Monday, April 2, 2012

Galleria Melissa NY

It seems you don't seem to make it in the industry (whichever industry that is) until you show off your band/ art/ collection in some hip and renovated building with a rich and colourful history. In this instance it is the humble piece of rubber crafted and molded into all manner of quirky and weird fashionable footwear. I would have first learnt of the name Melissa in late 2009, or early 2010 just starting my exploration into fashion guided by Australia Vogue as well as Violent Green blogspot. I admired the stylised shape and bright wonderful colours when teamed up with boring black tights as well as those gorgeous little hearts that covered the toe of the shoe. I never did end up buying a pair for myself and as they are now all the rage on eBay at the moment perhaps I will one day soon. Instead of the Dragon Lady heels as shown above I bought a pair of rubber rain boots in sparkly grey- they're a lot more practical and I seem to be keeping good company as I have seen at least two other girls sporting them when walking about campus.

Such neat and minimalist presentation of the colours and variety of shoes from Melissa emphasises the blurring line between fashion and art. There's no real difference between the two these days; simply in their function and how you can show them off. As well as great and striking designs within their own right, Melissa have done a number of collaborative pieces with big British heavy-weight Vivienne Westwood. Although I am still quite young and at the tender age of eighteen, I know of Vivienne Westwood and the work from the 1990s, in particular that amazing Swatch watch and capsule presentation which reminds me too much of 'The Holy Hand-Grenade' from Monty Python's 'Holy Grail'. With two boundless and energetic spirits in design working on the same project, the results were nothing short of fantastic.

Galleria NY is the second of its kind (also located in Spain) in which elaborate lighting and stark white pedestals bring out the best in the unique silhouette of the shoes and their dazzling plastic colours. As much as I would love to treat my eyes to the gorgeous eye candy that are Melissa shoes; going to New York city and half-way across the world is going to need a better reason then that. It would be a great opportunity to explore galleries in the evening before an expensive dinner and collapsing into an easy chair in a cheap motel; but a little more world experience is required for someone as meek in nature as myself.

Galleria Melissa doesn't show any sign of slowing down anytime soon and I cross my fingers that I'll get to explore the studio myself. While there are a few tantalising tidbits shared on the Melissa website, I would love to see all the gorgeous plastic and perspex creations that this creative brand has managed to pump out. Violent Green's website have managed to catalogue a few of the wonderful variations in design, but something more cultured and with the license to be artistic for artistic sake would be great to view. Once again I'm living precariously through postcards and images via the Internet... behold the computer age in all it glory.

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