Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Endless Summer

It seems so fitting that my first day of university classes and lecture feature horrible weather and abominable rain as well as my taking shelter in the soothing melodies of Josh Pyke's cover of 'Endless Summer'. While many of my high school teachers promised that university would bring about a more flexible timetable as well as a plethora of opportunities I feel it has confined my creative output more noticeably. In the space of about two weeks my whole routine has changed dramatically and I won't be churning out the numerous blog posts that I once was so readily capable of- instead I'll be studying science full time and will be writing mainly about atoms, ecosystems as well as the universe as opposed to commenting on fashion collections and jewellery. While I will try my best to continue in the tradition I have established in these last two months, there is no guarantee that this pace will continue by any means. 

While I failed to achieve anything in the physical realm of activities this Summer it does seem that I reached some sort of creative and literary peak without having read many books and simply by connecting once again with my own love of writing and weaving words together. As I mentioned before, the weather has been absolutely terrible these last to days; yesterday was scorching hot and the rain has made the air heavy and press down upon me. It makes me wish I had taken advantage of sunnier days and gone outside to perform photography, getting lost in my own beautiful city as well as spending a little more time out with my beau. Summer's ended and it seems that my boyfriend might be moving to the other side of the city and so has the beautiful freedom I had time-wise. There's plenty of wonderful posts cropping up on my dashboard as well as many images squirreled away in nooks and crannies and fashion Fall 2012 collections waiting to be assessed by my steely gaze but I'm going to slow down in terms of posting. If there were two of me I could easily juggle academic fulfillment along with continuing to write and put on some eery photographs featuring black bodysuits and minimally furnished rooms. If only, if only...

One thing that was absent from my last Summer was getting a haircut- success! Summer being the hottest and most uncomfortable season of my year usually tempts me to the dark side and causes to lop of all my locks but I have survived without resorting to edged metal utensils and when I get a little trim my long hair will continue to grow emphatically and comforting me in the coming Autumn and Winter. On that note though, the ends have been looking absolutely revolting and could do with a quick snip and I also failed to act on the impulse of buying La Riche Directions hair colour and changing a small portion of my hair pink or purple. I'm a bit sad about that- what does it say of me? I'm not adventurous and I act on very little of what my creative mind dreams up; while my ideas seem promising I fail to plan them properly and bring them to fruition. Oh well, at least I have a wonderful scalp full of hair to work with and I'm quite proud of my achievement of long naturally coloured hair so while I did very little in the way of actual and physical activities in the last few months at least I didn't do something that I would end up regretting terribly.

The beach held nothing of interest for my this Summer, while there was some speculation on the horizon about a trip with my beloved it seems that since I didn't act on the impulse I may have to wait another year to enjoy his company at the seaside. There will be a field trip sometime in the next months for university study but in a mountainous and rugged region rather than the soft polished sand shores of a beach. Although that should be a little more comfortable, I quite like visiting the beach on Winter days and simply walking up and down looking for shells. The photograph above looks so clean and clear with the contrast of pale legs and pebbled edges; it's rather hard to believe that someone with such pale legs regularly goes outside to the shore and enjoys the comfort of the sun's rays gentling massaging the skin.

Last Tuesday was my last free day without university activities and orientation and I received one of the cutest hand made bouquets a girl could ever hope to receive. It wasn't perhaps as awe-inspiring, generously proportioned or classically romantic as the black and white photograph above but you get the idea. What I was gifted was a lot more colourful and bright and made of fake flowers and including three roses and surrounded by a circle of dahlias and tied off with a long pink ribbon. Last Tuesday I got my belated St. Valentine's Day love which is sitting temporarily on my desk at the moment, tonight will probably be spent mooning over my beau, holding the flowers in my lap and listening to more romantic acoustic music.

Another positive aspect of learning in the discipline of science and geosciences is that in five weeks time I will be studying pretty minerals and crystal rocks as well as the processes that form them. I doubt they will hand us our own crystal growing farm/ kit from the National Geographic store but I'm sure there will be something of the same token which I can find online and keep in my room on my windowsill. The myriad of colour combinations as well as heights enclosed in the tiny plastic tank reminds me somewhat of an organic cityscape but with more obvious beauty in the shape and wonderful structure of the minerals.

I had been hoping to watch a few more movies such as Wayne's World full of wonderful and wacky characters but I discovered a few movies on a whim that I quite liked although I didn't watch them in full. They include 'The Hairy Bird' which comes under a few titles internationally and is about the integration of two same sex schools and the rebellion of the students towards said proposal. What I loved about it was the girls getting dressed up to show their dates around their school campus and the dresses as well as beehive hairstyles. It's borderline late 1960s, early 1970s and Kirsten Dunst looks absolutely adorable in it but is as sassy and conniving as the current Australian Political state of affairs. On the weekend I watched half of 'Teen Witch' which had vintage clothes from a different period and lead me to believe the fantasy that you can make fully accredited currency from coal. I would love to get into more dark magic adoration but I think baby steps will be needed first...
I've been undertaking my university classes for just two weeks now and it still has wrecked havoc on my biological body clock; you know it's not a good sign when you wake up before sunrise and return home on the bus as the sunsets and there aren't any pretty beaches to make the whole seen pretty and serene. There's also been the problem of my schedule and how I find time for myself- there has been a definite reprieve in the amount of blog posts I've been sending out and it's something I regret. Luckily I will be heading out to attend Melbourne fashion week and will be attending the National Graduate Showcase thanks to Sportsgirl as a runner-up prize- although I won't be starring as their guest blogger I am very excited for Tuesday next week to rear it's head and to take on this massive challenge head on.

One of the last activities of my endless Summer of 2011/2012 was going to the Lunar Drive In and enjoying a double feature as well as a whole romantic day spent in the company of my loving boyfriend. Unfortunately I contracted a stomach bug from him from said date and I have been in mild agony for the last two weeks as well as coughing until I was in tears as well as inducing regurgitation. Despite what my mother says, I think it was all worth it in the end to have such a wonderful blooming memory of him killing a baby huntsman spider for me as well as the warmth of his body on my skin. University is notorious for killing romance when you study in the hardcore faculty of science- why hadn't anyone bothered to warn me of these social dangers before I signed up for my course?

It's sad to say that in three months of break between high school and the new academic year for university I barely picked up my camera and was unmotivated to restart my photographic blog. In a way this was a good thing because it allowed me to focus on Secret Hipster and really build a strong reputation for article writing as well as getting in the good books of some amazing jewellery makers and kindly people who have complimented on my writing. I still have the strong competitive edge of trying to succeed when it comes to my studies but I am trying this year to tone it all down and have a greater balance between my social life, university study as well as finding time to write and enjoy myself more. That's why I'm considering buying an iPad really- if I'm going to be stuck on a bus for a solid forty minutes than I may as well have something to use to write for my blog posts rather than mindlessly listening to music in a half-living zombie state.

There's been some strange sites on my university so far even in my limited two weeks of experience but I didn't think recreational unicycling was a common means of getting around from building to building. Despite all the weird and wonderful things including unicycles as well as small cardboard grave sites in order to establish some sort of argumentative point- there has been no flowers shoved into bins that I have observed recently. The best day would perhaps be Valentine's day, in which one date discovers some sleaze two-timing and trying to score with two different ladies or some opportunistic vulture picking on emotionally vulnerable ladies. I for one would never throw flowers in a rubbish receptacle even if they were from an unwanted admirer- it's too rare an event for me and my esteem levels soar whenever I get the slightest hint of a compliment or praise.

Maybe it's because I'm doing a boring science degree and the proportion of hipsters and punks that also want to be boring scientists is very small, but I am relatively pleased to report that there are some people with nose piercings and shaved hair in my lectures but I have made no attempt to try and befriend them. I've prematurely decided I will try to act as a normal human being when attending my classes and lab sessions during the day and be a weird and secretive blogger by night keeping two parallel alternatives lives together as Clark Kent did with Superman. 

With a heavy work schedule in my faculty I had applied for a job and been accepted on the basis of an interview and my resume being assessed but since I had a horrible timetable to work with it meant we had to go our separate ways. While it is understandable, it means that I'll have to keep selling things I don't wear/use that often and that I won't be buying any new nice things for a while so even if I did locate something as alluring as this watercolour portrait of an eye in a gold heart frame, I'm probably too poor to afford it anyway. I finally understand the statement of "I can't afford that, I'm a student" as well as the concept of concession cards and movie tickets. I never realised how hard it was to be in the tertiary education system...

Autumn and Winter is now descending upon the Southern Hemisphere and to celebrate I have been gifted a cold which reduced me into an asthmatic fit and a mean cough that makes me regurgitate as I try to sleep at night- the only upside is that I can wear tights with dresses and layer up. Summer has been my sworn enemy for the past couple of years in terms of it being unkind to me so I adore the cold weather, drinking coffee in the morning with cold wind whipping my face as well as wearing comfy socks and knitted fisherman jumpers. 2012 is finally underway with plenty of gorgeous clothes to cheer me up and wool coats.

A gorgeous girl dressed in white lace and a pretty blazer also sported dyed grey hair and a tattoo on her upper leg- I can honestly say that she was the most stunning creature I had clapped eyes on all day and made me think of dyeing my own hair prematurely grey. I can think that this would cause some problems to narrow-minded in laws and also the kind of smack talk I would have to endure at work as well as university. The natural look has been working well for me well so far, but dyeing my hair also seems fun and a little alluring. Maybe if my hair was starting to turn grey I could have an excuse to dye it a uniform colour but for now I will have to deal with being an average human being- if there is such a thing.

Next week I'll be attending my first fashion week which is all very exciting but ironically the thing I am most worried about is if one of my nails breaks. I'm missing a thumb nail on my left hand which I don't mind so much but since the rest are all the same length I would like them all to survive till Tuesday night in which I'll have to decide which pretty colour to paint them. I haven't done black in a while but I do have some nail stickers left in sparkly blue and a gorgeous shade of red that may go well with my outfit... decisions, decisions.

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