Sunday, May 27, 2012

MBFWA Street Style x Ryan Kenny

Photographer Ryan Kenny has been a prolific when it comes to to some of the photo shoots with popular youth label Urban Outfitters and also was let loose on the streets of Sydney for Oyster magazine to spot some of the more wildly dressed folks. The results are nothing short of fantastic; but their back stories and clothes are vague and mysterious. First cab off the rank is Tempe Nakiska a Melbourne based journalist who has contributed to Broadsheet, FAINT Magazine, Fallen Magazine and other bits and pieces. Her laptop cover in metallic gold is a triumph as far as electronic-based stationery is concerned and it's reassuring to see journalists don't always conform to suits and are free to roam around finding the stories of a busy city.

My favourite outfit belongs to the enigma that is Hayley Morgan, who I suspected was the off-duty model but actually isn't. I have some sort of theory that models adore creepers and often hog all the best patterned leggings since they're legs would be the skinniest and easily resemble toothpicks. I love the layered effect of collared shirt, sweater and anorak- something I should try to wear to university a little more often since layering will be the only thing to save myself from total affliction of the cold. I unfortunately lack the cute, vacant expression she possesses and it will be quite some time before I can bust open my bank account for a pair of pretty patterned leggings. It seems I'll be wearing long socks under tights with new denim shorts for quite some time or until I can't bear the cold, searing winds anymore.

Emma Norris of Chic Management balances school girl elegance with the modern twist of ripped black shirt and fake-leather skirt. Black and blue never looked so good until gold outlines were introduced with sunglasses as well as attitude. I'll never be a super skinny and sensational size eight but I'll settle for losing small amounts of weight this week and feeling a little better about myself, comparing yourself to a professional model can only end in heartbreak. Admiring what they wear when not on the runway is a little easier then comparing diets and can certainly spawn much better ideas and adaptations of your own style as well. Blazers aren't the in vogue at the moment, but a role of a model isn't necessarily to follow the current trends; they would be much more comfortable setting the tone for the season as well as being exposed to all the best collections of their region.

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