose a favourite anything from this collection as it is all breath-taking, but I'm more than happy to pick apart each outfit and dissect it into parts and all the while praising Karl Lagerfeld and the legacy of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.

For those blessed with broad shoulders, a halter neck dress or shirt can be a near-enemy; I almost guarantee that dressed in feminine Chanel and bearing choker necklace that any attention and eyes will be far removed from your bare skin. Despite the sassy stare off into the distance, the girl above looks absolutely angelic with dainty lace frills descending down to her arms as well as a high aristocratic neckline and that killer necklace. It seems that Queen Victoria may have been channeled slightly in this collection, but a little less mayhem as far as collars and ruffles are concerned with a youthful twist on colour as well as presentation of makeup. As well as the bodice of this skirt, the thickly textured skirt would be divine to slither into; much as I do adore snakes I'm more concerned with running my hands over the various materials, sussing out the techniques used to create delicate fans of tulle.

For graduations and gala events, my mother always aspires to, and succeeds in wearing metallic or embroidered evening jackets no matter what the weather conditions. Fortunately I know Chanel's collection fro 2013 trumps anything in her hoarded collection and can best her with a sheer jacket covered in dazzling gold and soft pastel pink. Although I won't be nearly as lucky to get to wear this trophy piece for myself, I can already pick from my growing selection what shoes I would wear and a good pair of slim, black printed leggings from Black Milk to bring out the best of this piece. I am young at heart, have yet to learn that Chanel cannot be simply worn with bottoms that cost under a hundred dollars but I am also rebellious and blessed with the license to dress how I see fit and challenge societies perceptions. Now if only I could explain all this to my mother and prevent her from criticising my appearance and choice to express myself through style, I would be set for life.

Capping off the collection is the most regal series of white dresses I have ever seen and already has me mooning over my wedding day, something I never delighted in even as a naive girl in primary school. The structure of this particular beauty as well as magnificent shade of miracle blue sits well with me, and I'm so glad King Karl Lagerfeld finished with what is sure to be the strength of the collection. I haven't ever felt the need to praise someone, write eloquently and represent their work with as much pride as I have for this Chanel Resort collection, but it gives me a great many things to look forward to buying as well as motivation to clear out my closets and sell all undesirables. One day, I will make you mine shining examples of fashion and beacon of hope to designers every where.


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  2. This bikini is pretty pathetic. Too much going on here, and not much of it good. I am not into high-waist bikinis myself, but this one is brutal. There are mostly two positives to high-waist (anything, really) outfits- vintage appeal and a slimmer midsection appearance. Some even like not wanting to show their navel or lower waistline. Still- this high-waist bikini is especially brutal.