Friday, March 30, 2012

Nasty Gal X MinkPink

Just as I thought the fashion world had completely adopted grunge inspired themes from the 1990s and hair trends were finally returning to normalcy- I'm presented with such creative evidence and my jaw hits the floor. Introducing the collaboration between Nasty Gal and Minkpink. I had been familiar with the latter just as a familiar name to create clothing and, being a bit of a snob, had even dared to turn my nose up at the name Nasty Gal. Cruising across my magazine sources on Facebook I was lucky enough to come across this collection full of all the colours of the rainbow and mixing the best of the collection with retro pieces. It makes me want to buy my unicorn inspired hair extensions more than over to finally have coloured hair. I've been wanting to colour for a while but there hasn't been any recent trends to avoid colouring my entire head of hair and I was intending to rule out streaks. The collection has opened my eyes to an entire new venture and all avenues seem possible. It's a wonderful feeling having stared tediously at Biology textbooks and Science diagrams for the past five weeks.

As much as I do love grunge, leather studded jackets and the notion of black lipstick, the colourful clashes between orange pink and blue does strike me a bit more. The shorts are vintage, the blouse a part of the current collaboration collection and the dyed pink hair enough to make any Plain Jane green with envy and ravenous lust. As well as being a stunning Asian girl with long black hair I felt inspired and proud of my own heritage from seeing the long eyeliner wisps used to accentuate stereotypical points on the model's face. It's always nice when a campaign makes you feel good to be in your own skin- rather than punishing ones self for not being as skinny and elegant as the models. There's such a fun atmosphere and energy to this one image from the cherry eyes and casual body posture- one can't help but feel relaxed too.

There are many wonderful photographs from this campaign and my favourites include those with dark sea green hair. There's so many punk and hippy elements to this photograph but they all meld together to create something greater than its constitutional parts. The denim overalls and crochet bag in the style of Missoni has such strong radiation of good vibes but the mean side profile of the black platform boots, leopard print shirt and extensions scream rave/ punk party. It's certainly a look I would be keen to try on for size myself- if only I knew of a magical place that made wonderful clashing hemp bags....

Jouetie put on a mammoth runway show in the style of British punk rebellion but there was also sweet knitted cardigans with spiteful slang and models adorned in colourful bob wigs. The drug-fuelled state of the dreamy model shown here as well as the mean mood of another fashion show seems blended into this photograph so well. The graphic contrast of black and white, as well as colourful vintage prints alike and neon fluorescent shades and cotton candy pink hair... a unicorn wouldn't even look as good as this. The appeal about this collection is that it's something old but reworked and made new again and it breaths life into punk and grunge for a younger generation to enjoy. Also it makes my obsession with My Little Pony and brightly coloured hair satisfied and dormant yet again.

The leopard has finally been restored to its primal place of birth although no actual animals were harmed in the production of this campaign. I love the barren wasteland/ neutral backdrop of this shoot- a very clever way to make the bright colours seem even more loud and bold. As well as a great variety of styles and colours from the collection itself I feel that the model has a great range of facial expressions for this campaign. The brooding dark eyes and slightly turned corners of her luscious pink lips goes well with the acid green hues of her hair. It makes me want to break out my hair straightener for the first time and add many wildly coloured extensions just for the fun of experimentation.

The true mark of a good fashion blogger is the ability to throw on a mess of clothes in drapery style and create inventive and innocently sweet outfits. Neon shades have been on the cards for the last few months but they seem to be hitting harder in more and more fashion shows and collections. Jeffrey Campbell is a brand I've been meaning to get my filthy mitts on for a while- could this pair of fluorescent yellow wooden heeled boots be my first true love? I certainly love the incorporation of colours yellow, green and blue from the same spectrum into one outfit and there is again that zeal for life and happiness about it. I wish I had a abominably large green taffeta skirt to flounce around in and wear to tango lessons. The shoes are something just a little more attainable at the moment.

To quote my Senior Year Literature teacher, at the end of the party one person is fed up looking after the kids, with no slice of cake and having to pay for the stripper. The long teal strands of hair and slightly fed up expression really balances the bright, lime green skirt. If Cinderella was alive in the 1990s and attended the best party of the year, this would be her pictured above without her pumpkin coach and only half of a wonderful outfit.


  1. Wow what a collection- and a fantastic review. I love the whole grunge neon mash up- or any collection that takes inspiration from more than one theme. It makes me feel so much more comfortable about my own wardrobe- a mix of hippy/ grunge/ vintage and punk, that I throw together. Hopefully more if this collaboration of themes will become commonplace in fashion- making it a more comfortable for the general population to dress in "now" pieces.

  2. amazing shoot! love the clothes xx