Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alexander Wang Dalmatian Diego Bucket Bag

Despite the Diego Bucket Bag from Alexander being nothing new in the fashion world, I find the Dalmatian edition of this slouchy leather creation exclusively sold by Opening Ceremony to be totally excellent. The price tag of $1100 AUD is nothing short of appalling however, real Dalmatian skin hasn't been use but the trademark studs that hold the bag together are made from rhodium- a special silver-like metal with a bit more glorious weight to it and the perfect companion to the black speckles flecked across the softly texture white background. While I am meant to be saving for a few trips with friends and family, saving in general for when I go on student exchange and also wait for all expected mail arrivals from online shopping, I can't help but lust after this bag. The Bucket Bag is imitated wildly, especially the leopard variation of the print released in 2010. It would be a wonderful life to have both sets of beautiful bags to grace my wardrobe, but that is the purpose of getting a higher education and raking in the dollars.

Jewellery designer Billy Bride was spotted sporting her Diego Bucket Bag at Surry Hills Market with rings and jewellery of her own design- it's a good inspiration to see others living the life I always dreamed of having as a child. Handy features of the Diego Bucket bag include the precious metal studs at bottom of the bag protecting the smooth leather from scraping along the ground. Many of the recent Alexander Wang bags have this small feature, but I quite like the long strap which allows slinging over the shoulder and the small size of this bag. Suitable for either evening or night, you are sure to make a big splash where ever you go with this sweetheart slung around you as companion.

If I ever strike it lucky you can be sure I'll be paying a large visit to the Opening Ceremony website, but another hindrance on the path to possessing the sweet Diego Bucket Bag is that Paypal isn't an accepted form of payment and plastic credit cards are a necessity. While I don't plan to make many trips to the slots and risk losing my hard earned cash any time soon, I wouldn't be at all upset with a gorgeous gift in the form of this iconic bag and shapely construction. It seems scouring second hand shops will once again be left for someone of my profile and budget, a good way to keep a wardrobe constantly rotating with trends of old and setting trends of my own but still leaving that black hole in my heart left by designer brands.

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