Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oyster #97

I spent a lot of my day lounging around either on my bed or the couch and let me tell you- I looked a lot glorious then the model pictured above. I am missing a pair of metallic hot pants and what looks to be a combination of beanie and fur vest streaked with pink. I'm afraid with my dark brown eyes and hair as well as black nails it would only look awkward and offset the sweet tones of the photograph. Such is the course of being half Asian but there are the perks of tanning instead of burning in the sun.

While I would have loved to lounge around in my pyjamas all day long, it's really not feasible when they look embarrassingly daggy. Thankfully a popular trend among many websites is pyjama style such as sleek silk pants in amazing printed patterns as well as low cut loafer shoes and open lapel shirts too match. I will be utterly thankful when stuffing yourself on the couch and looking glorious are things that can be done at the same time for someone of my particular grace and style.

Shiny American Apparel also made it into this editorial for Oyster Magazine in their ninety-seventh issue and while I don't own a copy of any of their publications I spent a good time reading one while working as a Christmas Casual. If I had any sense I would read all the magazines and bother to look at the Vogue's my mother bought for my birthday but I've been too lazy to even flick through the pages. Shame on me.

It's only on very bad and stressful days that I choose to contort into all manner of shapes and forms- but today I have been busily revising Biology lectures. It's only when I'm learning new material that my brain ceases all work and I feel the weight of the world press down on me that I choose to stretch out over the couch and watch the television absent-mindedly.

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