Monday, April 9, 2012

Video Paradise

I've been utterly obsessed with her work yet again and I adore her room- everything in their despite the meticulous arrangement on shelves and layered appeal of her knick-knacks if devoid of dust and there's also the few designer pieces in her wardrobe. I really admire the kind of person she's developed into and that she's not some egocentric snot-nosed teenager; I'm always proud when children are raised properly by their parents.

I'm really keen to throw my room into a massive garbage disposal unit and start again; I wish my room was a place of rest and rejuvenation and a sanctuary from the influence of the outside world. I didn't properly have the cute teenage girl phase and instead just tend to leave things lying about the place with the slogan of "I'll come back to it later". The coming back to things later results in a lot of dust, wrinkled clothing and general disdain for my room. I wish it was a little more nice and inviting, especially for press. Or just a wonderland of costumes and green fields with magic wielding powers.

Lisa Mitchell is a little known Australian artist with the softest voice you've ever heard- I love the appeal of purity and innocence about her as well as the killer rings she has in this video clip. The theme is that I'm much too disinterested with my biology homework and revision of university lectures and would rather pack up and leave to anywhere else- unicorns and rainbows aren't essential but are preferred.

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