Friday, June 22, 2012


Wearing: Bardot stripe dress, Miss Shop jumper, Wowch cat leggings, Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell ballet platforms.

Today's outfit post was brought to you by the letter W and Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell shoe collection. I was literally waiting for the release of these ballet platforms for months and had originally intended to buy the pink variation when these popped up on eBay. I adore them when worn with black and stockings/ leggings really hold up the tied satin ribbon for the full ballet effect around the ankles. I never did aspire towards becoming a dancer or very feminine pursuits as a child and now you can see why exactly I didn't fit in. I don't enjoy doing things the way many other people would choose to- being ordinary is over rated.

Despite my jumper being more of a light oatmeal colour I think this whole outfit turned out better than I had anticipated and something well worth the wait to pull together. I still need more practice when walking around in these sweet platforms, but in any case they won't be worn outside if there is even the smallest chance of them getting dirty. The soft jumper shown above is one of my favourites for chilly weather and with fluffy spots has been getting a good workout about the shops. It's only a matter of time before I stop off at the library as well to keen my senses of writing and sharpen my vocabulary once more. I did love having time to myself to put together some outfits and play dress up for the camera and the results were really something. Can't wait to try out some more tomorrow and Monday too!

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