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Karla Spetic Dreamer AW 2010

The Dreamer AW 2010 collection from Karla Spetic had all the alluring elements and promise of Dorian Gray: the pastel colour palette and marriage between artistic endeavours, well dressed dandies and the promise of young love in equally soft tones and romantically pitched photographs and a seemingly tragic young heroine of astonishing beauty. It is my favourite collection from this brand to date as it easily uses the chosen colours of the collection for silk blazers and matching skirts to sublime but functional knitwear. There was the cheeky interplay between two shades of the same piece for scarfs as well as jackets that breathed life into the collection and made it fun as well as chic. Despite the youthful tones used in the collection, there’s a greater maturity suggested in the structure of the pieces and the derelict backdrop of bare boned building behind the blond beauty.

Common sense will tell me that owning a white coat when I live in a city fascinated with black and its many different applications in the central business district, but the little girl fascinated with geometry and clothing will argue that I'll be kept warm in the generous folds of a Karla Spetic cape. It's not often I take such a shine to something white, but when worn with pale purple reminiscent of lavender I am often won over easily. I was caught in the rain something chronic last Friday and really did need something a bit thicker than fleece to shield myself from the rain, cold and wind. Perhaps this particular cape will fair much better in such circumstances but it's a cheering thought that a gold bag, neatly bunned hair and some Vivienne Westwood shoes would make for a winning combination with this particular piece. Red or purple lipstick will also make a bold impact given the large canvas of white material that can wrap around you in the chillier Winter months.

I don't expect knitwear to look so chic, but it's always a pleasant surprise when sassy blond models try to look cross in what looks to be comforting and soft material in all my favourite colours. I'm usually crazy about symmetrical patterns and colours and will accept nothing less than perfection, but the mismatched halves of jumpers and cardigans is so different and experimental but has none of that unhealthy utterance of Doctor Frankenstein. Some pieces do have look of mish-mashed messes and complicated layers thrown on to the model, but its innocence and favourable colour pallet reminds me so much of young American fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson and her earlier outfits. If I could pop back in time and show this to her, I bet she'd be all over it; for the visuals as well as the cosy touch of fibres. While on holiday last year I bought two prison rosaries (plastic) in light pink and lilac; I think I could easily pair them with this sweater as well as cat leggings from Wowch and buckles wedges from Rubi shoes. If anyone is keen to give their Karla Spetic pieces away, free to a good home I'll always be right here.

Although I don't roam around freely to second hand shops, I tend to envision finding treasures such as half and half cardigans with big rounded buttons and dapper paper boy shorts. It would certainly be a little easier on my poor wallet if I could get those dream ensembles for under $10, but when it comes to lining the pockets of Australian as well as New Zealand designers I don't think too harshly of them for paying boutique prices. There are plenty of other young girls such as myself who derive enjoyment from seeing their collections, presentation of models and sometimes runway collections for free. Someone in the end will have to pay for such creativity, and when you can get an orange and pink cardigan with a twist from the deal I would say that is a fair trade.

Karla Spetic also applied herself to the Little Black Dress with outstanding results; the relaxed and loose folds of the skirt allow the model to have a dancer-like elegance about her but the sharp geometric cage-like cut of the dress above the bodice is alluring as well.I don't try by any means to find classic pieces that fit into a wardrobe with ease; if that were the case I would be known as the black widow or some sort of psychopathic girl dressed in black. While I do prefer colourful pairs of jeans, patterned prints and flowers decorating pieces in organza I love the lines of this dress and it's flattering bust. I'm continually off put by confining skirts that risk my falling from social grace- the proportions in all aspects of this dress are perfect and the hemline is respectable given the room one can move with in the pleats. It's by no stretch something plain and dull for a little black dress, rather it's high-impact in terms of structure but also not extravagant.

I gave up on garment construction long before anything this challenging could rear it's head, but I'm almost sad that I didn't dream up the Western world's rebuttal to a sarong and made for Winter wear. It's reminds me a lot of magnificently layered costumes young children aspire towards when they are first allowed to dress themselves; and the neutral tones of grey and white express a tranquility and grace about the outfit. A lack of strong bold

My vintage fuelled bender is continuously kept ablaze with the discovery of new velvet dresses with as many contours and valleys as the Americas that Columbus unearthed so many years ago. I personally think that a dress that can show off the shape of cleavage but without any sort of hysteria or controversy may be worth a little more than a crusty old continent, but who knows that the next economic day will bring and what the catwalks will declare as the new du jour and the next faux pas. Being a poor student, my mother bought a lot of my prettiest party dresses and they were never too showy and never the right shade that I wanted, but a black velvet dress with such geometric shape about its design has such high merits as lofty Apollo himself. Getting to test run something that has knotted material would be worthwhile, as I am not one to tolerate halternecks or even cutting bikinis, but in the name of fashion I would love to add a felt hat and long hanging coat to wear this dress about town in the daylight. My mother would probably disapprove, as she strongly believes that day things are explicitly for day wear and night respectively- but she doesn't get modern fashion and she never has quite gotten the grasp of my style. It's a bit of a detriment when she still insists on buying my clothes at the age of eighteen...

I've only just grown accustomed to wearing my black cardigan day in and day out, but for a nice change of pace maybe something with a little more personality would suit my routine. Karla Spetic's Dreamer collection of 2010 has already supplied all the solutions to my lack of Winter wardrobe; now all that's left is to acquire the wonderful pieces. I already feel as if I have the dilemma of balancing my creative side with the scientific nerd within me; why not make it apparent that I grapple with the two sides of my brain? I'm intrigued as t what the back of the cardigan must look like and whether the two colours meet at the back panel or they meld into one another with a subtle mixture of colours.

Although I do love to dress weird and buy extravagant shoes with platforms and unusual materials I don't thrive on attention and don't shine when in the spotlight; however when partying in the cooler Winter months I wouldn't mind being covered in a mass of layered and knotted velvet, sporting a cute headscarf or bow in addition to a warm, woolen duffel coat or vintage knitted cardigan. Throw in a quirky alcoholic drink with a straw and you may actually turn me into someone who knows how to have a good time. It has been a long while since I've gone out and loosened up with a drink in hand, but at least I do know my good fashion and wear to buy quality clothing with unique, one-of-a-kind designs. Taking note of a small Australian collection two years after it's release is sure to create a dress hunt of holy-grail-proportions, but there are sure to be other velvet creations made in the next season that will delight me.

Ladies and gentlemen, Karla Spetic would now like to present what may well be the suit of the century (for women swear at least). There is an artistic pattern of red lipstick smothered girls with strawberry blond and yellow hair as well as superbly bodies covering silk jacket with matching skirt. I had no aspiration to become a business woman with hair tied in an uptight bun and intimidating glasses until I laid eyes on this suit and I reached the revelation that being smart and chic doesn't exclude one from sweet pastel tones. Not only is this my favourite piece from the Karla Spetic Dreamer collection, but it is my favourite ensemble from the designer. The structure of the jacket isn't bold and allows the printed textiles to do all the talking and as per usual the pleats of the skirt are subtle enough to be unnoticed but are spacious enough to allow comfort to the wearer. It's magnificent, the model looks breath-taking and radiant, and if I were a size 8 I could have bought the whole outfit on eBay at least once or twice. Fate has a funny way of being cruel and metaphorically kicking you in the teeth.

Before last years runaway success of cable knitted shorts was unleashed on the world thanks to New Zealand label Stolen Girlfriend's Club, it would appear that Karla Spetic made a larger impact as far as knitted creations are concerned and balanced comfort and visual aesthetic of clothing all in the one collection. The knitted skirt idea is probably nothing new and could be made overnight by a skilled matron of the knitting needles but it's still refreshing to see the textured bottoms used in what could be a runway show and collection. What really struck me about this collection was the pastel tones used throughout various materials and mediums; be it wool or silk and the presentation of the collection. It's minimalist and isn't extravagant like an over-stuffed peacock, but it's still effective and has plenty of bite. I'll always remember the gorgeous knits, knotting of sweatshirts and velvet as well as silk printed suits. This will be the collection that defines the brand and I will probably compare every other collection to this hereafter but it's the highest standard I believe Karla Spetic has produced and delighted me with it's variations on trend and theme.

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