Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vintage Eyewear from American Apparel

I love seeing vintage deadstock items for sale, and although American Apparel still tries to make a profit from it, where else would I find perfectly pristine and round frames in a light purple mother of pearl finish? I don't need glasses yet but I would love to own a pair of these glasses- there's something very feminine about them with a Harry Potter touch. I was planning on joining a club at my university dedicated to Harry Potter anyway so these glasses would bring me a step closer to realising my dream of a few weeks.

The topic of glasses was also brought up a few days ago when I put my boyfriend's glasses on as a joke and had him trying his best not to laugh- we both agree that he looks the best in his glasses and that I would look better with thicker frames. It's a shame I won't be in the market for proper optical glasses in the next twenty years or so but that probably won't stop me from trying to find the perfect pair already. I would love to buy online from American Apparel, but they don't accept Paypal at the moment and I'm a bit stuck as to whether I should try and get a credit card- without a proper tax deductible job I think that would be a bad idea.

If I were taking a more serious approach to the glasses hunt and finding myself a good pair I would try and match a similar structure to my own face and then buy a pair online with fingers eagerly crossed. Another thing that excites me about scouring the world for vintage glasses is the variation between tortoise shell designs- from the shades of brown used to the types of patterns for the affect. It seems such a small and unimportant detail, but to me, therein lies the prepossessing nature of glasses and the way they can achieve beauty for the wearer.

One of my favourite brands for vintage eyewear has to be Le Club for the wide variety in colour as well as these thick structured frames with thick painted detail on the left. Just visible in the left top hand corner is a small purple crane and the detail on the shoulder is of a green painted field and a sunset. While I don't necessarily think that all that detail is necessary to a good pair of glasses, I just can't say no to a great pair of thick tortoise shell glasses in the shape worn by Buddy Holly.

I'm a bit keen on these frames for glasses as well but without a proper model, even a plastic mannequin head to rest on it's hard to know what the glasses will look like on your own face. While I would prefer to be able to try on a pair of glasses in these instances, one can't be too picky when buying from an international brand and online store. It appears that it's a case of first in best dresses and most dapper. I wonder how many people that will buy glasses from American Apparel will actually need to change the lenses for a prescription...

I still have a strong crush on the colour purple and what's great about these frames is that the arms are so thin and the ends are coated in rubber too for extra lightweight ease and comfort. Although the plastic frames at the front profile of the glasses aren't that thick, there's just enough plastic and width to show off an unusual combination of purple and green leopard print. Whether I persuade a parent to buy a pair for me using their credit card and pay them back will entirely rest on the price of the glasses as well as availability as well as my mood at the time of purchase.

Vintage Le Club Optique Round Black Plastic Eyeglasses. For some strange reason I'm left with the impression of a magician wearing these frames and I'm not entirely sure whether it's the familiar Harry Potter shape but in a thicker black plastic as opposed to thin wire frames. It must be the high nose bridge in wire and the plastic nose bridge too, as well as a thinner rim of plastic at the bottoms of the frames.

Ideally I should be looking for a pair of glasses wearable for both day and night- I have this image of myself attending fashion week celebrations and the like, being a blogger, taking photographs using a Canon 500D or something and putting it all up on my blog, hanging out with other fashion bloggers and eating extravagant food while dressed perfectly. With more outfit posts and a greater focus on myself and the jewellery/ clothing I own maybe it will one day be possible to receive invitations to the launches of collections for clothing brands one day.

Vintage Le Club Optique Square Black Plastic Eyeglasses. I quite like this understate design and colour variation about these glasses- compared to all the wild and fantastic colours and patterns I've picked from the available frames in the American Apparel online store. They're not overly bland with different coloured arms in a mahogany, rich wood texture and I like the little golden darts just above the eyes as well. Depending on my budget, these may well be the perfect pair of frames for me and the ones I finally settle on!

I never knew the world of vintage eyewear could be so bold and creative- whenever I have tried in the past so scour eBay for hidden treasures I was left feeling disappointed at not being able to pinpoint the correct buzzwords to refine my search. However it seems that American Apparel will do the work for me and also send me the gorgeous frames with free postage due to the hefty price of the item itself. Still, maybe with increasing success and advertising space slowly paying off I can justify splurging on a great pair of frames now and then put the money back into my account later.

These frames with inlaid mother of pearl are very suitable for the opera, given by the ornate floral detail on the nose bridge and shoulders of these glasses. I suppose I also want glasses due to the influence of one Olympia Le-Tan, the french designer who's crafting gorgeous book clutches but hasn't yet released them in her online store. I have saved half the money I would need to pay for one book clutch so in the meantime I will have to continue to sell old and unworn clothes on eBay to continue a stream of revenue as well as slaving away at a thankless job.

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