Thursday, May 31, 2012


Wearing: Ballet singlet top from Syd and Mallory, reworked Levi's denim shorts from ChinaPig and Nightwalker heels from Jeffrey Campbell.

I've been absolutely obsessed with buying vintage and one of a kind clothing from boutiques on Asos Marketplace; and the stress from exam studying went straight to my head. I figured that pulling together a few outfit posts I've had floating around my head for a while would be good to blow off some steam- as well as show off my legs shaped by many shifts at work and running up and down the court. I do have a a pair of ballet platform shoes from the Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox collection coming my way- but my creative juices wouldn't wait until they got here. The shoes haven't had a chance to be shown off properly either so I figured it was time to let them loose on my readers.

Another gorgeous pair of shorts from ChinaPig are being made for me at this moment but they're a little different from this pair. The shorts I wear shown above are dip-dyed in bleach, cut up and also adorned in sewn fake flowers.They're mainly pink, but there's a few white daisies sewn amongst the small flowerbed I've got bursting out of my pocket. As an added bonus the flowers don't get in the way of me sitting down, but I think I need to shed a few more kilos before they fit better around my middle. The second pair will be dyed pastel pink and have small rosary beads sewn onto the front and back pockets. I can't wait till they get made... this first pair are simply killer and ChinaPig boutique run by Stephanie did an awesome job!

I don't mind sharing with you that this is the first time I've managed to squeeze myself into a pair of size 12 shorts since I was in primary school! With the extra shifts I've picked up this year I've managed to slim down while also earning some sweet cash. Online shopping has aided me in looking like a sweet girlfriend; but if I was as sweet as I appear with dancer shirt and floral shorts I would have bought an ice cream cake for my boyfriend. Looking sweet is something I do for fun, but I like to keep my spiky and sassy attitude about me. It's like a camouflage mechanism if you will, protecting me from burly and aggressive men.

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