Saturday, April 28, 2012

Black Magic

Wearing: Ashish X Topshop Studded Jumper, Wowch Leggings, Dr Martens Floral Boots, Vintage Frilly socks and various silver necklaces.

I've been very cautious when it comes to wearing my Dr Martens boots without adequate thick woolen socks to protect myself from blisters, hence my reluctance to wear such an outfit for university. The combination of a studded jumper and combat boots is enough to ward off any fellow commuter so this outfit would be reserved for only the worst of my bad moods. The frilly socks almost didn't make it into this outfit but I'm rather glad they did; it makes my odd feline friends look a little sweeter. I'm also sporting a new haircut with tidier ends, but it will take a few more days for it to properly settle in to a recognisable shape. It's the same dark, brooding brown colour as it has been for the past few years that doesn't really do much for such a dark and sombre outfit, but I have faith that a colourful vintage knit will contrast well with hair that's almost-inky-black.


  1. Beautiful outfit- glad you included the sucks they really complete the outfit.

  2. Love your cat legging! shall we follow each other? :D