Thursday, June 28, 2012


Wearing: Vintage pastel cowboy shirt from Asos Martketplace, Rose necklace This is Make Believe, Supre skinny jeans, Stolen Girlfriends Club X Jeffrey Cambell Emma Lita boots.

I'm really pleased with how simple this outfit is but the blending of this Western cowboy style as well as feminine florals; I don't get a lot of chance to wear this hefty resin necklace as much as I should but I love it teamed up with my latest aquisition. It was worth the wait for this pastel shirt which fits like a dream and the contrast between new shirt and my old comfortable jeans is soothing and comfy. I wish I could wear this to work in some sort of cool record store and could retreat from my stripey uniform of being a sports official.

Cowboys and cowgirls probably didn't wear much jewellery other than their cool bolo ties in leather and silver but I don't have the money to buy one for myself just yet so this feminine assault of teddy bears, roses and boquets will have to do. I was inspired to wear my This is Make Believe rose necklace after spotting another fashion blogger, Hayley of Fashion Hayley wearing hers around Japan. Her blog is super cool; I highly recommend you check it out especially if you like Kawaii fashion and stores.

Girl's Punk Club

The punk aesthetic of the 1990s is making a huge come back in wave after wave of pop culture references but I'm learning a lot just sitting back and taking a break from university. Grunge is a fashion movement I'm utterly obsessed and entranced by and Grimes is a wonderful new music act on the scene but the combination of grunge and grime in my bathroom is evil and nearly unspeakable. I've cleaned up a monsoon of mess today and acted as role model daughter- bringing me a step closer to finally having a clean room in which I feel at peace and relaxed to work in and a beautiful place to conduct my outfit posts. There won't be any Victorian or antique French armchairs in my humble abode though and little in the way of frilly dresses (sorry to disappoint).

Although removing colour from everything would be a living nightmare for some, I could do with the beautiful contrast of shades and shadows to actually brighten up my day. I was bored to tears and resorted to trying to tidy my room as well as scribbling drawings in my biro for my diary this year to thwart off the threat of continuing to write a series of bad blog posts and create a reputation for bad grammar, spelling and sentence structures. I'll never quite be bored enough to dabble in illicit substances but it's always fun to leave a crowded venue into a shady back alley and just breath in some fresh air and some time to think over shocking events.

I've been tempted to go to the dark side of fashion and buy cheap Lolita shoes from China and throw caution to the wind as far as brands are concerned. I just want to be punk so bad I'm willing to lower my standards in order to get a good taste of thick chunky heeled shows and platforms with sick silver studs. I vowed this day would never happen, but as I draw closer to holidays and sick of working several shifts I am looking for other alternatives. Luckily Etsy offers some good dead stock Dr Martens boots as well as cute shirts for next to nothing- the main problem being that postage is always from America and as much as I'd like to bulk ship everything it's all from different sellers as well... Yes it looks like I'll be trying to survive on second hand scraps from eBay as always.

I don't know any girls game enough to sit on stone walls in wedge heels that precarious and the element of tobacco smoke makes this photograph seem all the more perilous; I would most likely be too clumsy to not poke my eye out with a hot ember cigarette and fall off the other side of the fence. There's no such thing as the Girl's Punk Club, but I wish during high school there was or something and there was room in my yard for a club house of tree house to hold uncomfortable and cramped meetings, but there's junk oozing out at every possible surface. My blog is just as disorganised and messy as my room at the moment, but at least I still persist in making my blog the best it can be. My room however is something I am slowly learning to give up on and will settle for tidy and liveable standards.

Editorial shots are the best aren't they? There's a whole lot of La Riche Directions for hair dyes in pink and purple that I've had on my watched list for ages and I am so tempted to lightly dye my hair in ombre tones of red to pale pink but I am pretty terrified of the consequences. My friends are also going away for a week to a beach house and I'm too tempted to check out the local piercing joint and maybe get my nose done... I'm pretty motivated to do something drastic and change my everyday look but with all this boundless energy and little means to direct it properly it looks like nothing will come of it just yet. Temporary dyes are even harder for me to deal with- my natural tones being dark brown and nearly black in colour.

The Stolen Girlfriends Club release has a sweet mash-up of feminine prints featuring floral motifs with their own little spin, but tough denim shorts with leather at the hemlines. Any label that suggests crime in the title has got to be bad news to all the goody-two-shoes out there in the world but with blond hair and vintage floral skirt in pink the collection does look pretty sweet. Dressing punk is a favourite hobby of mine, but my tresses are close to being coal black already and wearing the same colour can be fun but I never pull it off with enough style. Instead I sometimes like to be subversive and wear pink gingham bustier tops with tight leather leggings and bad ass heels; or I would like to if I were able to get my hands on any of these goodies at all...

I've been a fan of the soft grunge/ Goth/ punk/ grunge movement for quite some time now, but have yet to get my hands on a good pair of creepers! It's almost a crime in itself to proclaim to be a fan without having the tall leather lace-ups to back up a bad attitiude, but sadly I just can't choose when and where to buy them. I am tempted to buy something with chunky heels with a reputation such as 'triple sole' but I have enough wedges that don't get worn outside on a regular basis so something a little closer to the ground will be more comfortable and suitable for me to try out.

I'll never get to own a cat while at home and my boyfriend isn't a cat lover so it seems I still have a way to go before I can train a black little kitty to be faithful and loyal at my side... or at least come when I'm feeding them. Perhaps it's just as well that I don't have a cat and won't be disappointed when they move freely and independently of my own movements as well as spend sixteen hours of the day sleeping on little cat naps. The best of both worlds is simply admiring devilishly strange photographs of cats such as this wild-eyed beast with strangely curdling tongue. 

Behold my dream creepers which cost a few hundred dollars when bought from the Solestruck website, they’re a real challenge to style with and are rich in pony fur texture with leopard and Dalmatian print of four different colours. I bet my mother would be absolutely abhorred to find them in my room if i were to buy them, but being middle-aged she simply doesn't get the fashion of today as well as the trend potential of my outfits. I have been embarrassed by her admonishments of my outfits far too often and told to change. That's why I love receiving compliments on my outfit posts as part of my blog; no one else I know really hands out compliments as easy unless I have some new nail polish at school or wear something strange and different to university.

I'd love to decorate my plaits and braids with small fake flowers; it's such a cute idea when paired with dark hair and a pale complexion, but since my last haircut all my plaits fall apart far too easily and lack that robust texture. I think I'm going to need to convince one or two of my friends to head out to second hand shops with me as well as letting me to their hair and make up for something to do while away on holiday next week; it would be a nice change to focus on creating and photographing style rather than starring as part of it. I am getting a lot better at using the camera and tripod though; and if only I had a new iPad and a tripod built for that I'd snap up the new iPad if only for the photobooth app.

It's enough to put a Plain Jane like me to shame when girls curl their hair into perfect tussles and masses, but for those who dye their hair and resemble cotton candy? I enjoy my sleep-ins and rolling out of bed a few minutes before rushing out the door in a mad haze of confusion everyday as routine and can never muster enough energy to look after my hair with such meticulous detail but I almost wish I was that sort of girl. I'm about as average as they come and would love to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons; hair dye may be my ticket into such an exclusive club but I have had many a terrible experience with the bottle.

As well as hair dyed in extravagant shades I've also had a small crush on rockabilly fringes that sit high on the forehead as well as oddly contrasting bangs dyed different colours much in the style of synth pop star Grimes. The best part of girls who dress with a grunge appeal about their outfits is that it's perfectly acceptable to wear a little pink with you peroxide blond hair and a jumper with unsettling message. That's the charm of femme fatale in a nutshell I guess, and the attraction to women who walk on the wild side are in themselves dangerous (let alone their fashion of silver studs and black lipstick).

Whenever I feel a bit crumby about my relationship I listen to the thick Sheffield soaked accented of Alex Turner, lead singer of England's Arctic Monkeys and the title song of their latest album, 'Suck it and See'. There's something very haunting and honest about that one-liner 'I pour my aching-heart into a pop song' and indeed whenever I invent some sort of feud between me and my significant other all songs on the radio depress me deeply. My time would probably be better spend hunting about second hand shops for good denim jackets as well as fabric paints. I have an unopened bottle of black still lying around from the days I studied high school but I lack the black to write banners of songs on vintage denim. Perhaps I'll just have to settle for cotton candy pink on black and an icing effect of sweet baked goods.

Might I saw that Kate Moss looks like a spectacular unicorn/ prom queen/ circus performed in the above photograph? The front bun held together with a big sumptuous white bow at the front is the unicorn and prom queen reference but the circus influence is a little more subtle and due to the small chiffon bib around her neck in a tangerine colour. I have enough trouble trying to collect all strands of hair into a bun at the back of my head and with the use of a large comb to hold it all together, but perhaps I should try this strange new front bun instead just for fun.

This photograph seems to have impacted on me a little more than I first though- while half asleep last night I was really inspired to use star sparkles against fluorescent green nail polish I can't think of anything else to do with and I have some gentle glue from fake eyelashes to attach star sequins to my face if I so desire as well. The only problem is there aren't any interesting features of my face such as freckles or eyes that burn with fierceness- I can't really be bothered taking sloe-up photographs only to feel bad about blemishes on my skin. A true member of the Girl's Punk Club would be feminist, sassy and confident in her skin no matter what. That doesn't mean I'm bad at being feminist, I just feel defeated by advertisement campaigns when it comes down to body image and what not.

Jesse Jo Stark with lilac fringe and the most ghostly blue eyes made to unsettle everyone is one of the best bad influences I can think of with many snaps of her smoking and sitting on the pavement outside clubs and after dark. She's an odd choice of hero and my mother would be nothing short of appalled, but there is some merit in doing as you please in the pursuit of happiness whether it involves hair dye, alcohol or simply hanging out with friends on week nights.