Monday, June 11, 2012

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Second coming events always seem so spectacular; in religion Easter revolves around and celebrates the rebirth of Jesus. I personally am thrilled by the rebirth of the 1950s classic cat eye sunglasses by labels such as Alexander Wang, Karen Walker, Giles and Ellery... just to name a few. My materialistic nature never fails to surprise as well as disappoint me, but I find solace in the notion that my empty bank account is all my own doing. Fashion bloggers on the scene all tend to be young; but it is comforting that I may indeed develop into a late bloomer and be aged in my forties and attend all the hottest and noisiest fashion events. Dello Russo still has this charming smile about her and knows all the best releases from season to season, and those Art Deco earrings with diamonds and Alexander Wang sunglasses will probably be something reserved for those without children and many years of working 9-5 under her belt.

I spy with my little eye, Karen Walker sunglasses in tortoiseshell as well as a talon necklace in silver from Pamela Love. What I really admire about this outfit is the bravery of chopped blond hair as well as cute and quirky bow tie worn with shredded jumper, check shirt and Navajo printed blazer. There are so many different elements and niches that the clothes can be categorised into; geek-chic, Navajo and blond bombshell with old school Hollywood glamor have all been combined to create something greater than its separate parts. When I create my own outfits for posts, there is often strict adherence to a single theme explored; but being able to explore different genres within stereotypes and clothing, but also matching colour at the same time is a skill I am dying to master. With many long and lazy days ahead in the holidays, I'm glad that the recent spree of of blogs I've followed will be able to get a new perspective on how to conduct my own fashion blog and style my outfits till they reach their full potential.

Dree Hemmingway looks like the perfect enigma sporting blond hair with candy cotton streaks and hiding behind the most gorgeously shaped black tinted and framed sunglasses (I'm keen to know the brand; can any of my lovely readers help me out?). I know she wore this combination leather pants and silky tuxedo blazer to the Giles Deacon runway show in London and because of this small and seemingly minuscule detail, I have discovered one of the brightest sparks in fashion and a new favourite designer of mine. The Giles 2010 runway collection for Summer/ Spring also featured some spectacular cat eye sunglasses, but I just can't be sure if the two wonderful silhouettes are one and the same.

As well as being a fan of Oyster Magazine's online publications, Russh also releases some tantalising tidbits such as this shoot from Kym Ellery, designer of Australian fashion label Ellery aptly named 'Creatures of the Dark'. It seems that my brother's fascination with Marvel comics as well as Batman has rubbed off on me. The plastic blue frames above are distinctively cat-like in nature and even include their own set of whiskers but I still sense an air of the caped crusader. I currently don't own a pair of sunglasses at the moment so I'm even more desperate to get my hands on these sunglasses (brand unknown) and if anyone of my lovely readers would care to clue me in I would be so grateful! I haven't been able to find these images anywhere else except from Russh and don't know whether Ellery made all the clothes for the shoot. I love the use of plastic vampire fangs though.

Alexander Wang and Giles Deacon released the above runway collections and sunglasses in 2010 and like any genius of the fashion trade both were two years ahead of their time. It's only recently that cat eye sunglasses and thick accentuated frames pinched at the corners have been in vogue. The reinvention of the cult classic with bright fluorescent shades of perspex or even the odd attachment or metallic luster certainly does add a kick and has been long awaited. During high school I would sometimes contemplate adopting their strange shape as a part of my everyday routine, but they reminded me too much of my space-cadet and flake of an art teacher who took a "sick-leave" lasting some eight weeks and firmly destroyed any creative spirit I had and possibility of continuing to study art.

While I normally have the policy of owning things in black where possible, it's the Giles Deacon sunglasses that I am most keen to get my hands on. I adore items that are one of a kind and have a spark of life about them. When all imitations fail to do justice to the original piece, you can be sure that paying hundreds of dollars for the piece you've purchased was a wise investment. Winter has only just begun and my hands and feet feel constantly frozen and rigid, but that doesn't mean that I can't play pretend and become apart of the celebrity fame game and wear sunglasses when inappropriate. There's something still chic and cool about them worn with simple dresses, blazers and power suits; 1950s style may go in and out of fashion, but there's still an enduring nature to the stylised architecture and as long as designers can modify the classics, there will be plenty more pieces to lust after.


  1. I love the catseye trend, I bought a pair from Mango which are currently my faves!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

  2. They look really good on these women. They wouldn't suit me, I think. Great and inspirational blog :)

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