Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cat Woman

Wearing: T-Bar Pink Shirt, Wowch Leggings, Jelly Beans Pink Sandal's, Vintage Frilly socks and cardigan.

At last I've been given a good chance to show off some of my latest acquisitions to my wardrobe: the cat leggings have been my companions all week and I absolutely adore the printed cat faces on the knees. Printed designs have the habit of flaking off, and on the inside of the leggings the Wowch symbol is already tearing apart at the seems, but since I bought the largest size possible I'm certain the knee motifs will stay in tact. I've had the shirt for a few years now but it seems like a match made in heaven for the two screen-printed images to be brought together. The Jelly Beans sandals haven't had a chance to be shown off properly to the world due to poor weather but I love their transparent and pink nature. I don't normally buy something so outlandish and bright, and the frilly socks haven't been properly worn since my youth and childhood but I enjoy this exploration of creativity through dress.

It's fun getting to dress like cat woman without all the leather and spandex as well as the whip-I am in no mood to cater towards some sick man's fantasy at the moment and the printed cats already have an artistic flair and edge about them. Maybe I just like the spiked edge around the word 'ECK' on my shirt and the way it resembles so many comic book action clouds of 'POW' whenever someone takes a hit to the face; as so many comic book villains do.

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