Monday, April 9, 2012

Street Style Fur Hats

Melbourne has once again treated it's citizen to a spat of unpredictable weather, with a change of 6 degrees centigrade within 15 minutes and the coldest weather in about 5 months. It will only be a matter of time till I'm rugging up and shrouding myself in layers of warm woolen clothing and thermal underwear. Although I have long folds of dark brown hair that I could easily fix to wear as a scarf, I long for the extra comfort of faux fur and soft textures to comfort my forehead. I'm really after a good duffel coat in navy, black or forest green to wear for university when it's cool at 6am in the morning and also a scarf but if something comes forth from Asos or Topshop I may be inclined to embrace my inner-Russian.

I find it difficult enough to find a decent vintage-styled cardigan, let alone two but I suppose when trawling the streets of some snow-bound country there is a greater need for that sort of thing. I think that a side-fringe looks a little more becoming when worn under a tight hat in this still and her ombre toned hair makes for an even sweeter addition. I love the folk nature of the outfit- must be the combination of leather suitcase, brogues and knitted cardigans culminated in the one place and with a wind-swept look of innocence on the woman's face.

You wouldn't believe the difficulty there is to find a decent tartan duffel coat on the Etsy market, but I am resilient and there will be a moment when I hold the piece like that of a hunter mounting a new taxidermy head on their mantle. On that note I would like to point out that any fur hats or products that I choose to wear will be explicitly fake. I find it abhorrent that someone could harm sweet animals such as rabbits for fashion. On a more gentle note I like the appeal of slightly chapped lips, light skin and strawberry blond hair in contrast to the slightly soberer tones of Winter.

Since the Prada 2011 Summer/ Spring I have had a hidden craving when it comes to fur trends and a  striped effect, most notably those associated with raccoon tails in a Davy Crockett manner. While Bohemian chic isn't something I personally aspire towards with my own style, I like the way the scarf intermingles with paisley tones and is topped off with a little brimmed hat and soft curves of hair. Just goes to show that the finer details of accessories can really add a lot of style to an outfit when collaborated together in a similar manner.

Last but certainly not least, a stirring tribute to the Disney character Pocahontas but it seems her mammalian friend couldn't be with her... in the flesh as it were. I wish I looked as good with the wind pushing hair gently across my face but it seems there are many things I have yet to learn about the glorious arts of being photogenic. I'm still personally choosing between simplistic style and chic and all out visual bombardment as far as my personal style is concerned. Tavi inspires me, but photographs such as this and Alexa Chung make me long for a type of effortless cool auora.

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