Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elle Fanning in Self Service Magazine

Generally I try to write about runway collections, labels and sensational sparkly jewels and gemstones- but with little to go with in terms of inspiration from Tumblr it seems I'm reposting other people's images with my own commentary. I will argue that there is some merit to this and that celebrity film stars can often inform what trends are followed and what fads will be abandoned from time to time. I first took note of this while watching the Anna Wintour documentary, the September Issue in which an actress was chosen to feature in the editorial shoot and cover. I only religiously follow the style of British starlet Alexa Chung, but once again Elle Fanning has proven that she isn't one too underestimate.

The photographs she features in are hauntingly beautiful and burned into the memory- but there's such a sweet tenderness about her hair skin and blond hair. Under the guidance and direction of photographer Venetia Scott, her latest shoot for Self Service magazine (Issue: #36 Spring/Summer 2012) is something I'll be wanting to plaster my walls with. It reminds me so much of the suburban bliss and uniformity represented in Tim Burton's film, Edward Scissorhands. Fanning may be even more qualified to play the stunning Kim Boggs, the angelic but hapless heroine of the doomed love story. Elle trumps her and looks a little cooler in shoes fit for a cheerleader, milkmaid braids, the most beguiling cats' eye sunglasses and billowing feather dress. While one would hope real feathers haven't been used, I honestly wouldn't pass judgement if they had been involved. It's just too good an image to taint with any negative feedback.

If I could get my grubby hands on any video footage of this superb photo shoot taking place, you can rest assured that I would pair it with sultry songs by Lana Del Rey. There's a wonderful innocence about both of these two prominent women and also the fact that their traditionally beautiful with fantastic hair and blemish free skin. Fanning sitting in a lounge chair from the 1960s and sculptural sundress looks fitting amongst all the palm-like trees could well be an outtake from a movie. Instead I like to imagine this is the true role she plays- a cool teenager with infinite wardrobe space and carefree attitude towards life.

I adore it when lovely looking girls wear glasses- if I were male it would rev my proverbial engine. Instead I am left feeling a little envious of the whole setting and Fanning's seraph-like appeal. If I were to stand in my own kitchen which is no prize-winner with milkshake in hand and curious plastic glasses I would reach the epitome of dork. I would be king of all dorks and reign supreme in the dork village. But when Elle Fanning does it? It's enough to melt your heart that there is still something pure in the world such as a wonderful sundress with tropical print and inside is a smiling blue-eyed girl. It seems I'll need to search around Etsy and Asos Marketplace for some tropical printed treasure of my own, but I must admit, paisley has had a more favourable taste on my pallet print as of late. I'm yet to pass through the vintage revival phase.

Throughout the shoot there are small hints of dancer elements such as the en pointe shoes included in the first photo, spiralling ribbons as well as dramatic poises held. I never aspired towards being a ballerina and was too focused on the male influence in my life as a child- helping my father in the garden and with his motorbikes. I do feel like I am missing a certain feminine element without having experienced dance and all those associated feelings, but living precariously through these images will have to do me. In some of the shoots there's nothing particularly fashionable and the pieces could well have been adopted from second hand shops by an opportunist and I think there's something very tangible about that. This style, energy and spirit seems accessible and comforting. I won't be jumping around in my front yard anytime soon but it makes me wish I didn't care what onlookers would think as much. (A hazard of living near a busy railway station).
Oh Elle Fanning, why do you have to be so heart-breakingly perfect in appearance and at everything you do? While it is a little hard to believe that one would be caught in such a position in real life, I think the entire photo set had a certain vignette and kitschy quirk about it the entire time. The photographs look as if they were taken many years ago with the influences of bygone era and I think Fanning lends herself well to the entire experience. She looks so much like a porcelain doll in the above shot; fragile but very beautiful and her body stretched to athletic extention. Due to another bout of tonsillitis this year as well as a loss of appetite in general, it looks like the dieting may continue and I too will be able to show off my midriff.


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  1. Love these pictures. She is so cute! Those outfits are amazing!!