Thursday, April 12, 2012


The last thing I have on my mind is any brand associated with sportswear since I've been working myself to the bone these last three days and haven't had a day free of school work or working part time. Yesterday I spotted a small speck of blood on the bottom of my heel and attached to the skin and my poor spirit feels pretty sore and busted too. The consolation of my poor sore body is the lovely amount of pay slips sitting on my desk and the fact I bought a pair of Stolen Girlfriends Club X Jeffrey Campbell Cowboy Boots in black and gold. They'll be my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes and I've been a fan of Stolen Girlfriends Club jewellery range for a while so I think it's a welcome collaboration for my feet. Can't wait for the express postage to bring them to my door with haste. It's nice that I won't have to wear my Nike basketball shoes and feel them buffering my calloused feet for the rest of the week- but I'm already dreading having to go to work next week on top of returning to the usual university schedule.

With only a week long break from official study, lots of content to revise over and a newly formed callus on my writing finger, it was easy to overlook getting myself to a hairdresser and finally get my ends sorted. I need a good inch and a half taken off from my length, and as much as I adore having the long hair length in Winter it is getting to be a pain. Cotton Candy tones will be out of the equation if I am seeing my usual family hairdresser (who usually doesn't do such a great job) but I daresay I'm not daring and interesting enough to wear such wildly coloured and bold hair. It would certainly add to the experience of wearing colourful and printed clothing and adding a whole new spectrum of clashes. Maybe adding some more printed vintage blouses to my own wardrobe and finally straightening out the business of my hair will also add a little extra confidence to my primping routines.

With the return of the usual routine I can enjoy reading and learning about the Earth's natural minerals and gemstones. Above looks to be a gorgeous chunk of pyrite, or what is more commonly known as Fools' Gold. The chemistry of the stone and molecular formula can determine the shape in which the minerals form naturally but it is nice just to admire the pretty stones. With any luck there'll be more digitally printed clothes inspired by the natural world such as mountain panoramas and more sparkly minerals. If not I'll be sure to score some vintage treasure and handmade goodies from Etsy- what is easily becoming one of my favourite hunting grounds. I've been burned on too many transactions on eBay as of late and it's left a bitter taste in my mouth.

In my struggle to get on top of the demanding workload of my studies I've failed to really give myself a proper break and relax a little. In the short ten day break I've gone out once and it looks like I'll be contently hanging about the house for the last few days by playing video games, blogging and scoping the online market for birthday presents for my boyfriend. I've got the distinct feeling that I may burn out too quickly before reaching the exams at the end of this semester if I don't slow down and enjoy bumming around the house a bit, and with a host of images to comment on I can't really imagine a better way to be unproductive and not study.

Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld doesn't really have green hair but I think the look is quite charming and quirky on the sixteen year old- even if it is just digitally enhanced smoke and mirrors. I myself have been keen to inject a little more green into my wardrobe but I think the mint coloured hair won't be a welcome sight for my parents. Maybe leaf shaped bag and shoes would be a little more subtle and gentle, also cute to wear with slouchy black jumpers and tiny skinny jeans. Asos have a number of skirts and skinny jeans I'm keen to try on for size but I'll need to be smart otherwise all my hard-earned cash will dissipate like sand in my hands.

While I am keen to get a sturdy backpack in either leather of denim, I constantly swap between many different bags for university already, a habit my friends have picked up on. A leather handbag may be higher on my list of priorities, were it not for the fact I have a few hundred dollars to spend on the purchases within the last two weeks. Nothing has even arrived in the mail yet, but that doesn't mean that I am discouraged. As long as everything gets to me safe and sound and I can curb my little spending spree for the time being, when the mid-year break comes around I'll be happy to kick back and relax with many wonderful shoes and clothing on my doorstep.

In preparation for Winter, getting up at 6am and getting on train platforms at 6.30am- a couple of good warm sweaters in versatile colours and some leather shorts worn over leggings would be welcome. It's just a shame that all the available leather pants from Asos and Etsy are either far too small to cram myself into or their style and structure doesn't quite tickle my fancy. Lover by Susien Chong have some fantastic leather shorts from a few seasons ago but they usually don't come on the online market that often and they cost a fe

It's never promising when you can relate to a photograph that could be extensively captioned with 'blargh' at the bottom. It seems that without having coffee beans in my diet to function properly my eyes have entered a state of being permanently blurry and my body seems uncomfortable no mater which activity I choose to undertake. Fortunately I don't have to be in any particular mindset to blather on about the pictures I compile together in a terrible, mock-online journal.

Drinking some sort of caffeinated fizzy drink has done little to perk me up in the past, but it's only rarely that I need any sort of pick-me-up to help me plow through the rest of the day when it's in the middle of the afternoon. I have a can of Cherry Coca-Cola saved for a special occasion from my trip to Phillip Island after high school exams last year but I think I'd prefer to taste the sweet nectar of the drink when I'm feeling my best- and not my worst. A shower usually can do wonders to make me feel fresh and renewed but even that is a guilty pleasure when living in drought-stricken Australia. A combination of drink and bathing should really only be enjoyed when I finish cleaning my room to orchestrate grander outfit posts and the like...

I may not have the golden, sun-kissed hair to bring to life a bow embellished in sequins but that doesn't mean I'm not open to trying to pull it off. It is a difficult task when you're not feeling 100% though and under the weather for no particular reason. Anything else sequined for that matter may also be on the agenda when I balance blogging between full time study, part time work and being a good girlfriend. If I only had the motivation I would like to try making fascinators or finding some suitable headpieces from Etsy but with little room to pose in front of a camera around my house, those pursuits may have to wait.

There's just two full days left of my mid-semester break and my mind is already on my next holidays, hopefully by then I'll be free to save some time to myself for hanging about in the city and dedicating myself to not working extreme hours. I may not be adventurous enough to stop over in foreign countries or even inter-state for days at a time but being able to relax and recuperate once this first semester is finished would be brilliant.

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