Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beauty Daily: Pop It! Hair by Clive Allwright

Oyster Daily has been feeding my growing obsession for inspirational images and photographs for my blog as well as my developing need for aesthetic and ideas on what to do with my poor and sordid hair. It's been about six weeks since I last had a trim and already my ends are worn and frayed like some horrible knotted rope that's been adrift in the sea for a decade. As much as my parents and boyfriend would protest to such a dramatic change, I have been rather tempted to buy some of the La Riche hair dyes from Directions and bleaching my hair, dying it red and secretly dying it pink every so often. It's a diabolical plan- the health of my hair will deteriorate rapidly and I will probably live to regret the decision (like all my interactions, use and abuses of hair dye) but I'll soon be exiting my teenage years and will only be able to get away with wild hair colours for so long before it's considered to be a sign of my mid-life crisis.

As well as bright pink plastic ponchos designed for protection from rain and splatter and pastel coloured hair, there's also some sensational folds and scrunched forms shaped by Clive Allwright. While I'm not a fan of brown hair smeared in thin streaks of blond (I was past that stage and over it by entering high school), I am rather fond of the bewitching stare of the model as well as the roughly stitched knit in horizontal stripes and cascading red and dark tones. Wispy strands that fall either side of the face are the perfect complement to quirky attitudes such as Professor Trelawney as well as long bohemian locks and loosely crocheted jumpers. A woman on the train however had two loose strands hanging out of her tight bun and slicked behind her ears- all I could think of how much of a faux pas it was when worn with a conformist business suit. 

Despite the large pink tassel being attached to a large silver hoop earring, it's given me a few good ideas regarding henna hair wraps and adding bits and bobs to my hair to add a splash of colour. As well as the small quirky addition of haberdashery, the small dots in black just underneath the eyes of the model also remind me of strange drawings and triangular markings made by Tavi Gevinson for some of her earlier outfit posts. I just long for small elements to make my outfits a little more cool and rare, and although a nose piercing would probably make my mother flip out (unless I was able to hide it's appearance for a good couple of weeks) but chic collar necklaces and studded leather are more fitting in with my ever changing and evolving sense of style.

As well as the temptation to change my hair colour into a soft pastel tone, I've got a few unicorn curiosities I'd like to decorate my room with including bookends and furry covered figurines. I never though to add a small horn to my forehead with a bouffant and tuft of hair at the front either, I dabbled in wearing fringes during my childhood but it's something I have since grown out of. I have been really inspired by the style and hair colour worn by Grimes aka, Claire Boucher as well as her cute rockabilly fringe worn high on her forehead and sculptural eyebrows. 

More than the temptation of hair dye I want to get my eyebrows down at a professional brow bar as a gentle introduction to open the gateways to change and style. I'll probably just settle for comparing eyebrows of cool celebrities to my own and going for broke in my bedroom. If everything turns pear-shaped soothing candles and adding tassels as well as lace to my hair may be the fall-back plan to enhance my mood and the fashion stupor I've been stuck in these past few days. I personally blame exams, they steal the life out of you and make you feel guilty for blogging which sucks.

I've been following many new blogs as well as gaining a few new followers in return, it seems that what does go around eventually comes around. I was particularly inspired by seeing exclusive events for eloquent writers and beauteous bloggers including this bodacious babe sporting pink hair. She reminds me so much of Frenchie from the Movie Grease but on a more casual day and modernised with loose knit and killer red lipstick. Neutral tones in clothing are made all the more glorious when your hair is an unnatural shade, but it appears I will simply have to inverse that equation and be a blogger with boring and dull hair and an eccentric style and dress code.

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