Tuesday, June 26, 2012

American Apparel Stripe Fisherman's Pullover

I was too late to enter the American Apparel competition run by Oyster Magazin's website, but not too late that I missed out on posting their cute photo shoot photographs of girls jumping for joy in stripy jumpers and skinny jeans. American Apparel have made a name for themselves in selling really basic clothing of a high quality and with sexy campaigns- I own a plain blouse, floral long sleeved blouse and fleece cape but nothing from their new range. The jumpers from this release look so homey and hand made; it's this blending of vintage charm as well as good quality that makes the brand so appealing as well as their choice of stick-thin and twiggy beautiful models showing off the brand.

I can't get enough of sweaters and although I have many, I often wear the same one for days on end without making a major change or tweak to my outfit. I adore the jumper on the far right in tones of greens and red along with alpine green skinny jeans- it reminds me so much of Christmas and themed costume parties in July. I hadn't planned on heading into the American Apparel store for Melbourne at all these holidays but it looks like a little stock piled cash may be used for a treat trip unless I have more success hunting for disco pants, jeans and clutch bags online and second hand. I won't be tempted to but these sweet pullovers for another few weeks, that is until my giveaway prize of cosy sweater arrives and I too wear that to death.

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