Saturday, April 28, 2012

Street Style: Brim Hats

My hunger for being well-dressed with style and lust to dress dapper throughout the semester was initially very weak and has been dwindling ever since. I scoffed at those who suggested dressing for comfort was more important than appearance, but as of late I've had to make sacrifices of my own in order to keep warm and keep comfortable for that argues trek to university on weekdays. With the chic addition of a vintage felt hat and an anomalous feather tucked in the band you may be able to add class to an outfit with little energy expended. I should point out that there are certain standards and regulations (of my mind) that must be adhered to when dressing dapper and adding a hat as a stylish accessory. It can only be worn with t-shirts and singlet tops under very specific circumstances, such as a cute cardigan and a lovely pair of quirky pants or possibly cuffed jeans.

Matching colour of ribbon and lipstick as well as a fur coat or woolen cape is looking like an appealing combination, given my current attitude towards life in general. I'm sure some sort of spark and fire will be reignited when my gorgeous handbag arrives safely and payment first clears but at the moment I can not summon the strength to put the clothes of my floor back into wardrobe and clean the windows. It's not just my outfits that need an extra amount of dashing good looks- scented candles, new perfume and some knitted goods will most likely be making an appearance in my small universe. I love to imagine what the rooms of these ladies must be like and the kind of aura they shroud themselves in- all in order to channel specific energies and moods into their outfits.

While I may not be able to dress in tan or brown and feel like I can shine, I admire women who can and can really use neutral tones but still draw a crowd around them. My skin colour and foundation colour have been normally described as beige, my eyes brown and hair darkest brown to near black. Neutral tones seem to already make up a lot of what I wear everyday but perhaps a simple and grounded approach with accessories will help me blend in a little more with society. I already traipse around the university campus in a warm, red fleece cape from American Apparel; a sweet felt trilby could add a lot of chic class to an everyday outfit like that. Unfortunately I'm a prone to turn to something practical such as a beanie to retain heat on the cold Autumn days; I may even begin to forget brushing my hair before leaving the door each day (but let's hope it doesn't come to that).

The magical thing about obscure paintings, fantasy; or even the back of someone's head is that in your mind's eye you can pretend to be them and traipse around town in Dr Martens and flowing feminine clothes. Investing in a flowing skirt as well as warm, over-sized cardigans seems to have escaped me at the moment but I will manage with layered t-shirts under blouses as well as estranged pairs of jeans. Among all the subtle shades and earthy tones of the outfit above, the burgundy hat really ties it all together and makes me lust after a good headpiece. Etsy is bound to have something promising in store among a treasure trove of vintage pieces and all that I need is a little more room to move in terms of funds. As well as the classy and sultry touch about her outfit, I love the idea of abandonment of technology and using a proper paper map when exploring a new city- dressed perfectly for the occasion.

For those lucky, select few that can wear the colour yellow without looking sickly, why not highlight your blond tresses with a gorgeous yellow bowler? While it may look like it belongs in a wardrobe of a tacky car dealer along with game show host jackets and garish bow ties, with such a simple and sweet outfit I think the addition of colour is really something special. A good hat can also be characterised by a wonderful, artistic shape and sculpture about it but also the uncanny ability to attract the attention of any passer-by. As well as the mustard trilby and blond hair combination, I am crushing on the bag with black suede panel and immaculate black leather. I can't wait till my robust Mr Fill n Zip from Deadly Ponies arrives, if it does at all.

Last but certainly not least is a denim shirt's favourite companion: the colour bubble gum pink. Be it a colourful and paisley printed scarf or the most wonderful floppy brimmed hat with monogrammed ribbon I absolutely adore the shade, and were I able to find the manufacturers of such wonderful head wear I would be sure to snap it up. I'm quite content to wait around for my pink denim Levis shorts though which seems to have the best of both worlds. While they will do a dismal job of keeping my head warm, I just don't think I can readily wear hats everyday or wear a lot of accessories. You either are or aren't in love with hats, and while I am not an avid hat collector or wearer I can appreciate a girl who knows hot to wear one.

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