Monday, February 6, 2012

A Type of Magic

As a kid I loved mythology and had I spent more time in the ocean rather than being restrained to collecting seashells on the beach, I bet I would have spent my time hunting mermaids. Of course when I use the word 'hunt' I mean luring them in with halves of tuna sandwiches in the hope of sharing deep and meaningful conversations about the universe and the meaning of life. If mermaids were real, then I assume they would be an ancient race with many great gems of wisdom to impart on their land-locked brethren, the human race.

There seems to be many different types of magic, apart from the traditional mythological creatures of unicorns and mermaids. The most modern in my eyes would be photography and the art of applying make-up, used to transform one person into something more magical and alluring such as this face shown above surrounded by pink leaves and flowers. I love the natural look of freckles as well as thick lashed without the clumpy mascara. It seems wonderful the way the leaves match the lips and tongue of this girl who may even represent some sort of mystique forest sprite and a guardian of plants.

I don't believe in the healing properties of hexagonal crystals but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy wearing them around my neck. You can easily detach these little crystals and string them along a range of different silver chain necklaces- I know I have many stored in my little jewellery holder available to mix and match. For a few extra dollars there are more perfected styles in pyramid points as well as small crystal skulls but I think I prefer the more common touch- there's a whole lot of colours available for these healing crystals, my favourite is Lapis Lazuli.

What could be more magical then leaving your old life behind, grabbing a whole bunch of balloons and floating away from all of life's problems such as the nine to five grind and the sole crushing reality of adulthood? I love the dreamy pastel colours of orange, pink, lilac and opaque as well as the brooding head-tilt of the two girls anchoring the mass of balloons. My imagination was taken away by Disney Pixar's 'Up', I was one of the pathetic people to cry because seeing it made me realise how easy it is to let your entire life slip away from you because of the ordinary and taking part in day-to-day routines.

If I had an empty desk space that I felt needed decorating I wouldn't mind filling it with a variety of lucky cat statues with their poised paws and range of colours, but I've also taken a licking to teapots in the shape of elephants. There aren't as many available lucky cat statues on Etsy but there are some lovely good luck charms that can be held in ones hand. I don't really believe in good luck charms anymore, I have the support of my family, friends and boyfriend which I believe to be all the good luck I need but when lucky cats look this good and colourful, it seems I should be scoping out the dusty shelves of Asian green grocers more often.

It's a wonder how some of these images of mermaids are put together- whether it's entirely Photoshop or people in costume as well. One of the girls I used to sit next to in math class was doing mermaids as her focus for art class and she was doing drawings but also had to explore photography a little bit. I've seen the mermaid costumes on the outfit and there is the minor detail of the feet to walk around when in costume but I wonder if there are full fish tails available. Bustiers have been popular in recent years, so they shouldn't be so much of a problem really.

Pink and purple hair reminds me so much of fantasy and unicorns as well as small little figurines of My Little Pony- it doesn't seem to matter whether you're wearing an outfit with colour or all black. Colour seems to adore the company of other clashing colours and patterns seem even brighter and bolder but when wearing all black, you still have the appearance of a sunny disposition and are somewhat kooky and approachable. There's also the small matter of being able to wear black lipstick and looking like a bad-ass punk, or perhaps a shade of soft pastel pink to match your wickedly dyed hair.

I believe the model shown above is Bambi, but it's a little difficult to tell without a proper look at the prim eyebrows hidden under a bandanna adorned in spikes and studs. There's something modern and very twenty-first century gypsy about the bandanna, nose piercing as well as pyramid shaped ring in blue resin. If I'm not mistaken, it looks like the works of Elke Kramer or something similar. I personally love pyramid shaped rings as well as hexagonal shaped crystals. There's something satisfying about the regular polygons and shapes as well as the pointed natured of both three-dimensional shapes.

I've always wanted a dream catcher, though I have had the good luck to not be plagued by nightmares and bad dreams. As of late, things have been strange in my subconscious while I sleep but my greater nightmares are faced everyday on the street when meeting new people and at work. I wouldn't mind having a dream catcher clipped above my ear to keep away all the negative and snide comments I hear when at work but I suppose that's a far stretch. I'm sure there's plenty of amazing and colourful dream catchers available at the Camberwell market, as well as on Etsy adorned in feathers, beads and webs in many threaded colours.

This little cat reminds me much of the black cat in 'Kiki's Delivery Service', a popular Anime film from the creative world of Hayao Miyazaki which I really want to buy on DVD or maybe even rent from my university library as soon as I sign up with them. I've seen the movies 'Ponyo', as well as 'Spiritied Away' from the Japanese creative genius and I loved them for their imagination, unusual plot quirks as well as great Anime art. I always feel sad and left out when there's a marathon of all his movies going on when I don't have full access and subscription to the television network.

The most magical pieces I adore at the moment include the range of Olympia Le-Tan book clutches made using brass, Liberty lining on the inside and embroidered detail as well as felt on the front cover. When I settle into doing my university degree and the routine as well as workload I may one day enroll in a course outside my own institute for textiles as well as fashion design perhaps. It's nothing more than a hobby to me and I think I would enjoy keeping up to date with fashion and like-minded people in this field.

I spent most of my money on my black Yves Saint Laurent ring (very much worth it though!) and I'll be waiting for a little while until I can get my rolls of film developed. I'm sure when I see the old nostalgic images of my final week of school and celebrations I'll fall back into my routine of carrying a camera around in my pocket and maybe having cheap disposable cameras with me as well. I should stock up on as much as Kodak as I can since they are sadly going bankrupt after the digital age has revolutionised the world of photography.

I love the use of two photographs used together in a mirror image- there's something cheap but satisfying about the appeal, just like eating greasy fast food. I love the psychedelic colours of this shirt all melted together that match her hair and front fringe- that seems really magical. I wonder if Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ever had hipsters and girls with multi-coloured hair attend their fine institute.

I actually can't wait for university orientation to start and to finally join 'Monash Muggles', a club dedicated to the reading as well as viewing of Harry Potter movies including trivia and dressing up. I wonder how much of the classes at Hogwarts were dedicated to using crystals... probably mainly Professor Trelawney's Divination since she used crystal balls, tea leaves and other methods to predict the future. There are people out there that believe in the power of crystals and that they have an influence over human behaviour but I mainly adore them over their colours and shard-like shapes.

photo credit: FRIEDASOPHIE
No matter how hard I try I can never find anything as mystical looking and spectacular as this aquamarine coloured piece of crystal quartz coated in gold plate. I know the chemical process of gold plating but it's all very complicated when using electricity and what's known as electrolysis- I wonder what is the stone used for this crystal necklace and whether that's real gold used. It would look wonderful when worn around a plain white sweatshirt with a simple print on it- had I the money and a little less-discipline when it came to buying things I wouldn't mind getting a sweatshirt from Yokoo Gibraan's Etsy store.

You only live once so maybe my life would be spent better experimenting with my hair and making it into wild colours; the thick curls shown in the hair here could almost be mistaken for dreadlocks in its very early stages. I love the variety of colours within this very small section of the rainbow- it's as if each lock of hair has been individually dyed using variation on dye all mixed together on an artists pallet. My mother would personally disown me if I ever had my hair in such a shocking colour buy dip-dyeing means that only the ends are in a shocking colour and they can easily be removed with a simple snip using scissors.


  1. where can you buy the aquamarine coloured piece of crystal quartz coated in gold plate?

  2. I've been asked this like a million times through email as well as Tumblr and I do not now where it is from. It's killing me as much as it's killing you guys because I really want one too! So sorry :(

  3. the aquamarine coloured piece of crystal quartz coated in gold plate is made by myself, my designer name is FRIEDASOPHIE. Please ad my shop name to the picture with a link to my store.
    :) Friedasophie

  4. thank you so much for getting in contact with me! will do ASAP