Monday, June 25, 2012

Casual Monday

Wearing: Miss Shop spotted jumper, Supre black skinny jeans, Vintage denim shirt with butterfly iron-ons.

Today was spent enjoying the company of my boyfriend and some of his friends at the movies of Chadestone shopping centre- the dress code was casual and, as usual I seemed to have broken a standard rule denim on denim. While I have been tempted to purchase my own denim shirt from sites such as Asos or Etsy, the personal touch is so much more comforting to wear. My mother's old denim shirt with emboridered butterfly motifs with my very old high school jeans seem to fir rather well with each other as long as the colours don't clash and my sweet old sweater keeps me toasty and warm in the cinemas. It's even more of a confidence boost when it's the first time you've wriggled your butt into the jeans that fit so well four years ago.

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  1. I love your jumper!