Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Colder weather often leaves me trying to shroud myself in any way that I can- in my younger years I experienced a great love of Sherpa beanies with their woolen fleece to retain all thermal heat. With my "discovery" of Etsy and a rejuvenated love of all things vintage, I love clothes labelled with Mad Men such as stylised turbans and chic office wear blouses and sun dresses. I don't imagine that I'd be as courageous enough to wear something as intricate as an origami wrapped turban to university but I do love the way it brightens up an outfit and offsets an entirely black outfit and matching Mac cosmetics goody bag. I love the dark shade of lipstick in contrast to the fair complexion of the girl pictured above as well.

My family has no affiliation with racing or the Spring Carnival of Melbourne, but it does give one a good opportunity to dress in a fanciful and imaginative way. I for one look forward to an Alice in Wonderland novel themed clutch to spy on as well as my own tea party filled with the scent of Turkish apple. When else will it be acceptable to wear feathers on one's head and bright coral lipstick too?

Although Summer has well and truly left the Southern Hemisphere I'm still keen to buy myself a replacement pair of sunglasses- I imagine that to obtain a pair of cat's eyes glasses covered in small plastic flowers would be quite the rarity. I wish I had a bit of a darker complexion to contrast such sweet pastel tones- I suppose the mark of a good fashion blogger is being able to make yourself shine and the clothes as well. I love the casual throw-away lance over the shoulder and the matching lipstick as well- wonderful for a full pair of pouting lips.

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  1. I love turbans- but my hair and face shape doesnt, at least not until my hair grows a little x