Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fashion Week Street Style

Nothing makes me feel more ordinary then to compare my life to those led by fashion bloggers attending prestigious events in fashion capitals such as Milan and Paris. I sourced these images from the Oyster Magazine website which is a wonderful place for photographic inspiration from the streets to runways. The photo set does make me question what sort of world I live in and what I want to become a part of- the surreal world of fashion and dress coordination. Compared to dull life on campus I would kill for a budget to create outfits and tickets to runway shows. The only comfort I find in observing these is that all the woman are a little older than I am and it's their dress sense that wins them tickets- not necessarily or purely based on their looks. The fashion world has become accessible to the ordinary citizen provided you have a wicked dress sense to capture attention and imagination.

The outfit I'm most keen to recreate myself is this odd combination of high-top sneakers, asymmetrical cut skirt and comfy sweater. My usual hunting grounds of eBay, Etsy and Asos Marketplace are devoid of wonderful and sweet satchels adorned in hardware but I know where I can get my filthy hands on a sweater and the skirt is easily fixed if you have a sharp pair of scissors and a wealth of vintage shops at your disposal. The pose of planted feet doesn't make the sports sneakers seem out of place and I love the stooping creative shot with camera in hand. Another thing that separates me and fashion bloggers- a good quality camera. Top of the line is about three thousand dollars and I have a few hundred in my bank account... you can only humanly sell so much on eBay to get you close to your goals.

I'd like to think that putting together an amazing outfit isn't necessarily dependent on having mountains of cash at your disposal and for that reason Tavi Gevinson of the Style Rookie is such a good inspiration. If you were resourceful enough a leather jacket with ethnic elements could be easily fixed but it seems that rather than crafty I'll need to be industrious and hard-working in order to get my gorgeous clothes from. As long as my degree pans out, I'm completely happy with that.

I'm at a loss of words to explain how neutral tones and what may be described as a 'safe' outfit looks so good. It must be the dyed red hair, striking matching eyebrows in theatrical arcs and the chic use of sunglasses worn as a headband. Curiously in one of my lectures this week I was annoyed at the amount of sunglasses worn in the theatre- it must be my notion of there's a time and a place for them. Even when worn with Wintry tones sunglasses seem more and more acceptable for those lucky few in fashion street style photographs. As for me, I can't even imagine what frames would look good for me and I'll be reserving my wallet for the next Karen Walker collection as far as protective eye wear is concerned.

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