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Susie Bubble

There has been a distinct lack of revered figures of my childhood in which I have feverishly idolised those for celebrity status, talent or looks.  In this strange world of materialism I have found solace in the transformations of mere mortals to socialites purely on their appearance, or rather, their choice of dress. Fashion bloggers and those able to master the art of articulation have been the subject of my study outside of actual academic work- and I crave it. I originally wagged my tongue in contempt at those who chose to study artistic subjects, but internally I was crushed at having to decide between science and creative endeavours during high school. If I had taken the easy path of arts with less hours on my hands, I could have easily fitted in more hours of part time work and become a barista- and fund all my dreams of fantastic clothing and footwear. Instead a lot of my time is spent slaving away over a hot textbook trying to keep up with academic content and lighten the load of any last-minute-cramming (something which is still, wretchedly foreseeable in my future).

It's hard to think that any sort of career could be forged for sitting pretty and smiling for a camera, but it seems that with the explosion of the Internet and sharing thoughts and ideas with people globally, those who stand out visually have a great opportunity to publicise themselves as a product (in the nicest sense of the word). There's such a glamorous appeal about being some sort of fashion insider as well as rubbing shoulders with fashion royalty around the globe, but there would be a certain depth of detail and though for each outfit. Even with a wonderful wardrobe of some of the finest and most outstanding clothes I would imagine that an impressionable outfit isn't as simple as it looks- or perhaps I'm just struggling to excuse my own inability to come up with such beautifully composed outfits myself.

Susanna Lau of the Style Bubble is a icon who I applaud mentally on a monthly basis for excellent outfits as well as being named by the Telegraph as one of Britain's best fashion blogger. There's a certain adherence when it comes to her use of colour in outfits such as this mixtures of blues and browns accompanied by her long black hair. I love that maturity and the certain tones about an outfit that she sets out to create, but also visually weaving in and out of different textures is very youthful and childlike (reminds me of me #1 blogging idol Tavi Gevinson). The jacket pictured above is from an Australian label by the name of Limedrop and is made of silk with a textured appearance of clouds. I love how rich the leather patched knees of her trousers look in comparison to the light blue and white of the jacket.

I do enjoy following the work of stylish bloggers, fashion stores and models alike to keep up with the latest collections and hits with runways as well as longingly staring at all the unearthed vintage gold others before me have been lucky enough to claim for themselves. The craftsmanship, sheen and colour of that skirt would be enough to drive an artist insane with it's vivid patterns of flowers as well as meticulous hexagonal sewn shapes and the Prada brogues are only something I could ever hope to own. Imitation is said to be marked as the highest form of flattery; all I can really say is that I'm thankful for knock-offs of runway brands from China in terms of footwear.

There have been some stunning professional photographs captured of the fashion blogger, including this dream-like image incorporating jellyfish-like movement and a sultry stare down the barrel of the camera. There's such a stunning transformation from the camera+tripod photographs of Lau at home on her balcony posing shyly with head tilted at the ground to the bombastic young woman we see before us. Her sense of style has remained as imaginative but well maintained and controlled but has flourished into something so special and visually exciting. I'm still too much of a wallflower at heart to show off bright blue, orange and yellow all in the same outfit but I do like the cute laced heels worn by the eccentric British blogger. If there's one thing I'll be properly prepared for when any sort of pace is maintained as far as photographing my own outfits is concerned, I will have plenty of amazing and wonderful shoes to show off and a very empty and sad wallet, at the pace I'm going at lately.

Including the same wonderful skirt (possibly my favourite piece from her wardrobe), Susie Bubble has taken on yet another transformation and a subtle oriental hint to another outfit. There have been a number of Mongolian lamb pieces, including a large satchel bag that I've had my eye on with the same texture as those lovely woolen boots worn above and again a series of different materials are all combined beautifully. I love how bright her lipstick is in contrast with that knitted jumper; I could take a useful and practical leaf from the Style Bubble gospel and invest in a good jumper as well as extravagant skirts to wear to university when I need just a little more spark to my day. There's the small inconvenience of having to wear closed-toe shoes just about everyday that I do attend classes, due to the many science courses I participate in and laboratory exercises run throughout the week. Being a well-dressed student in the faculty of science is going to be a lot harder than I first thought.

A ruffled skirt worn with a bulbous sleeved grey shirt and metallic tights?

My love for this quirky British blogger was reignited upon her coverage on the Frankie Magazine website in which they discuss her appearance and interview at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia. I missed her hair neatly pinned in buns as well as those wonderful brand name labels she mixes in with her wardrobes; currently coveting the floral Prada earrings pictured above which look so soft and feminine with the filtered effects of the photograph. I'm not as much an avid reader as I am an avid writer now (and full-time student), but every now and then I will meander to her website and look over her latest musings. It's a little intimidating at times because there's such great length to her articles as well as consistently new material to read through that it feels like a mountain of information pouring over you, wave after wave. There can't really be such thing as too much of a good thing when images and photographs of wonderful, one-of-a-kind outfits are concerned though.

A very chic and European environment suits Susie Bubble well as she shows off another amazing outfit. After seeing this one I was in a frenzy to find a fur skirt as well to sweep around town in and I never did find such an item- although I am currently being lured in by the thought of a vintage faux fur jacket in luxurious tan colour. Despite needing to save money for holidays at the end of the year, as well as study abroad and assurance for the future I remain hopeless as ever when it comes to financial decisions and not buying glorious clothing pieces with large price tags.

A favourite hobby of mine on public transport is picking on stranger's outfits and thinking how they could be improved upon or I simply sit their in awe of them and marvel at them. I could better use my energy to think of what to wear for the next day, or design a clever but humorous iPhone app to determine what clothes look good when worn together. Rather than putting people down nastily or feeling jealous of them and their appearance I repeat my new ceremonial hymn- if they can dress nicely then why can't I? And indeed, why can't I then share that with the online media and try to impress them? I am naturally competitive by nature but I think a positive spin on my primal behaviour is a little more useful then any other means of harnessing it.

Her blog, Style Bubble is six years of cumulative work relating to her outfits, trawl through wondrous boutiques as well as attendance on fashion calender events. It's always hard to trace a fashion blog back to it's roots and where the individual first started and their initial outfits but I would love to one day trawl through and read every single post written by Lau. Time (as usual), is my foe and not friend at the busy end-of-semester trials of assignments to hand in but there will certainly be a little more observation of popular trend setters around the world for style and fashion. As much as I think I have it all together and can put together outfits, it seems I need to break basic habits such as wearing the cosiest jumper and comfortable pair of jeans. Fortunately I am still young, impressionable and reckless and will most-likely fall into the trap of some peer pressure if I perceive daring outfits to be most popular. Watch this space for anymore exciting developments and commentary on cool pieces and clothes.

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