Monday, June 25, 2012

Chanel Fall 2010 Couture

Tuxedos and their charisma is seemed to be reserved for the male set, but genius of the fashion world and head of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld saw through this injustice and so created a gorgeously chic tuxedo dress worn above by model Freja Beha Erichsen. While I don't necessarily agree with the weighing down of wrists with hefty bracelets, the simple showcasing of this outfit with ruffled black ankle boots is aesthetically pleasing. I have been trying to track down vintage tuxedo dresses from vintage and handmade online site Etsy for quite some time now and it sadly seems that that is as close to this Chanel action as I'll get. As much as I do adore this piece, it is by no stretch my favourite from this couture collection. No, this is only the glorious beginning of decadence and design.

While some may argue that couture collection shows no longer have a place in today's society and during times of tough economic crisis, I still admire the designs pumped out by legends of the fashion world as well as the luxury that helps build the reputation of many brands and designers. Where else can you find clothes that seem from a distance age and of hand-stitched embroidered flowers in tapestry like style? The matching boots for this particular outfit are also cute, but I'm not sure I'm such a fan of the ruching about the ankles and leather edges about the toes. I would have been all over this collection while doing textiles throughout high school- embroidery and beading was always really relaxing to do sitting in front of the television and I kind of miss that therapeutic repetition.

While I know I shouldn't draw attention to it, does anyone else find it ironic that the Chinese model is the one dressed in bold shiny red? The choice of models for specific outfits can't be by sheer coincidence though, and I think those lovely locks in deep black sit well against the intricate triangular patterns of the jacket as well as those buttons down the middle like bright sparkling stars. If you were able to get your hands on these lovely pieces, the mid length skirts would fit in well amongst modern trends but something tells me with the metallic sheen these pieces are as far removed from fitting in as possible. Being made a spectacle of is no fun, but there are hundreds of girls who would give anything to stand out for all the right reasons and a little Chanel can go a long way.

I'm an absolute sucker for the colour purple and the last few years I've favoured soft pastel shades and lilac in particular; the above dress seems so ghost like with flowing tulle skirt and soft lace skirt underneath the many chiffon layers. At the bodice of the dress is the trademark of the collection in which many beads and sequins are clustered together to create gorgeous flowers in a variety of colours, but I'm not so much of a fan of that strange funnel neck collar of the top. I've also seen a similar neckline used in the current 2013 resort collection release from Chanel and master of couture Karl Lagerfeld, but it is refreshing to see the structure recreated with different materials and adornments.

The world seems abuzz with children's stories with many variations of Snow White hitting cinemas and reinventing charming tales from the brothers Grimm. Some of my favourite and most extravagant pieces of this collection include the delicate use of tulle as well as embroidered flowers against stark red lips in luscious red. Like an Autumn goddess envisioned by British poet John Keats, I love the flowing nature of the tulle as well as berries and flowers- it's as if personified Autumn has come to life in all her glory outshining the spring with the fullness and sumptuous feast of nature.

Although I try to dress with carefree attitude and without matching clothes and accessories in the one outfit, I love seeing the intricate details of the entire outfit mimicked on the design of these mid-calf boots with sweet ruching. There's a lot to take in visually with such a feast for the eyes, but if I had to take a piece home with my it would be one of these sweet cami tops heavily weighed with beads and floral motifs.

Above is my favourite outfit of the collection simply for the contrast of blue against gold as well as leafy motifs creeping from the neckline and waist of the dress. Goddesses imprisoned in mortal form would have such beauty as well as costume to inspire good in the hearts of man and woman. The matching boots in celestial dark blue and shades of gold remind me so much of the night sky and distant stars I so often dream of learning about during next semester, but it seems even better when recreated in metallic tones of material and intricate beading. Above is the iconic image that led me to cover this couture collection tow years of age- it seems that pouring over Vogue issues from the library is a wonderful resource for researching collections to commentate on.

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