Friday, April 13, 2012

Pastel Street Style

What could possibly be better than one lavish lady dresses in sweet pastel tones and alluring dark sunglasses to shade her bright eyes? A whole troupe of wonderful and subtle colours all travelling together in a wonderful group! Not many of my friends are into fashion they way I secretly am, but it would be nice to compile with other bloggers on occasion and maybe head down to market events and be able to photograph one another in a favour-returning chain. I love the casual use of socks and sandals as well as knee high socks and leather satchels- there's a school girl charm appeal about the ensemble of girls but they all look past high school and well into university. I love the Beatles shirt worn on the left and tucked casually into a denim shirt- it's such a relaxed look but it also radiates cool 1960s love of music.

The perfect companion to an angora, tri-colour sweater? Why leather pants and hot heels of course, and a look of a deer-frozen-in-headlights wouldn't go astray either. I love the matching painted wall behind her though and the cute little wrinkles of her pants- I've been meaning to get my hands on a nice versatile pair of faux leather pants for Winter but just as I summon the courage to purchase on Asos, they sell out. They would certainly make for a good staple piece of my wardrobe and would also being out the quirky nature of vintage sweaters adopted from my local shops as well. If you're not completely welcoming of the cotton candy tones and sugary sweetness that pastel shades have to offer, plain black heels and pants are a wonderful way to ease yourself into the trend.

Some people (ordinary non-fashion obsessed people with lives) sometimes have unwelcoming views of Asian girls dyeing their hair in outrageous hues. For example there is a celestial being that graces my lectures on occasion when technology fails us and she's a Chinese girl with platinum blond hair in soft silvery tones and a subtle crimping affect. One day she dressed in all black and the latest combination was a woolen blue jumper with suede elbow patches. The students sitting behind me leered gently at her but I think she's gorgeous and admire people in their twenties who have the courage to go grey prematurely. Similarly, I loved this image of lilac hair, wine red lips and a crisp white blazer shown above. Some of the best trends in life are truly for the head and hair and this is the highest calibre. If only I didn't have conservative parents who would disown me for pulling such a stunt...

I love the simple combination of a flowing blouse as well as showy jeans in a bright colour- there's a great range of handmade printed silk scarves available on Etsy and at your local vintage store. Another favourite of mine is a brand called Kloset, which is very similar to that of Sretsis for an updated and chic look. With the understated wedges in beige and billowing smock top, it's definitely the jeans that are the dominant colour of this outfit but those shoes are to die for as well. Finally a nice word about the girl herself: while her outfit is neat and without nary a stain to worry about the contrast of her textured hair that springs in every direction imaginable is a wonderful contrast. I must have hair envy- my own long locks have been bugging me a lot lately and I think it's time for a chop or to add a splash of colour somewhere.

One of the more admirable qualities of pastels is their ability to bring out the soft and feminine appeal with the right structures. Midi skirts, or those that end between the knees and ankles have become increasingly popular as of late as well as sheer and mesh patterns but it's the strong colour blocking of the skirt with tan leather bag across the body that I admire. I've never been a big fan of thin strappy heels but those worn with the lilac and aqua vintage shirt and an expression like that of a deer-in-headlights does have me slightly infatuated. It's more of a lust and admiration to try and channel someone else's style from within my own being that has me feeling woozy though.

Although I have been shamelessly neglecting my own pair of black Dr Martens, I am lusting over the brogue like design and Pearl tones of some of their newest ranges. The British brand Dr Martens have really been keeping up with the latest fashion trends as of late, including creating their own style of creepers shoes with the well known, weather soles people around the world have come to know and love. For something a tad more sweet and innocent, this lovely lass above has styled them with floral pants and a sweet lilac jumper with crisp collar peaking out. I've always had a large crush on purple, but this sweet shade of lilac is easy on the eyes and goes well with brown hair- the mismatched mint coloured brogues are even more of a turn on with upturned cuffs at the ankles to boot.

Once again I have the itch to try and change something about myself starting with my hair; mint green may not be the preferential choice of myself or my parents but I do love the rock chick aesthetic appeal. Long comet-tails of liquid eyeliner in sharp cutting lines has been one of my favourite distinct looks for university, and nothing says glamorously tacky like a leopard print coat or some other faux

I've never one to be worried about the effect of rain dampening my spirits or my hairdo but there have been a rather nice range of see-through umbrellas available to purchase on the Opening Ceremony- I'd be more than happy to spend more than half my paycheck at their online store, if only they accepted Paypal. While being a full-time university students has given me a number of perks and concession priced goodies it's still difficult to buy the best clothes when you need to ask your parents for permission and pay them back. Fortunately loose, slouchy jumpers in the fashion of fisherman and crochet style are easily found at some of the most synonymous fashion names and I have my eye on a few from Asos. I'll just be holding out for the coldest and most bitter weather that Winter in Melbourne has to throw at me till I dare step out in effortless style- or try to look as good and carefree.

Having naturally dark hair has always yielded many a dilemma when it comes to dyeing my hair and feeling pleased with the results of resorting to the bottle. It's a tad unrealistic to try and achieve such modelling perfection and feel confident in everyday society with such boisterous pink hair but I think a streak here and there by way of extensions and worn in a plait or braid may be the answer to my bored hair situation. It may take some hundred dollars to have a head full of soft pink hair, or maybe a wig would do just nicely- all I know is I have a hunger for pastel tones that are reminiscent of all my favourite jelly candies and that my hair is also giving my grief. Metaphorically killing two birds with one stone and fixing my hair and craving for colour would be a god send but I don't think it's quite as reasonable as I would like it to be.

Another magical ability of pastel clothing is that no matter what your facial expression says, you still look as cute as a fairy and delightful as punch. It may not have been the model's intent to scowl at the camera and purse her lips but it really does make her a little tired and cranky. Clothes can usually do wonders for one's mood- I often choose to wear red when I'm sick in a feeble attempt to perk myself up and maybe sweet baby blue and pink is this young lady's way of being a little sweeter on the inside by projecting it on the outside. I must say, I really love the swirling patterns and colours of her belt though- a nice way to break apart the pink and blue shades and inject some more colours to enjoy in the outfit.

Just another reason to drool over the prospect of travelling to Japan sometime next year is all the cool and kooky fashion, including sprawling paisley scarfs in colours that remind me of dreams and fluffy boots akin to that of the abominable snowman. There's also the small matter of Olympia Le-Tan's recent holiday influencing me, collaborations and parties in swish Japanese boutiques and the Miyazaki Museum.

My favourite British born Chinese fashion blogger, Ms. Susie Bubble of the Style Bubble manages to inject a sweet pastel tone into a neutral outfit by use of feminine makeup. I love it when she wears round frames- looks so chic with her straight and angular front fringe. There's also the lovely masculine tones of the sheepskin hood attached to a dark green woolen coat and simplistic snap back cap with black and white. I have such a hard time trying to wear a snap back hat and still look utterly feminine but it's always so inspiring to see others pull off outfits in such an aesthetically pleasing manner.

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